Grapat WILD WILD, Introducing The New Collection For 2022

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The New Grapat Range for 2022

The wait is nearly over! The long anticipated Grapat Wild Wild collection is on it’s way to Babipur! But what exactly is Grapat, and what makes it such a popular choice with parents and children? Read on for an introduction to the fabulous new Wild collection and find out more about what makes Grapat wooden toys so special.

Grapat Wild Wonders, the new range for 2022
Grapat Wild Wonders, part of the new range for 2022

What is Grapat?

One of our favourite open-ended wooden toys at Babipur, Grapat is a brand of handcrafted toys made in the mountains of Catalunya. This family run company is the creation of Casiana and Jordi, with Grapat meaning ‘handful’ in Catalan. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the freedom to play, experiment, and discover through creativity and imagination.

Grapat Wow! play set in a child's hands
Grapat means ‘handful’ in Catalan

Grapat believe that when children are released from the rigid structure of guided play, they’ll navigate themselves through different learning experiences with simple objects they find around them. Never underestimate the power of a pebble, shell, leaf or stick in the imagination of a child! The natural shapes and simple forms of Grapat toys compliment the treasures children find in the natural world. With the freedom to play in an unstructured way, Grapat toys stimulate imagination and creativity in children of all ages.

Grapat Wonders in a tinker tray
Grapat Wonders in a tinker tray

What age is Grapat for?

Grapat wooden toys are recommended from 10 months upwards, with smaller loose parts from 3 years+. The joy of open ended toys is their suitability for children of all ages, as well as adults.

The Grapat Treasure basket is a great starting point in heuristic play for babies, providing a rich sensory learning experience. Grapat Nins are classic Waldorf peg dolls, with beautiful simplicity, and loved by children from 12 months + for small world play.

Grapat 10 Element Treasure Basket eco friendly Christmas gifts for babies
Grapat 10 Element Treasure Basket

Mandala pieces are small wooden objects used to create patterns. Perfect for mindful moments, or incorporating into imaginative play, these are suitable from 3 years upwards. However, there are many adults who appreciate the tactile nature and sensory experience of Grapat mandala pieces too!

Mandala making with Mandala Rainbow Mushrooms Joguines Grapat
Mandala making with Mandala Rainbow Mushrooms Joguines Grapat


Wild Wild is the new Grapat toy collection for Spring 2022. We are always so excited to see what the fabulous team at Grapat have come up with, and they never disappoint! Taking inspiration from a wild childhood, with the freedom to explore, discover and experience all that the natural world has to offer. From the wind on your face, dirt under your fingernails and a refreshing paddle in a stream, these untamed experiences are a mark of a healthy and respected childhood.

Grapat Wild Creatures Set in the wild
Wild Creatures Set in the wild

Grapat want to encourage every child to embrace a little wildness into their lives. Given the freedom to express themselves, children learn to understand their own boundaries. Wild Wild is and ode to this freedom and sense of wildness, with a strong connection to the natural world. We love it and hope you will too. Let’s head into the wild and see what we discover!

Grapat Mandala Pieces

Mandala using Grapat Mandala pieces and Petal platforms
Mandala using Grapat Mandala pieces and Petal platforms

A Mandala is a circular art form that’s used as part of a mindfulness routine. Simply create a circular shape with these small wooden pieces with repeated patterns. Use Grapat mandala pieces on their own or in conjunction with other art like drawing, natural objects, shapes in the sand or anything you wish. Creating a mandala is a form of meditation and a lovely way to encourage children to concentrate. 

Grapat Mandala Tulips, yellow mandala pieces in a brown paper bag with vegetables
Mandala Tulips

Grapat have introduced three new mandala sets to their loose parts collection this year; yellow tulips, rainbow mushrooms and natural mandalas. We can see the big set of 120 natural mandala pieces being very popular, in a variety of forms in simple, natural wood. Yellow tulips in the sunniest shades will add a happy splash of yellow to your Springtime play scenes and mandalas. Everyone loves a rainbow, and these rainbow mushrooms are a fantastic addition to your rainbow play – team them up with rainbow eggs for a super colourful mandala! What will you create?

Play Sets

Ooh LaLa, Yay, Wow, Hooray! Four new playsets, each with three characters with different forms. Decorated in different colourful, yet earthy shades, each set takes inspiration from pop art and old-school comics. These fantastical Nins are an instinctive reaction to the tough times we’ve all endured recently. Fill playtimes with happiness, joy, freedom, and endless surprise! Recommended from 18 months, with pure fun guaranteed!

Grapat Ooh-Lala play set
Ooh-Lala play set

Wild Creatures

Bordering the realms of fantasy and reality, the Grapat Wild Creatures Set is a very special collection of little wooden bugs. Living in their own wooden specimen box with a sliding lid, each has it’s own card describing its special character.

Wild Creatures in their display box with story card
Wild Creatures in their display box with story card

Each of these 12 wild creatures is a unique work of art. These are no ordinary bugs – each one has it’s own superpower and story that will help guide your child through life’s adventures. Explore different emotions; pick out a bug to help with life’s little challenges in the day. These are the perfect friends to keep in your pocket for everyday adventures.

Grapat Wild Creatures set in play

The Wild Creatures set is a wonderful and imaginative representation of the natural fauna children encounter when they’re allowed to be truly wild. Grapat believe childhood should be filled with wild experiences, untamed adventures, and a little healthy risk taking – and we agree!

Wild Wonders

A special collection of 12 wooden botanical treasures, designed around elements from the floral realm, and include shapes representing nuts, seeds, bulbs, fruit and fungi. A natural expression of the treasure’s young children marvel at on their everyday adventures. See if you can spot any of these natural forms on your walks, a textured pinecone, an interesting seed head or a pretty stone.

Grapat Wild Wonders on display with the Grapat Perpetual Calander
Grapat Wild Wonders on display with the Perpetual Calendar

Wild Wonders is a lovely way to connect with the natural rhythm of the seasons, and work alongside the perpetual calendar as part of a seasonal display. Tactile and sensory, these botanical treasures are perfect for loose parts play. Include them in a tinker tray or heuristic treasure basket for children to explore.

Dark Baby Nins

First introduced as part of the Grapat Together set, Dark Baby Nins are now available in all the colours! This set of 6 baby Nins come in a half coconut shell and are in six different rainbow colours. A fabulous addition to the range, Dark Baby Nins bring an important element of diversity and representation to our families.

Grapat Dark Baby Nins held in a coconut shell bed
Dark Baby Nins

Play Platforms

Grapat are introducing a large set of 24 petal shaped play platforms which we can see will be an amazing addition to mandala making. Made from smooth, top quality FSC plywood these will add another dimension to your builds and designs.

Grapat petal platforms make great bunny ears!
Petal platforms make great bunny ears!

Grapat Wild Wild coming soon to Babipur!

We hope you love these special toys as much as we do! With love and attention to detail in every box of Grapat toys, bring a bit of magic and Wild to your child’s playtime. Sign up for notifications for launch and be the first to hear over on the Babi Pur Hangout Facebook group.

GRAPAT 2022 release date is Thursday 10th March at 10am!

Grapat Ooh-lala! Taking inspiration from the colours of flowers

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