Lanka Kade Colourful Building Blocks Review

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This week, Cecilia reviews the Lanka Kade colourful building blocks for Babi Pur

We are delighted to test out the Lanka Kade Colourful Building Blocks. We received a 38 pieces wooden building blocks set, it comes in all sorts of shapes and a variety of colours in exchange for an honest review. The set is suitable from 10 months.

With a small age gap between our first two children, now 8 and 7 years old, they have been growing up together and sharing many exciting games and activities along the way. When Isla came along, now 11 months old, we wondered how we could involve all three children (and different age groups) and engage them in meaningful activities with each other, activities that are safe enough for the little one and enticing enough that the older children would not get bored: the lanka kade blocks did just that.
In our house we like to provide an environment where play is child led, therefore when asked to review the building blocks instead of ‘staging it’ (by that I mean direct the children to play ‘nicely’ with the toys whilst I take some pictures), I simply left the building blocks in a corner of the room and watched to see how the three would respond. Sure enough the three were immediately keen to play with the new toy, whilst chatting to them I took some pictures!

Lanka Kade Building Blocks

Fairtrade wooden blocks

The older two built lots of meaningful ‘things’ whilst baby Isla loved munching on every piece

Lanka Kade fair trade blocks

Of course baby Isla was VERY interested in the big towers, castles and forts her brother and sister were building!

Kids playing with building blocks

The older two tried protecting their creations from her curious hands

siblings playing with blocks


But sure enough Isla would come and knock them all over

kids playing with fair trade toys


They were briefly annoyed but showed great patience with baby Isla

fair trade wooden toys

I felt a warm feeling in my heart watching my 3 children playing together thanks to this amazing toy, a toy that can be anything your imagination wants it to be.

fairtrade blocks from Babi Pur

The building blocks come in a very handy bag to keep all the bits together. The draw-strings on the bag are short enough even on the tightest setting, therefore safe for little ones.

Colourful blocks with cotton  bag

Isla loves playing with the building blocks and can spend ages getting all the pieces out the bag and then putting them back in again and repeat!

baby playing with blocks

Isla loves experimenting with all the different size and shape pieces, playing, discovering and learning

Lanka Kade Blocks

Fantastic toy that pleases all ages, from babies to eight year olds and beyond. You know all those kiddies’ birthdays that you just don’t know what to buy? I would say the wooden building blocks are the perfect gift solution. We will certainly be adding more to our collection as Isla moves from simple structures to complex ones, providing great fun for years to come.

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