Introducing Wondercloths, Organic Cotton Sensory Play Cloths

Plastic-Free Play Cloths

Liz’s sons with their Wondercloths play cloths, World Map (left) & In The Jungle (right).

Hello everyone! 

I am Liz, also known as @mummyyof2boys on Instagram and part of babipur’s buddy team. 

I’m delighted to have received two Wondercloths to try out ahead of its launch at babipur! The cloths come in two sizes, with 10 different designs – 6 in the play cloth size (large) and 4 in the learn cloth size (medium)! The toxin-free play cloths I received were the Jungle Print Play Cloth and Our World Map Print Learn Cloth, both of which are stunningly beautiful.

Eco-Friendly Wall Hangings

Wonder cloths make fab organic wall hangings! Here Liz has hung the lightweight cloths with eco-friendly paper babipur tape.

The play cloths arrived packed in brown paper which includes information about the cloth, as well as a message from Vi, the founder. Wondercloths are all made with GOTS certified organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly reactive dyes, which means they are all toxin-free, biodegradable, and plastic-free! The designs are lovingly hand-illustrated with water-colour paints and printed on to the cloths.

Jungle Print Play Cloth

Liz’s eldest exploring the Jungle Print Eco-Play Cloth.

My 5 year old “helped” me unwrap the parcel. The moment he saw the jungle print play cloth he draped it over his shoulders and said “I am a plane!” before zooming off. I am amazed at the quality of the prints of the eco-cloths. They really are a work of art! The jungle print especially reminded me of the lush, tropical rainforests of my homeland. I showed it to my mom on a video call and she too said: “hey, that’s like Malaysia!”

Jungle Inspired Play Dough Activity

Jungle-inspired play dough activity set up! Liz’s boys made some fab animals & plants with our OkoNorm Eco-Play Dough.

The jungle print play cloth also contributed to a lovely playdough session with my boys. They were initially not very inspired to make anything, so I hung up the jungle play cloth and we drew inspiration from there! Amongst other things, my 5yo also made a cheetah face which he was very proud of and quite rightly so I would say. I made a banana tree and we talked about how my late grandfather used to plant different varieties of bananas and that one of my fondest memories with him is walking down his row of banana trees, while telling my siblings and I the name of each type and when we walked back, he would quiz us to see if we remembered.

Liz created a banana tree inspired by the hand-painted play cloth.

Animal Recognition

The Our World Wondercloth is a great learning resource, perfect for animal, name & country recognition activities.

The fabric itself is tightly woven and doesn’t snag easily. The water-colours on the white backgrounds also make the whole design quite magical when back-lit by sunlight or fairy lights! We hung up fairy lights behind the cotton world map learn cloth and my 2yo had great fun spotting the different animals on the cloth. We also built a Triclimb den with both Wondercloths and added fairy lights. It made a really lovely, cosy spot for relaxing, chatting, and marvelling at these beautiful hand-painted play cloths!

Open-ended play

The Our World Wondercloth is a great learning resource. Here Liz is practicing letter recognition using Reel Wood Letters.

We have been using play cloths in our play for a while now, perhaps even before I knew the term “play cloth” exists! We have used these Wondercloths for dress-up, gift wraps, letter recognition practice, threading with Grapat rings, Triclimb den making, small world play, and many other things.

Super hero capes!

Liz’s sons love to use their play cloths as super hero capes!

They (and I) are very pleased that there are two sizes because they both think it was specially made for them: the bigger play cloth for the big brother, the smaller learn cloth for the little one. There is no fighting or arguing about the cloths! (But really, the learn cloth is just the right size to make the perfect cape for my 2yo!)

They make great backdrops for small world play teamed with wooden figures.

I am so grateful to have been sent these two Wondercloths to try out and hope you have found some inspiration through our play with them. Both cloths are beautifully illustrated and can be used in a variety of ways! I am very excited that Wondercloths have launched at babipur and look forward to seeing the other designs! There really is wonder in play! Shop the range here.

Thank you for reading my blog post! 



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