Hoppa Fair Trade Toys And Waldorf Dolls

We’re really excited to launch Hoppa at Babipur – a fabulous fair trade brand that boasts exquisite handmade dolls and toys for babies and children. From soft organic baby rattles to Waldorf dolls that encourage nurturing behaviour and imaginative play, there’s a Hoppa toy for every child. You may have seen some of these toys before under the toy brand Peppa –  well it’s had a face-lift. Hoppa has the same solid ethics and eco-credentials but with some fabulous new additions to the range. We’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we do.

Sustainability in every stitch

Hoppa’s soft, natural, organic toys are ethically hand-crafted in India by skilled artisans. Each talented worker has a secure, permanent contract and is paid a fair wage. Toy makers work to fair hours and under acceptable working conditions. Sewing machines are provided and materials and toys are paid for in advance for their work. You can be sure that, when you buy a Hoppa toy, you are supporting an ethical manufacturing process from start to finish.

Ethically made with natural materials that comfort and soothe

Soft organic cotton and natural wool from organic, sustainably farmed sheep are used to make these wonderful sensory toys. Unlike polyester wadding and man-made fibres, these natural, eco-friendly materials take on scents from the home and child, making each toy a familiar friend to a child and provide a source of comfort. Having a soft toy that smells of a parent is particularly soothing to babies when separated, either in hospital or at nursery. Only non-toxic colours are used in the dyeing process so that they are perfectly safe for teething and curious babies.

Spark imaginative play with a Waldorf doll

Hoppa dolls are made in the Waldorf tradition with neutral, open expressions instead of having a fixed grin. Neutral expressions on a toy stimulate a child’s imagination and encourages role play which aids in the development of language and communication skills. With a blank appearance, children can fill in the gaps with their imaginations and decide whether or not dolly is sad, happy, asleep or eating at any given time and provide comfort to a child whenever they are feeling down. Hoppa dolls come in different sizes and looks to imitate babies, young tots and cool kids.


Matty dolls are instantly lovable and a great size at 32cm tall. These soft Waldorf baby dolls come in a range of skin tones and have sewn on with a sewn on babygrows and nightcaps. While they can’t be undressed, toddlers will love to cuddle and care for their baby Matty. We think a Matty makes the perfect gift for a child who has just become a big sister or brother as they will love to imitate the ways in which they see their parents look after a new baby.

Hoppa standard dolls come in at 26cm and 40cm tall with clothes that can be taken on and off. This isn’t just a fun activity – this nurturing activity fosters independence in children, and teaches them the skills they need to get themselves ready by themselves each morning. These dolls love to go for a picnic, use the potty, be pushed around in a buggy and strapped in a Hoppa Doll Carrier. What will your child’s Hoppa doll do today? Check out the full range of dolls, prams and accessories at Babipur.

Stimulate the senses with a crochet rattle

Hoppa‘s handmade baby rattles have been carefully crocheted with organic cotton for a gentle, eco-friendly baby sensory toy. The texture of the crocheted stitches makes a wonderful surface to explore and the rattling sound inside will captivate new babies. We love that this Hoppa Mushroom Crochet Rattle is a baby toy that keeps on giving – it makes a tasty ingredient in a play kitchen when baby grows. Hoppa baby rattles make an ideal gift to take to a baby shower or to treat a new baby.

Be best buddies with a cuddly friend

Felix Fox, Quincy Squirrel and Rita Rabbit are absolutely adorable knitted animals that babies and toddlers will love. Hand knitted with organic cotton, these cuddly friends are gentle on delicate skin and perfect for snuggling up to at bed time. These handmade toys have squishy tails, dangling scarves and twisty ears – lots of lovely features to keep little fingers busy.

Be sociable

We have a whole load more Hoppa goodies to come, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and join our social Hangout Group to be kept up to date when more deliveries land. Don’t forget to share your pictures of your little ones enjoying their Hoppa toys and Babipur goodies on Instagram with a #babipur or #lovebabipur.

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