Introducing Kontu at Babipur

At Babipur, we are passionate about open ended play and finding new ways to make learning fun! That’s why we are super excited to be introducing award winning Kontu STEM Blocks to our range of open ended toys. Patrick Greenwood, creator of Kontu, winner of the 2020 Parents’ Choice Awards Gold Award, set out on a mission to design toys that would equip playful young learners with early skills in STEM and maths development. Kontu STEM Blocks are an innovative design that will get the whole family excited.

What are Kontu STEM Blocks?

Physics with STEM Blocks

Kontu are modular, magnetic wooden blocks that nurture a positive mindset in young people of mathematics and STEM. All the time whilst learning through play and having fun.

There are three sets to choose from, K10 Hello (20 pieces), K15 Let’s Get Bigger (30 pieces) and K25 Mega Awesome (50 pieces). Each kit comprises a set of magnetic trays and bits, with two sets of cards. One card set features activities to stimulate and encourage problem solving. Another set is designed with numbers and shapes to promote early maths and number recognition.

Counting with STEM Blocks

The trays, discs and cards can be used in unlimited ways to explore concepts of maths, counting, number recognition, simple physics, structures and to explore magnetism. For smaller hands, tactile STEM blocks are a great way to encourage fine motor skills.

Sustainable play

Kontu balancing fun

Kontu are made from sustainable rubberwood and rare earth magnets. Beautifully handcrafted in Thailand, from exhausted rubberwood trees that no longer produce latex and would otherwise be burnt. Making these toys not only beautiful, tactile and educational, they are a great eco choice for green families too.

Earth magnets are hidden securely inside Kontu discs and trays, which have super strong magnetic strength! Earth magnets have great surface strength and are super sticky, is perfect for exploring concepts of magnetism.

Make learning fun

Basic number fun with STEM Blocks

Magnetism – children will love to explore the concept of magnetism and forces when playing with Kontu. This really is a creative way to explore the concepts and STEM language around magnets and forces.

Maths and Physics – explore early learning concepts in a fun and engaging way. Use Kontu for counting, basic addition and subtraction, multiplication, number recognition, weight and balance, joints and hinges, construction, and so much more

Schemas – Kontu is perfect for supporting your child in early development schemas such as positioning, connecting and rotation.

We think you will just love how engaging Kontu STEM Blocks are for young people, and adults will have equally as much fun using this tangible learning tool to support their Childs development.

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