Haba Geometric Tack Zap review

HABA Tack Zap review

The Large Haba Tack Zack toy is suitable for children aged three and over, and recommended for kids over 4.   We sent Tanya this set so that her daughter could test it out and let us know what she thought of it.  Check out Tanya’s review, pictures and video below!

Haba Tack Zap review

While handing a hammer and tiny nails over to a four year old doesn’t come naturally, the Haba Tack set was clearly a well thought out and beautifully produced creative toy, even our cat Sylvie was interested in the nice and bright shapes….or the box, probably the box.
The set includes 100 red, yellow, green and blue wooden shapes, a number of nails, and a cork board. The idea is that the child arranges the shapes into a picture, then hammers them in place with the nails. Also included is a sheet with picture ideas, which show what pieces are needed, but they can also make their own creations.
Jessica chose a wheelbarrow picture as her first attempt. She picked out the necessary pieces, and after a few tries, laid them out as in the instruction leaflet. Each wooden piece has a pre-cut hole to hammer the nail through. I nervously handed over the hammer, and she set to work.

tack zap review

She is fairly dextrous, so coped quite well with the hammering, but a younger child may struggle, as the nails are very small. However, they can also be pushed into the corkboard to prevent any thumb injuries.
Jessica was completely absorbed in the task, and wanted to do more as soon as she was finished. It’s a brilliantly unmessy way of encouraging creativity and developing fine motor skills and shape identification.
A lovely toy all round, with the obvious caveat of needing to be careful around pets and smaller children due to the very small and pointy parts. This, or any of the Haba Tack sets would make a great Christmas present for boys and girls of 4 upwards.

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