Introducing New Brand KAPLA Building Planks At Babipur!

Kapla planks are fun to build with - and to knock down again!

We’re excited to welcome new brand KAPLA to Babipur! These innovative wooden building planks are THE open-ended toy of choice in France, where there are KAPLA school clubs, parties and even the Centre KAPLA Paris, dedicated to all things KAPLA. Children are intuitively drawn to these deceptively simple wooden blocks. But what makes them so special? In this blog post we will take a look at what makes these planks unique and find out which is the best set (or sets) for you.

What is KAPLA?

KAPLA is a wooden construction set loved by children and adults. All the planks have identical dimensions (L 11.7cm x W 2.34cm x D 0.78cm), in the ratio of 1:3:5. This makes them ideal for creating increasingly complex structures, due to their stability. They’re held together by gravity alone, so there’s no need for glue!

Thanks to the unique 1:3:5 ratio, kapla planks can be used to create amazingly complex architectural structures

This ratio is used when designing architectural features including lintels, roofs and floors. This makes KAPLA creations surprisingly difficult to knock down! KAPLA are made from 100% untreated pine wood from natural pine forests in Les Landes in the South-West of France. This top quality pine wood is smooth, tactile and durable, a renewable and sustainable material. By manufacturing in their own factory in Morocco, KAPLA can ensure the high precision of each building block.

Learning with KAPLA

KAPLA planks make a fantastic open-ended learning resource. Perfect for home educators, Montessori and Waldorf settings, schools and nurseries. Children can practice their fine motor skills, spatial awareness, precision and concentration through playing with KAPLA blocks.

By igniting creativity and a passion for engineering and logical thinking, KAPLA planks bring together both art and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects. From building architectural marvels to creating fantastical animals, KAPLA will inspire creative thinking and problem solving in children (and adults) of all ages. From small travel sized sets to huge cases of 1000 planks for building with friends, there are a wide range of sets to choose from. Lets take a look at the options …

Which set do I need?

The KAPLA 100 case or the KAPLA 200 box is a great starting point for your plank building play. With 100 and 200 planks respectively, in smooth, natural pine, both these sets give you plenty of options to create awesome structures. The 100 set comes in a lovely wooden case with a slide out perspex lid, making an attractive storage solution or gift set. The 200 box comes in a robust cardboard box for storage, and both sets have a leaflet with building inspiration to get you started.

The Kapla 200 box is a great starting point, giving lots of build oppportunities

The KAPLA 280 case makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift. With its beautiful pine storage case and beginners art book with coloured photographs and technical drawings, it will be a set to pass on to the next generation of little architects.

If you are looking to add more colour and tone to your builds then the Octocolour case of 100 planks is a great option. With eight colours there are plenty of options to add depth and colour to your builds, bringing them to life. If monotone is more your style, then there is a Black & White 100 case for you! Using non-toxic, water based dyes, these colourful building planks are safe and allow the beauty of the natural wood grain to shine through.

Building with coloured planks, bringing your creations to life!

Already a fan? Then there are smaller 40 square cases in and array of colours to add to your collection. These are a great option for taking out and about and travelling with for a build session on the go! There’s a selection of 40 piece coloured planks and a creative art book for inspiration. A fantastic gift for your KAPLA enthusiast.

The KAPLA 40square red blocks add colour and definition to your builds

Childcare settings and schools

For childcare settings, Montessori or Waldorf schools and nurseries, the KAPLA 1000 case is the ideal choice. Plenty of planks for lots of children to play together for creative learning. The study wooden storage case is on casters and easily wheeled about. This will keep your planks tidy and safely stored away when not in play.

Building a train using Kapla planks

If your child requires more guidance or play inspiration, there’s a selection of KAPLA art books. These cover architectural and animal builds for beginners through to more advanced builders. These hardback books have beautiful colour photography and technical drawings to guide young builders. The Eiffel Tower Set is perfect for more advanced builders. Create your own replica model of this iconic architectural landmark, recommended from 9 years +.

Kapla Art books have full colour photographs and technical drawings to inspire building
The Kapla art books are a great source of inspiration!

Family fun

Finally, for family fun and games night, there is the KAPLA Challenge game. Test your building skills with this game of precision, balance and a steady hand. Who’s got what it takes to be the Master builder?

The Kapla Challenge Game is a family game to test your balance, spacial awareness and fine motor skills

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With so many options for creativity and learning through play, we think KAPLA will become a firm favourite with our Babipur community! Don’t forget to share with us your amazing creations. Tag @Babipur on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook, using the #LoveBabipur or share your pictures with the Babipur community in our Facebook group, Babipur Hangout!

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