Easter Gift Ideas at Babipur

The tradition of the easter egg hunt

For many, an egg hunt is synonymous with the family traditions of Easter, whether you celebrate the Christian holiday or not. It may not surprise you to know that the traditions of Easter are not only rooted in Christianity, but are thought by some to date back hundreds of years to Pagan heritage. To Christians, the egg is a symbol of the re-birth of Jesus and the coming of spring. However, the traditions of chasing after painted eggs pre-dates Christianity. Many cultures around the world believe the egg to be symbolic of fertility and new beginnings. It is believed by some that ‘Easter’ was derived from the Pagan fertility goddess ‘Eostre’. This has been questioned over time as the belief is almost exclusively only seen in the work of ‘Bede’, and very little outside of his musings. In many other languages, ‘Easter’ is derived from the latin for ‘passover’.

Thanks for Paige Harrall for this gorgeous pic

Whether it be Christian, Pagan, or just good old fashioned family fun, why not try an easter egg hunt with a difference this year? Perhaps you could hide clues around the garden to then win a small prize at the end? Or use our Okonorm egg dye kit to beautifully adorn your own eggs to steal away in secret places around the house?

As always, at Babipur, we have a whole lot of ethical loveliness for you to spoil your little ones with alternatives to chocolate this Easter…

Little Hands

Whether you want to give your littlest ones a chocolate treat at Easter or not, sometimes it’s nice to have a little sugar free treat they can enjoy as well.   The Lanco rubber chick teether is perfectly shaped for little hands to grab play with. Completely safe to chew on, made from 100% natural rubber, hand made and painted with food grade dyes. Perfect for soothing sore little teething gums. 

The Plan Toys bunny rattle is perfect for babies from around four months. Perfect for exploring different sounds and textures which help to develop auditory and fine motor skills. Made from safe, non-toxic paint, which means these teething toys are safe for your little ones to put in their mouths and chew. 


Growing babies and toddlers love to push toys around and they can support natural development of movement. The Plan Toys bunny, chicken and and duck racer are great to get little ones on the move. They have a gentle curve design it’s easy for little ones to grab and push and helps develop fine motor skills. It’s easy roll wheels means you’re sure to win every race and believe us they are pretty nippy and very robust! 

Or perhaps you would like something a little more vintage? In which case the Plan Toys racing cars are definitely right up your street, perfect for the little (and big) motoring enthusiast in your life! Featuring turning front wheels for all those tight getaways…

If you would like a little something that closely resembles an egg, our wooden balls are very popular and all kinds of fun. The Grimm’s balls are available in a variety of colours and come in a little egg box too. Not only can your children enjoy rolling, moving and sliding the balls, they will enjoy putting them in and out of the egg box and carrying them around too!

Perhaps you have a determined toddler on your hands that is ready to be up and away. A push along toy like the Plan Toys dancing bunny. Toddlers just love to proudly take their little bunny for a walk wherever they go. His little legs flapping and paws bobbing will have you mesmerised on the hunt for some carrots. Made from solid rubberwood and coloured with eco paints, and his hind legs are made from natural rubber making cleaning super easy. 


Once your toddler is a little more confident, they may want a friend to take on walks with them and encourage them to be a little sturdier on their feet. The Plan Toys hopping rabbit will bounce along by their side, and is great to push along or pull behind.

Thanks for Paige Harrall for this gorgeous pic

Choo Choo! Your little ones will love sorting the rabbit, chicken and duck into their carriages in the Plan Toys animal train. Load them all aboard and off they go on an adventure. Each figure has a different shaped neck which matches up with one section of the train. Perfect for problem solving, shape recognition and identifying animals.

Sort & Stack

One of our most popular stacking toys at Babipur is our Plan Toys nesting set. A fun and quirky little stacking toy that will keep little hands endlessly amused.  A circular base with three chicken pieces and an egg that can be stacked on top of each other in all sorts of funny ways. Children can experiment with the various formations and will love to hide the egg in the middle, “where’s it gone” or “pee-po” will have everyone smiling.

Big thanks to Emma Jones for this cute pic

Another extremely popular toy for sorting and fine motor skills is the Plan Toys bee hives. Use finger and thumb or the forceps to grab the bee and put it into the corresponding colour hive.  It’s a great way to learn colours and encourage turn-taking when playing with a friend. This will keep little ones entertained for ages!


This wobbling Bajo chicken will delight toddlers as they rock her back and forth. Give her a poke and watch her bob for tasty grain and corn. She is made from sustainable wood and painted in non toxic paint. Made with solid wood and coloured with eco paints, tots and parents will love this little toy. 
Do you have a budding mini musician in the family? The Plan Toys percussion set are three brightly coloured eggs, each with a guiro on one side and all with a different sound when shaken. Shaking, scraping or hitting, young children will just love playing with these crazy eggs. Each egg comes with a little stand so they can all be beautifully displayed when not in use and won’t roll away. A brilliant first instrument, the shape and colours are appealing to little people and it makes a cracking gift.

We invite young children to use their imagination and create their own stories with a beautiful selection of wooden animals we have to offer at Babipur. Osthemier wooden figures are hand crafted in Germany using sustainable wood and organic oils. Holztiger are beautifully handmade wooden figures for children to play with and collect. Each one is hand crafted in Europe from sustainable solid hardwood and then hand painted with watercolour paints. Both Osthemier and Holztiger are Waldorf style animals and allow children to create their own fantasy world where the animals take the form that their imagination dictates. We also stock a range of wooden animals by Lanka Kade. Ethically made in Sri Lanka from sustainably managed rubberwood, these wooden animal figures will give children years of pleasure without harming the planet. These chunky figures are the perfect size for little hands and are ideal for teaching children animal names and inspiring hours of creative play. They’re great value for money too.

Many thanks to Emma Jones for this bunny pic!

We particularly love the little bunnies and chicks we have here at Babipur and they make lovely additions to Easter baskets. The Lanka Kade rabbit is perfect to hop around the garden with and the Osthemier rabbits could be perfect for small world or a invitation to play.

Grimm’s for Easter

If you’ve been following us on social media for a while, you will have seen some exciting things on the way from the very wonderful Grimm’s. If you are not familiar with them, Grimm’s make stunning, handcrafted Waldorf inspired beautiful earth friendly toys that encourage learning and imaginative play. There are too many things to talk about in this post, but one thing we think you will really love is the ‘building boards’ which make a fantastic accompaniment to the Grimm’s rainbow and really open up the possibilities of open ended play. 

Oh, and of course it goes without saying you should keep a look out for our limited edition Grimm’s Babipur Rainbow Gwawr (sunrise) which is all kinds of beautiful…

Image courtesy of Siobhàn Danielle Draper Etherington and Capture the Rainbow Photography

Teeth, tush and Toes!

If you are looking for an Easter surprise that isn’t chocolate or toys, we still have a few ideas up our sleeve! Frugi have some lovely spring items this season, including some really cute little bunny themed socks. Made with soft, fair trade organic cotton, they feel lovely on growing feet and will look fab with any spring outfit. 

Our Jack ‘N’ Jill Bunny set has everything you need to get your child ready and excited about teeth cleaning time! You can use the bio brush from the first tooth, then move onto the tooth and gum brush once their back teeth are through and your little one is ready to clean their teeth independently. Of course, naturally BPA and PVC free, and no plastic in sight! Rinse and storage cups are made from bamboo and rice husks. The bio toothbrush has a 100% corn starch handle with soft nylon brushes. Stage 3 gum and toothbrush is 100% medical grade silicone. A very ethical kit for your little ones to have fun with teeth cleaning. You can also buy the bunny brush on its own to add to an easter basket.

Last but certainly not least is our Dewi nappy. Exclusive print to Babipur from Close Parent, this is the perfect cloth nappy for spring. This will be a definite success with any Babipur loving families for sure! 

Wishing you all lots of fun whatever you get up to! Team Babipur x


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483 Responses

  1. Zoe says:

    Love them all so,hard to choose

  2. Olivia Handley says:

    I’d like most of them… But especially the bees!

  3. Joy Clark says:

    Love all the ideas. Really like the look of the bajo chicken and the nesting chicken.

  4. Barbara says:

    I love the plan toys percussion set!!!

  5. Nicki says:

    I think it’s going to be Ostheimer chicks on my list! Might also get some toothbrushes for scrubbing all the chocolate off! I wish I could do all these ideas – they’re beauts. I’m looking forward to sharing Easter weekend and the love of Jesus with all my family and friends. It’s our last weekend before we move 400 miles the next week, so it’ll be a special one this year!

  6. Sarah says:

    Gwawr for Easter would be perfect! ?

  7. Louise says:

    Love these ideas. We have already been dying and painting eggs. I have got the grimms pastel balls as an Easter present (along with an egg holder helter skelter) for my baby.

  8. Vikki says:

    Such lovely ideas! We’ve bought our almost 1 year old the plan chicken stacker and a Holztiger lamb & bunny for her Easter basket. Thanks for the inspiration xx

  9. rosalind westwood says:

    love them all but the beehives are a favourite here

  10. Sarah says:

    Love the wooden balls idea! Doing that this year for my toddler who can’t eat dairy.

  11. Emily says:

    I love the plan toys chicken stacker for my 11mo. She’ll be 1 on Easter Monday, and we’re going away – we’ll be taking her chickens with her as an Easter themed toy ? and so family can’t say we’re mean for no chocolate. They don’t know it’s not new 😉

  12. Emily Evans says:

    We’ve got the plan toys stacking chicken go the littlest and the plan toys lacing sheep for the biggest! We also love the Grimms balls in our house!

  13. Fiona Pilcher says:

    Love the Dewi nappy

  14. I love plush & pull the most , would make fantastic gifts for my god children (twins)

  15. Emma says:

    I am going to have a bee hunt…which I imagine my little one will recreate for me every evening when I have to find them to put them away!!

  16. Alana says:

    ooh think my favourite would be the plan toys bee hives

  17. Emma Jones says:

    Some lovely ideas here. The Plan Toys percussion set looks great for Easter ?

  18. Janine says:

    I love the plan toys nesting stack chickens they’re fab

  19. Vicky says:

    Love the plan toys chicken stacker, a favourite of my son!

  20. Caroline says:

    Out of this selection I think my favourite is the plan toys racing cars, however I chose the bajo bunny on wheels as an Easter gift for my goddaughter and absolutely love it. It’s definately worth type Easter animals etc into the search function ?

  21. Victoria Redmond says:

    Can not recommend the Plan Bees or stacking chicken/egg toy highly enough – have given both and they’re gorgeous

  22. Ann-marie wilson says:

    We r thinking grimms bridges for the little man and the magnetic grimms for my little girl.
    We’re going to get the egg dying kit too, perfect for dying eggs for an eater egg hunt x

  23. Hannah Robertson says:

    Ooh so many lovely ideas! My 13 month old is getting the Lanka Kade rabbit and duck and hopefully the Plan Toys stacking chicken!

  24. Jo Townsend says:

    So many beautiful options. I think I would have to go for the nesting chicken, or the racing cars. I adore Plan Toys for so many reasons! We have the mushroom pound hill for 1yo this year, but it is so tempting to get more of these lovely toys ???

  25. Ashley says:

    Love the dancing bunny from plan toys

  26. Ianthe says:

    Adore the Lanka Lade Rabbit! Perfect size for my one year old who’s allergic to milk, soya and egg! We’re huge fans!

  27. Nicola peck says:

    I want them all but think I might actually go buy some of the plan toy race cars. Will keep both my two happy then!

  28. Amy says:

    I love the ostheimer rabbits and hutch! Don’t think my 1yo old would really appreciate them just yet but maybe I can get them for me?! ??

  29. Zena says:

    Love the stacking chickens xx

  30. Victoria loughlin says:

    All lovely ideas, but my fave are the plan toys beehives and the gwawr

  31. Francesca Rumbelow says:

    I love the idea of the Grimm’s rainbows for Easter as I think they look so Spring-like especially the new Gwawr rainbow. I am planning to start my children’s Grimms collection with this one! Also particularly apt as their grandparents have recently moved to Wales and are learning Welsh!

  32. Caroline R says:

    The chicken stacker is really cute! I’d definately choose that for my daughter and the racing car for my son! That way they could swap over and enjoy both.

  33. Charlotte boyes says:

    ??Blessed Ostara today all ??
    They are all brilliant suggestions but here it would be the plan toys teether rattle for my little lad who is chewing everything and dribbling everywhere atm! For me i want all the grimms ?

  34. Amy Elmes says:

    All wonderful alternative Easter gifts. I’ve ordered the plan lacing sheep and I’m hoping to get the plan bees for my 3 year old!

  35. Noeleen Wiseman says:

    I love the littlw ostheimer and holtztiger chicks and rabbits. We have some ready for our Easter display ?

  36. Amy brook says:

    I really want to get the toothbrushes to try out. Throwing plastic ones away every few mths really upsets me.

  37. Kirsty D says:

    The Plan Toys Racing Cars are amazing!

  38. Abi clarke says:

    Plan toys eggs would be my choice ?

  39. Sharon Rhys-Davies says:

    Writing clues for Thing 1 to read and follow to find a small present would definitely be a good idea as there’s nothing he like better when in the car than “Let’s play dinosaur quiz, Mummy!” where I dutifully describe a dinosaur and he works out the dino’s name. Working out clues to find some wooden animals would be fabulous. I just love the look of the chicken stacker so that would be the best idea for Thing 2 (and I’m dying to have a go too – it looks hard!). I feel another order coming on…

  40. Rina says:

    Great minds…For my littles first Easter she has the following all purchased preloved from Babipur bst. 1 Lanka kade bunny, 1 lanco duck teether, 1 musical egg and a plan toys bunny racer. 🙂 Some great ideas which I’ll recheck for next year. P.s loving the inclusivity for pagans. 🙂

  41. Rebecca Capstick says:

    Love everything! I think the Grimms Balls are a good alternative for eggs on an egg hunt and they can be used for so many things.

  42. Donna Dean says:

    All are great idea’s but love Grimm’s toys and the chicken stacker is a lovely idea for easter.

  43. Lisa says:

    Wow plan toys seem to have Easter well and truly covered… my fav is the ‘plan toys dancing bunny’ he looks fabulous! The grimms building boards are on the top of our grimms list of must gets ?

  44. Beverley Wright says:

    If think the Lanco teether and Plan toys nesting eggs are lovely gifts for little ones. As I have two bigger ones….if budget allowed I would definitely go for a new bunny themed Frugi outfit each and some open ended beautiful Grimms.

  45. Ellie says:

    So many great choices. Love the bees!

  46. Sarah N says:

    I love the bees! They’re so cute and so many different games you could play with them

  47. Tracy wade says:

    I love the balls and the gwawr but as I already own them the dancing bunny looks so much fun

  48. Jessica Kidby says:

    We love the Plan Toys Egg Percussion Set, last years Easter present and still very much played with

  49. Laura D says:

    Oooh….think I’ll be getting my little girl a Plan Toys racing car for Easter! I was big into racing before I got pregnant and have loads of model cars around the house that she seems to covet so she needs one or two of her own!!???

  50. Kathryn Hersee says:

    Love the look of the plan toy percussion eggs

  51. Lauren m says:

    I love the chicken stacker and the beehives ?

  52. Amanda says:

    Building boards would be an amazing addition to our fun and would great ramps or fences or islands. The lustvis endless. But there again some Holz ducks, ducklings and chicks would be great for Easter.

  53. Francesca Stephens says:

    Love the idea of making a little basket and putting some raw choc with some Frugi socks and the chicken stacker ? then I can eat all my little boys chocolate hehe!

  54. Jo says:

    Building boards.. Great idea to play with rainbow even more… Would’ve pick pastel set as currently in love with pastels ?

  55. Mary Steele says:

    Such great ideas! Love the idea of the musical eggs, genius. I adore the chicken stacker though ?

  56. Louise says:

    Great post! I have got my nephew the stacking chickens and my son a bunny toothbrush to make up for all the chocolate ??

  57. Emily Woodcock says:

    Lanka kade animals are our go to!

  58. Caroline says:

    I love the percussion set. I’ve not seen that before

  59. Stacey says:

    I love the bunny toothbrush! We’ve been some of the holztiger animals for our son’s Easter basket, including the Easter bunny which I panic bought in Feb ?. It’ll be his first lot of holztiger so I’m hoping he loves them and gives me an excuse to buy more!

  60. Helen Thomson says:

    I like the bunny Jack and Jill idea to brush away all the chocolate consumed!

  61. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness! So much wonderful choice, so hard to choose but I think it has to be the bees!!

  62. Heather says:

    Plan bees or Grimm’s building boards! ??

  63. Eilidh says:

    The chicks and the rabbits for Easter ☺️. The Gwawr rainbow is on the list of things to get at somepoint!

  64. Anna Heighton says:

    Some lovely ideas, it’s always good to have a non-chocolate option! We are planning to keep it small this year for our 19 month old, a Lanka Kade bunny and a Holztiger goose will be perfect for our little animal lover!

  65. Sheila says:

    I’m soooo tempted by the chicken & egg stacker, but my LO isnt really into stacking sadly.

  66. Kimberley Adlem says:

    So difficult to choose but the plan toys cars and grimes balls.

  67. Samantha O says:

    Love the idea of a non chocolate present-and we are giving our 19mo the plan toys bees-he’s going to love them!

  68. Ems Beasley says:

    We have a holtzer hare and osthemier chick for the spring celebrations. Inspired from here. Also love the musical eggs idea

  69. Zoe Shuker says:

    So many gorgeous ideas but I think plan chicken stacker is definitely myou favourite. My daughter would love it!

  70. Louise says:

    Love the dewi nappy

  71. Gail says:

    Dewi nappy wish I had waited as I had already bought the baba boo sheep nappy for babies easter basket…… although another nappy wont go wrong ?

  72. Demi says:

    I would say bees but I already have them!!!

  73. Lilian Timms says:

    Plan Toys Dancing Bunny. Very cute.

  74. Emma Monroe says:

    Grimms… always grimms lol xx

  75. Emmalouise says:

    I love the Plan Toys percussion eggs and of course all the gorgeous bunnies!

  76. Gemma says:

    I have the plan toys nesting chicken set stashed for easter. Bought it straight after Christmas when no excuse to buy but had to buy ?? now I want all the rest!!! My mum has bought Freddie a holtziger lamb… I need the rest!!! Xxx

  77. Elise says:

    The plan toys nesting set is gorgeous! I like how it can be stacked different ways the little egg is like the cherry on top of a black forest cake!

  78. Jodie says:

    Love the look of the plan bees – will be getting them for my little girl!

  79. Helanna says:

    Fab list of ideas, we have the Grimm balls ready for Easter and a Lanka kade Hen 🙂

  80. Joanne M says:

    I love the plan toy nesting set, but also love the Lanka kade animals they would both come top of my list.

  81. Grace says:

    Hmm…. tough one. Like the idea of grimms balls or maybe the plan bee hive!

  82. Felicity Murray says:

    Gwawr rainbow or the pastel rainbow definitely has a place here! Being a vegan toddler is difficult so I know where to send my family for Easter for him!

  83. nikita scott says:

    the nesting chicks look amazing! definitely want those xx

  84. Laura Heley says:

    The rubber chick teether would be a great Easter present for my baby.

  85. Jasmine Buckie says:

    The grimms pastel balls are my favourite idea. We have these put by for an Easter egg hunt. Yet to decide whether I split or leave in pack? ? x

  86. Hazel says:

    we’ve bought the percussion eggs for Easter and they’re lovely

  87. Hayley says:

    I LOVE the plan toys nesting set! It didn’t make it to Easter in our house, but it’s so gorgeous and it’s been played with daily.
    Also the Dewi nappy, it’s so bright and happy ?

  88. Joanna B says:

    I’d choose the Grimm’s balls as they look to be a good link to Easter being in an egg box but useable all year round!

  89. Suzie Kennedy says:

    My favourite is definitely the rainbow, ours arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful and so loved by my boys already. All of these are great suggestions though.

  90. belle says:

    I’m going to get the bees. Who needs to conform to chicken and rabbit stereotypes!?

  91. Zoe says:


  92. Amber Davies says:

    I love the plan toys chick racer!

  93. Kate Chappell says:

    Ooh the Plan Toys percussion set is gorgeous! And, does this give me an excuse to finally buy the bees?!

  94. Jodie Warrington says:

    I almost went for the chicken stacker but in the end got some Easter themed babipur goodies not mentioned here – the plan toys hammer head rabbit with carrots and some holztiger egg-laykng animals (slightly tenuous!)

  95. Charmaine says:

    SO MAny good ideas but I’m liking the bees

  96. Carys Steven says:

    I’d love to get some Easter themed holztiger animals or the Grimms Balls- both have an Easter theme but can be used year round.

  97. Penny Bennett says:

    The bees are a favourite here!

  98. Jessica Good says:

    I have been lusting after the bees for SO long, and I have been eagerly awaiting the Grimm’s building boards to go with my bright rainbow (and I *really* want a Gwawr rainbow, just cause it’s sooo pretty!! ?)

  99. Lucie says:

    My favourite is the bees as I have a little girl called Bea.
    I will be buying the push along rabbit for a friend though

  100. Karen S says:

    I love the percussion eggs. My son is both music and egg mad so there ideal for him.

  101. Karen L says:

    I’ve bought the chicken and egg stacker fory daughter’s first Easter and the mini rainbow for my son (to go with our 12 piece rainbow). Might have to put another order in for the Grimm’s balls and the Hopping rabbit! ?

  102. Sarah says:

    My favourite idea on here is the bees – I never thought of them for an Easter gift!

    I think you’ve missed of the lacing sheep though and all the Lanka Kade spring animals I’ve bought to tie lollies to 🙂

  103. Sam watson says:

    My daughter is dairy free so can’t have chocolate anyway so we have already have the bees stashed for Easter…..I think she’s going to love them! But im deffinatley going to dye eggs when she is older…they look fab!

  104. Nicola says:

    Love the Lanka kade rabbits and socks and really want the rainbow. Very impressed you managed to get the chicks to stay in the bowl too

  105. Natasha Leach says:

    We have the Grimms balls for our 10 month old and would love to get him the percussion set too. Our 3 year old is getting the new purple pebbles (not on list) and some other bits and bobs that she has asked for.

  106. Carly Riordan says:

    Love the simple wobbling bajo chicken! What a sweet little alternative Easter gift

  107. Emma says:

    The plan toys rabbit hutch with guinea pig gets my vote, it’s super cute and kind of themed!

  108. Lois says:

    Just when I think I can resist the urge I’m off to get the Lanco chick teether! Although I can’t wait til baby is old enough for the bees ?

  109. Clare cooper says:

    Love the plan toys staking nest

  110. Sam McCulloch says:

    Grimms balls are a lovely idea, plus they come in an egg box. Such a lovely alternative to a chocolate egg.

  111. Rachel says:

    Those Ostheimer bunnies <3 too cute!!

  112. Abi says:

    Lovely ideas here. We’ve bought some Holztiger for our little one – the blue tit and the owl. So glad they were back in stock! I do love the plan toys stacking chicken and will be asking the grandparents if they wouldn’t mind getting it rather than an egg.

  113. Katie Nelson says:

    I really like the idea of egg dying with the okonorm dyes — it’s been my resolution this year to do more messy play and craft activities with my small person, and this sounds so much fun!

  114. Sophie Robert says:

    Love the chick teether! Shame I didn’t see this when I placed my order! I did however order my LB a Lanka Kade Bunny!

  115. Emma says:

    We love the Holztiger/Osthimer animals as they aren’t just for Easter but can be used for play all year on the farm, then used with the celebration ring come spring; very cost effective.
    This year we have gone for the Bajo Sheep Puzzle as we hope this will also have multiple uses and The Grandparents have brought the Plan Lacing Sheep.
    ?Happy Easter?

  116. Helen Foulds says:

    My girls have just started moving things about so the Plan push along toys would be wonderful. We love Plan toys in this house!

  117. Georgina says:

    I love these ideas! We have a plan chicken and bees already and a couple rainbows. But we have got the gwawr rainbow for Easter for our 3 youngest going to do a little treasure hunt with the rainbow and some gold coins at the end ?

  118. Nat says:

    I like the Bajo wobbling chicken!

  119. Wendy Hunter says:

    We gave out two the bees last Easter – I did a treasure hunt for them to find them hiding in the house!

  120. Shelley says:

    Holztiger animals ???

  121. Kathryn Swift says:

    The plan toys racing cars are amazing 🙂

  122. Hatty Lawrence says:

    Love the percussion eggs. My son is 9 months old and loving anything that makes noise at the moment.

  123. Rachael says:

    Wasn’t sure we would be getting 1.5 year old an Easter gift for us but we are planning now on something, Maybe the pull along rabbit as he doesn’t have anything like it x

  124. Angie says:

    A great blog post and some wonderful ideas. I think for this Easter we will be getting our little one the Plan Toys percussion set. Maybe some Grimms balls too. ?

  125. Katie says:

    Wobbling banjo chicken I think!

  126. Annie says:

    I just love the Osthemier and Holztiger figures and the bunnies make the perfect easter gift ? Although I’m trying to justify the price of a grimms mobile home for my daughters easter present although I don’t think my partner will agree with spending that much on an easter gift ??

  127. Stacie says:

    Love the plan need & stacking chicken

  128. Emma Kadziola says:

    So many lovely things to choose from, I love the sorting bees ?

  129. Maria Rasmussen says:

    Ohhh some great ideas – my favourite is the wobbling Bajo Chicken, how cute is he !?!

  130. Rhi says:

    Great ideas, we’ve got a plan toys lacing sheep but I’m so tempted to get some of the other suggestions too ??

  131. Laura Gathercole says:

    So many lovely choices, I’d recommend the bees to anyone, they’re my little girls favourite toy. I quite like the idea of getting either a Holztiger or Ostheimer animal, I think they’d be perfect as a little something.

  132. Jessica says:

    Toothbrushes! Buying one for my 13 month old, great idea! Maybe a little Lanka kade rabbit to go with it ?

  133. Ella Masters says:

    I love the thought of the jack and Jill products, such a fab idea for when my little ones have scoffed lots of chocolate!!!

  134. Sophie says:

    Love the percussion eggs, but also love an excuse to get the pastel balls- just love the pastel colours even though we have everything so far in rainbow!

  135. Sarah Lucas says:

    We’re coveting a Gwawr rainbow here…will have to wait and see what the Easter bunny brings us! Some lovely alternative ideas, great for my boy who isn’t keen
    on chocolate!

  136. Sian says:

    How cute is the Bajo Wobbling Chicken! Hours of amusement.

  137. Rosie says:

    The Plan Toys percussion set would make a lovely Easter gift and will be perfect for an egg hunt!

  138. Emma-Louise Anderson says:

    I’ve been looking at those cute little chicks today to buddy up with the bunnies from last year! Although the sunrise rainbow is calling to me!!! Choices choices….

  139. Rosalind says:

    Great suggestions! Xx

  140. Ceri says:

    Ostheimer rabbits and chicks are on my list for Easter gifts!

  141. Eilidh Malcolm says:

    I love the bees. Super cute and lots of fun

  142. Charlotte Mason says:

    I love the idea of holtziger bunnies and chicks as Easter presents. Definitely would like to add some grimms pieces to our celebration ring!

  143. Judith hicks says:

    Would have to be the balls for me. Can hide them just like and Easter Egg hunt

  144. Morana says:

    Osteheimer bunnies and other animals are just too adorable! Love also pulling toys!

  145. Katy says:

    Love the practical items like toothbrush and socks… then I can have a big basket but without it being all about toys!

  146. Samuel says:

    Like the Plan Toys percussion eggs.

  147. Jane O'Thy says:

    Love the Gwawr rainbow – OH stopped from buying it just for myself! But it’s just so beautiful

  148. Camilla says:

    Love the Plan Toys Percussion set, awesome gift that would suit such a broad age range.

  149. Becky says:

    Oooh love all of these ideas! I’m planning on some lanka kade to hide (rabbits and dinosaurs) and we have the plan toys stacking chicken which my 1 year old and 5 year old both love which will be out centre stage! I’m also thinking that the respiin bowls would be perfect for some easter egg colour matching and the plan toys lacing sheep would make a great easter egg hunt prize for my youngest whilst the plan toys spinning ballerina would be good for my eldest! the plan toys mice are also in my basket as they’d be a fab game for some easter fun after they’ve been hidden then hopefully found! <3

  150. Sharon Vickers says:

    AH! I think the pastel Grimms balls are a PERFECT addition to the Easter celebrations <3

  151. Nicola R says:

    I love the plan bees but the bunny racing cars are the cutest thing! We also need some grimms balls… Its so hard to choose!

  152. Jessica Mead says:

    Loads of great ideas for alternative Easter gifts! We’ve gone for the grimms balls but love the look of the plan toys racers and the nesting chicken.

  153. Lisa Street says:

    My favourite is the socks. Everybody needs more socks to bounce in to Spring.

  154. Erin says:

    I’ve already stashed the plan nesting chicken and some okonorm egg dye ready for Easter. I have to say I am very tempted by the percussion set after reading this.

  155. May says:

    I like the idea of hiding wooden fake eggs rather than chocs. Won’t melt either! Great that the Grimms comes in an egg box too.

  156. Anita says:

    Great ideas, tempted by the plan toys Bunnies – racing car, dancing and push and pull!

  157. Sarahanne says:

    Plan toys ? bees
    I’ve loved them for a long time and have to say they are next on the list. Fantastic toy and very pretty

  158. Rebecca ball says:

    The plan toys nesting set looks lovely and perfect for Easter!

  159. Louise says:

    The Ostheimer chicks and Lanka Kade rabbit are cute.

  160. Aneta Taseva says:

    Love the wooden balls idea ?

  161. Lucy Hardman says:

    I love the racing car, would like them all though ….

  162. Helen says:

    Wow what a list, they are all
    Amazing, but my fave is the grimms balls for Easter as they come in the egg box, my LO will be getting these for her Easter treat x

  163. Patrycja Pawlikowska says:

    My daughter has got duck obsession so we’re definitely opt for holztiger and plan toys ducks ???

  164. Sarah Kirby says:

    Love love love the beeeees! ??? and the little Ostheimer chicks, bunnies and hens are beautiful ???

  165. Grace says:

    Love gwawr and the building boards.

  166. Sheila O’Reilly says:

    I can’t wait for the Grimms building boards to arrive!! They will be a great addition to our rainbow and building sets. I also love the Plan toys nesting stacker

  167. Andrea Muckley says:

    My daughter got the bees for Christmas and loves them. They go in their hives but sometimes love going on the slide in the fairy house. They’ve been surprisingly versatile!

  168. Hayley says:

    I love the idea of the plan percussion eggs and the beehive!

  169. Lauren says:

    Really love the plan toys percussion set, the set of 3 would be perfect to share between my 3 kids

  170. Feona Bell says:

    I love it all!! Especially rhe bees though, the bess are cute!

  171. Hellen B says:

    Love the idea of adding ostheimer animals to my biggest smalls play scene and bees for my smallest small. The toothbrush idea is also rather epic. They get enough chocolate and gifts though, Sothis mama may be mean and treat them to something at the beginning of the school holidays instead ?

  172. Jo Goodwin says:

    I love all the ideas but many of them my kids are sadly too big for! Wooden animals are always a joy so I think some of little chicks and bunnies would be perfect.

  173. Charlotte k says:

    Plan toy rabbit teether for my 4 month old and grapat spring collection for my 3 year old and grimms balls for my husband with an Easter challenge of making a ball run using our rainbow and double rainbow ( maybe with nibs looking on ?)

  174. Marnie says:

    I love the Bajo wobbling chicken! It’s got such a lovely orange colour and love the big wheels!

  175. Sarah Scrivener says:

    Love the plan toys percussion set! These would be perfect for an ‘egg hunt’, then to play with after ??

  176. Lizzi Murphy says:

    I love the bees so much, and the Plan B nesting set. My daughter would love them as she gets older, but I bet my 4 year old would play with them too!! Oh and the lanke Kade bunny too! ?

  177. Rachel says:

    Love the new rainbow and the walking bunny. Itcis a great hit in our house.

  178. Kate says:

    Can I have the basket of chicks ??? Have got our 14mo the nesting chicken, hope she loves it ? and got our younger niece the plan percussion eggs. Excited for the big day x

  179. Rosalynne says:

    Plan toys bee hives have been on my wish list a long time they are the perfect Easter gift xxx

  180. Justyna Harbat says:

    I’m absolutely in love with Grimm’s now❤️ Starting our collection for my baby girl. Nesting chicken is also a cutie!

  181. Katie Adams says:

    I’d love the Plan Toy Bees for my little one for Easter.

  182. Serena says:

    The plan toys egg percussion set would have to be my favourite, my lb loves anything musical ?

  183. Kate Holbrook says:

    Love the plan stacking chicken!

  184. Lauren says:

    Great alternative ideas love them all but I would love some bees and the jack and Jill teeth sets

  185. Amber Abrahams says:

    I like the plan toys stacking chicks, I think they look great fun and I love the ethics behind plan toys. The feel of the rubber tree wood gives them a very tactile feeling!

  186. Naomi Wellings says:

    I’ve gone for the Plan Toys Chicken stacker this year – so many lovely things to choose from 🙂

  187. Miranda says:

    I love the idea of grimms balls in the egg box

  188. Eleanor Pass says:

    Love the bees ??

  189. Sarah-Jayne says:

    I’d love any of them for my daughter but especially the bees ?

  190. Louise says:

    Beautiful toys!
    My favourite idea here are the Plan Toys Beehives – we do have them already, but I love being able to gift them to everyone!
    Plan toys in general are well loved in this house 🙂

  191. Lucy Howell says:

    I love the plan toys pull along bunny. It’d be perfect for my soon to be 10 month old.

  192. Helen Waller says:

    Love the Grimms balls and the Bajo chicken! But I’m on a spending ban after buying Ostheimer birds and Grimms celebration ring figures!

  193. Rachel says:

    The Lanco Rubber Chick Teether would be perfect for my 4 month old, but love all the ideas on here. The Grimm’s Pastel Balls are gorgeously presented in the egg box!

  194. nadine says:

    I managed to bag myself a Gwawr rainbow tonight so I will be placing that with some wooden animals spring theme on display as our alternative to chocolate eggs this year.

  195. Becky Dougall says:

    Building boards or bees I can’t decide

  196. Bethan says:

    <3 that bajo chicken!!!!

  197. Amanda says:

    Love all the ideas really! We’ll be doing Easter Eggs with the okonorm egg dyes that I just ordered from Babi pur.

  198. S-j says:

    Love all these ideas! I’ve never been as excited about easter present as I do now!

  199. Tiffany says:

    Too many fantastic ideas but my top picks would have to be the Grimms balls, Plan bee hives, Bajo chicken and my daughter is already receiving the Holztiger chick, squirrel and rabbit from her grandparents.

  200. Natalie Jones says:

    It’s the beehives for us. Been eyeing them up for ages but just haven’t managed to get them yet. Would be perfect to try and get my 2 year old to concentrate for more than half a second haha.

  201. Anna Dean says:

    Love the grimms balls the best! ?

  202. Donna says:

    I would love them all, such was nderful ideas and gifts!
    I really want the Grimm’s Pastel wooden balls, they’re about the right size for my little one to hold and roll about and I know she’d get years of play out of them.
    I also like the look of the Jack N Jill bunny set too!

  203. Sonya Wilson says:

    Nothing better than hiding dyed eggs and maybe a wooden rabbit or two.

  204. Jo Thalassinou says:

    Plan Toys Egg Percussion Set – i’ve not seen this before. It’s a perfect easter gift 🙂

  205. Amabel says:

    I’m hoping to get some semi circles and the coloured forest for our Easter basket this year!

  206. Bryony says:

    Love the Bajo chicken but will probably opt for the Ostheimer bunnies as our lg loves to find things inside her ‘surprise eggs’ ?

  207. Laura Taylor says:

    Wow it’s a tough one but in our house we live by the rule of ‘everything in moderation’… so for that reason I’d have to say the Jack & Jill toothbrush set to brush those little tushy pegs after a cheeky bit of Easter egg! ???x

  208. Penelope says:

    The ? definitely the ? they are so beautiful and I am desperate to buy some for our soon to be one year old. What a lovely blog! Happy Easter ?

  209. Emily L says:

    I love the idea of the Okonorm egg dye kit, will have to look into that for a nice Easter activity!

  210. Rebecca says:

    We have bought the plan toys percussion eggs for Easter and they look fabulous! We’ve also got some Lanka Kade animals to hide in the garden instead of doing a chocolate egg hunt.

  211. Samantha Older says:

    I love the plan toys percussion set! So much fun.

  212. Sarah Szczepanski says:

    So many lovely toys ♡ I would love to do a clue treasure hunt in the garden and the bees would be such a cute and certain favorite much loved tresure to win!

  213. Carol Gallagher says:

    I love the look of the chicken stacker and am very tempted to get this for my daughter for Easter

  214. Carrie says:

    I have the bees (they’ve already been hidden for two weeks by my 2 year old twins!!) so I think the egg painting or the chickens would get my vote. Amazing ideas though for them all!

  215. Lauren says:

    Grimms balls or dewi nappy ?

  216. LAbbott says:

    I love those Plan Toys stacking chickens, a great Easter gift! And looking forward to those Grimm’s building boards arriving, they will go well with the Grimm’s house stacker and really transform play!

  217. Rebecca says:

    All the jack and jill stuff would be my pick. I love a practical gift.

  218. Marta says:

    We’ve got grimms balls waiting and I keep stopping myself from buying more things. We’ve never done presents before. Grapat are a big temptation, I might fall for one of the seasons nins… ?

  219. Charlotte says:

    I have been contemplating buying the plan toys percussion eggs ? they look great

  220. Becci says:

    Love the little bajo chicken – we already have his bunny friend, so he would be perfect!

  221. Elaine Waldock says:

    Putting together a story sack with holztiger or ostheimer characters, Easter themed perhaps ?

  222. Colleen says:

    So many great ideas! Currently I think my little Bub would love the Lanka Kade rubber teething chicks ?

  223. hannah says:

    oh wow so many great ideas I particularly love the plan toy egg percussion set.

  224. Anneka says:

    Such lovely selection, I would love the grimms balls. ?

  225. Hannah says:

    Love the nesting chicken and percussion set. Think they would entertain all of mine

  226. Petit Beurre says:

    Love the dancing bunny from plan toys

  227. Siobhan says:

    Love these ideas they’re great! I’ve actually purchased the plan toys bunny rattle as a gift for my little man who will be 14 weeks near Easter! x

  228. Nicola Cunnington says:

    Think the plan you percussion set is my fave from these suggestions (excluding those things we already have)! Such good ideas in this article!

  229. Ally T says:

    My favourite would be the bees but close second would be the eco toothbrush set because I’m thinking that’s our next thing to make eco in our house!

  230. Sonya says:

    We love the bees, would be a great alternative to an egg

  231. Becky says:

    Can i order the basket of actual chicks??!!!

    What a great read. Especially for me as a mum to a tube fed child trying to make sure its not all about chocolate eggs!

    I love the plan nesting set and the socks!
    Socks will be in her waster basket for sure now!

  232. Hannah says:

    Love the bees! They’re on my wish list for my little girl ? ?

  233. Thisismesirving says:

    Plan toy eggs here for us – lovely piece, thanks for sharing x

  234. Sophie morris says:

    Love the idea of Grimms balls and the plan bee hives. We’ve chosen to do presents instead of eggs with our daughter being dairy free.

  235. Deborah Reck says:

    I love all these ideas! I’ve already ordered the plan toys stacking chicken and a small bajo jumping rabbit as Easter gifts for my little girl and then a week later it’s her 1st birthday so she’s got loads of goodies including a gruffalo and mouse, nins and mates, and a Grimms rainbow stacker. I think I’m more excited about her presents than if it was my birthday!

  236. Kayleigh davies says:

    For a family of builders it has to be grimms building boards to go with our beautiful bright 12pc rainbow and of course gwawr to make the competition for best sculptures in our house more interesting! Though i do love the bees too!

  237. Jo says:

    Lovely ideas! I was thinking of the Grimms balls originally for my 3 yr old neice, in their little egg box. Now I have some real food for thought! Still after ideas for my daughter who’s 7 on Easter Monday though so if you have ideas for older kids let me know! Pasg Hapus pawb

  238. Rebekah says:

    So many great choices – really love the ostheimer rabbits

  239. Carol KITE says:

    Love the bees which we have already so thinking the new building boards will be out Easter buy :0

  240. Joana Machado says:

    I love the bee….

  241. Ruth says:

    I currently have the chick teether and the grimms balls in my lgs easter basket, some other fab ideas here aswell, I adore the bunny and chicken racers so they may be for next year, ? xx

  242. Charlotte Roxborough says:

    Love all the ideas, especially the the Grimms balls.

  243. Lisa says:

    All such lovely ideas! I think the bunny, chicken and duck racers would be a hit in our house!

  244. Nico says:

    Oooh that Bajo chicken and the racing car…love those! Have had my eye on the stacking chicken too.

    Interesting about festivities having Pagan roots too!

  245. Teo Ilieva says:

    As vegan family we don’t use eggs but the shakers eggs will be great for Easter together with the Ostheimer bunnies ? ❤️

  246. Sally alker says:

    Plan toys egg percussion set looks amazing gifts for easter!! Making music to dance away to ? X

  247. Charlotte Mountain says:

    For my vehicle made boy it would have to be the racing rabbits I think. He’d love pushing them about and have races.

  248. Leanne says:

    I like the nesting chicken ?

  249. Ashli says:

    I love most of the ideas but we have gone for a plan toys chicken puzzle (the stacker was OOS when I ordered) some Lanka Kade rabbits, okonorm egg dye kit and some crayons for easter crafting! I contemplated the bee’s but my youngest is a little too young so the chicken puzzle seemed more suitable this year ? brilliant list babi pur!

  250. Nicola Farrel says:

    Love the grimms pastel balls for Easter! My little girl loves making tunnels for balls to go through or over.

  251. Abby Cruz says:

    The Plan Toys nesting set and percussion set are brilliant, it’s fun and educational and very fitting for the occasion. I’ll toss in some Jack & Jill toothbrush set as well.

  252. Emily says:

    Oh it’s such a hard choice! I love most of them but I love the grimms eggs, and I adore the plan toys racers ! I have a couple and they’re beautiful! ?

  253. Sasha says:

    I love the idea of stacking chickens in fact I might order one for my 2year old for Easter

  254. Gemma says:

    Ooohhh the plan toys percussion set would go down a treat with my little musician! Love it ❤️

  255. Catriona davis says:

    I really love the new limited addition rainbow sunrise ❤️❤️ Think that has to be everyone’s favourite no?

  256. Corrine stamp says:

    I loove the bunny racer cars ? my two are constantly on the move and they’d love these to chase after and race together.
    100% racer cars.

  257. Evelien Van Hulle says:

    I feel a Grimm’s addiction coming up! 😀

  258. Chantelle says:

    Love the grimms building boards…would be a nice addition to our rainbows and semi circles!

  259. Kate R says:

    So much love for these products! Particularly like the bees as they’d go down well here! Or the Grimms balls! Looking forward to Easter!

  260. Laura Bunnage says:

    Love the stacking chickens and the Ostheimer animals! Just managed to order a beautiful Gwawr rainbow, can’t wait for it to arrive!!

  261. Emma says:

    So many fab ideas, I especially love the look of the Plan toys racing car. We have the Holztiger Easter hares and little chick which are lovely for Easter time, and a gorgeous Gwawr rainbow arrived today which is absolutely stunning ?

  262. Kelly says:

    Think it’d have to be a Bajo bunny, grimms balls or a jack n Jill electric toothbrush to make sure all the chocolate has been cleaned away!

  263. libby says:

    I think some Holztiger and Lanka kade animals are a great idea. It seems to be becoming a little easter tradition with our girls that they get a little eco friendly wooden animals their little gift.

  264. Danielle says:

    We love our bees here and our holztiger animals. It may be time to add to the collection!

  265. Lucy Maggs Krebs says:

    Gwawr – as that’s what I’ve got my boy for Easter! ?

  266. Ramona says:

    Such great suggestions. I’m planning a stone Easter egg hunt, and a bunny prize once all the stone eggs are found.

  267. Helen says:

    Love the Ostheimer bunnies, geese and chicks ?

  268. Laura Revens says:

    I love the idea of the plan toys percussion eggs 🙂 they may be the next purchase for my boy 🙂 x

  269. Becky says:

    My favourites are probably the bee hives! We already have a set and both the 2 year old and 5 year old love them. I’ve considered getting another set to make play even more fun ♡

  270. Charlotte Harper says:

    What lovely ideas. Grimm’s balls are such a perfect idea for Easter, and they last for years too! Tempted by some socks too…

  271. Kirsty Lunn says:

    We’ve gone for the plan toys stacking chickens. But wpuld highly recommend the bajo chicken as we have the penguin and the 5 month old and 2 year old love it.

  272. Sally H says:

    I think that the Plan Toys racers are adorable, I’ve had the chicken one on my wishlist for a while. Perhaps the Easter bunny might bring a special treat!

  273. Emma Fosbrook says:

    The chick racer is v cute! ?

  274. Michelle stahly says:

    I love the plan toys racing cars! Also love the bouncing bunny but my little one isn’t walking yet, so will have to keep this in mind for next year!
    I’ve also had my eye on the bees and chicken stacker, but little one is too small for the bees yet (we WILL be getting them as soon as he’s old enough to not potentially choke on those pesky bees!)

  275. Alison says:

    What a fab set of ideas 🙂 I love the Grimm’s building boards and think they would make a fab present.

  276. Serena says:

    My favourite idea for my own kids would have to be the push toys, lovely rabbit and chick themed vehicles sounds perfect! They’re both obsessed with wheels and vehicles but keeping the spirit of Easter in there is fab! ? Of course the gorgeous grimms can never go wrong can it ?

  277. Regina Anderson says:

    so much choice abroad plenty of great ideas. I am torn between the stacking chickens and the percussion eggs!

  278. Regina Anderson says:

    so much choice and plenty of great ideas. I am torn between the stacking chickens and the percussion eggs!

  279. Laura says:

    What a fab roundup! Standout s for my rascals would be the Grimm’s balls, pushalong rabbit and plan toys percussion set, theta be guaranteed to be played with over and over here.

  280. Kalli says:

    Oohh, this is a toughie….but I’m gonna go with Plan Toys percussion set because it can be used in an Easter hunt, can be saved for next year or played with all year round and most importantly it appeals to babies and kids of aaaall ages…and maybe adults too!

  281. Anel says:

    I LOVE The bunny pull/push toy! So adorable!

  282. Rosalind Harris says:

    Would love the ostheimer chicks… especially we only have one lonely rooster ? with no mate either. But that rainbow is too beautiful to ignore too ❤️

  283. Vickki says:

    Love the plan toys car ?

  284. Georgia says:

    Love this

  285. Marie Knox says:

    The chicken stacker would be perfect for little one this Easter, I also want the grimms boards and beehives though!! Cannot choose, will have to buy them all!

  286. kirsty says:

    loads of fab idea’s

  287. Pamela Simmons says:

    I’ve got some rainbow balls as an Easter present!

  288. Am says:

    I love the Plan Toy Beehives

  289. Natasza says:

    I live this idea
    My parents often but us kids one big present to share for Easter instead of lots of chocolate. My favourite was the Lego medieval castle!

    This year I think I’ll be buying my new baby the gorgeous bunny rattle that you showed us above


  290. Jenna Pink says:

    Nesting chickens for the win. We so need these ?

  291. Kate Turner says:

    Great Post! I definitely think we need some grimm’s balls for Easter, to go with our rainbow, semi-circles and wobbel board!

  292. Becca says:

    I think it would have to be the plan toys stacker or percussion eggs.

  293. Rachel Read says:

    My favourite is the Ostheimer bunnies, so lovely!

  294. Leila Erin-Jenkins says:

    I’ve got my eye on the Plan Toys Nesting Set. My littlest one would love it and it’s so appropriate for Easter!

  295. Clare W says:

    Great ideas – I’m off to put in an order! Last year we got my youngest the percussion eggs instead of chocolate, I like the animal train sorter for this year.

  296. Katherine says:

    Love this list, just whatever needed *muddle of the night feed/shop*!!!

  297. Katherine Nicholls says:

    Love this list, just what I needed *middle of the night feed/shop* my favourite is the Plan Toys Animal Train

  298. Rachel Parker Soden says:

    Lots of great ideas! Love the balls, bees, socks and toothbrush, oh and the Ostheimer bunnies!

  299. Catherine says:

    I love the wooden balls idea – I’ve been wanting to get them for a while, Easter is the perfect excuse!

  300. Tania Simonetti says:

    My heart beats very hard for the Ostheimer rabbit and rabbit house. I think though that for my son it would br the plan toys racing car: we do not encourage and mostly limit screen time but in the time he gets Peep and the Big Wide World is a favorite and driver in the plan toys car looks like Peep…a lot. I can see him bring him everywhere. I should probably accompany it with the building boards because on of the episodes is building a platform and he has been trying eversince to build a platform too.

  301. Ruth says:

    I want it all . However the bunnies and chicks osteimer are pulling me in at the mo

  302. Laura says:

    We’ve bought the Grimms pastel balls for our 15 month old for Easter! Love the idea that they look like eggs and come in the egg box!

  303. Magpie Mimi says:

    I like the idea of socks, well, they’re not just for Christmas are they? And then the building boards from Grimm’s as can see them being used in a multitude of ways with the rainbow and blocks we already have. Good job my son doesn’t like chocolate!

  304. Sarah Kinrade says:

    Love the Jack N Jill set, especially after all the chocolate they will invariably get!

  305. Christine crozier says:

    Such a great selection of gifts! Love the plan bees ? and we’re big fans of jack n Jill tooth products! Thanks for sharing this inspiring list ❤️

  306. Catherine says:

    So many lovely ideas but love the egg dying kits. Its doing things like this that makes memories.

  307. Kate says:

    Last year both kids had Lanka kade bunnies, which they loved!

  308. Harriet Pask says:

    The plan toy bee hives all the way!! ??

  309. Naomi says:

    I love the idea of the plan bees. We have already bought some for our littlest daughter for Easter and plan to hide them instead of eggs! Let’s just hope she finds them all again!! ?

  310. Victoria says:

    Ohhh the Plan Toys Nesting set it Percussion set looks perfect!

  311. Kate says:

    So many gorgeous toys

  312. Hermione says:

    What lovely ideas! As my baby is only four months old I think it will have to be the Plan Toys Bunny Rattle!

  313. Jessica Eyre says:

    It’s the bees for us 🙂

  314. Lizzie says:

    I love the set of toothbrushes, we are bunny mad over here and it’ll be a great set for my little one whose just cut 2 teeth ?

  315. Louise says:

    We have the plan rabbit rattle and the chick racer. X

  316. Brandi W says:

    Love all of your ideas, but I think Ostheimer rabbits are my favourite. They are just perfect for Easter.

  317. Sarah says:

    Pastel grimms balls…perfect for a non choc egg hunt too! ?

  318. Gill says:

    Think my favourite has to be the teether for babies first Easter! Xx https://www.babipur.co.uk/rubber-baby-teether.html

  319. Kate says:

    I love the idea of the grimms balls in their own egg box. I could hide them around for my little lady to find! Such wonderful ideas for Easter!

  320. SUSANNE Obenaus says:

    Grimm’s balls instead of chocolate eggs and Ostheimer animals will be in our Easter baskets this year!

  321. Marta says:

    Plan toys eggs and holtztiger here in last couple of years!

  322. Harriet Pask says:

    I also love the building boards and gwawr rainbow ??‍♀️ So much to choose from

  323. Sarah James says:

    Nesting chicks by Plan Toys look fun as do the percussion eggs!

  324. Hannah says:

    I love the look of the Plan percussion set, I think all ages could enjoy it, plus I have three so they could share!

  325. Lyndsey says:

    I love the Bees idea nice spring themed present as a treat. The jack and Jill gift set is a great idea but we had one for Christmas and have been converted to the jack and Jill toothpaste for a while. Just need to add a new tooth brush to our next order.
    Happy Easter all.

  326. Vicky Sanham says:

    The plan toys percussion set looks fab.

  327. Emma says:

    Loving the idea of an okonorm egg dye kit- currently on stage 2 of the egg ladder so concentrating on reversing the ‘eggs are bad’ attitude we had to instill and make eggs fun again. This looks perfect plus will give daddy a shock when he opens his egg box

  328. Kate loxton says:

    Plan toys either the rabbit ring or nesting eggs

  329. Alice says:

    I already had grimms balls in mins before reading this. They’re definitely top of the list for me! But I didn’t even think about the jack and Jill toothbrushes, they’re great. I think next year we will be putting plan toys bees and ostheimer animals in the Easter basket 🙂

  330. Samantha mummery says:

    Love these ideas! I’m totally using the Grimms pastel balls for our Easter egg hunt this year!

  331. Lucy says:

    So many gorgeous gifts to choose from. I’ve got the plan toys percussion eggs stashed for my LO for Easter and they look great, he’s going to love them!

  332. robyn lanfear says:

    some great ideas here! we chose the gwawr rainbow though for easter, what is better than the perfect sunrise for a new beginning <3 ok we have the boards too…and the easter egg hunt !

  333. Serian says:

    I love the plan toys beehives the most! Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  334. Aline says:

    I love the Grimm’s balls, the percussion set and the nesting set!

  335. Hannah says:

    I love everything it’s physically impossible to choose any toy ? the grimms balls are a brilliant idea for Easter as I think they could represent eggs and so many fun ways for egg hunts etc ❤️?

  336. Kasia says:

    Plan toys chicken is my favourite

  337. Laura S-N says:

    The wobbling bajo chicken looks great!

  338. Shaina Paddick says:

    Ostheimer rabbits are such a cute idea!

  339. Love the kade and ostheimer Rabbits defo buying the jack and Jill biodegrable tooth brushes and cups too! They are beautiful… I’ve been looking for children’s biograadable tooth brushes for a while!!

  340. Cathrine says:

    Well I guess it can only be the grimms balls given little loves balls and rainbows ?

  341. Beth Woolley says:

    I like the plan toys push vehicles but I am buying the new plan wobbling penguin as an easter gift here xx

  342. Hannah says:

    I love the idea of the medium grimms pastel rainbow for Easter. The spring colours are beautiful.

  343. Merike says:

    I love the bees and we have them too ? now in need of chicks! We will be colouring eggs with flowers and onion skins again this year!

  344. Kelly turner says:

    We love them all and have got some grimms ball for Easter but we do love the bees!!!

  345. Cat Swinburn says:

    Oh my gosh the wobbly chicken would be so fun! I need to order asap:)

  346. Angela says:

    Love the bees! Perfect 🙂

  347. Abigail says:

    We just purchased the Gwarw rainbow, but I’m thinking the Plan Toys Bunny Rattle would be perfect for our little guy (4 months yesterday). However, i cant wait for him to be able to play with things like the Plan Toys Dancing Bunny! Amazing!

  348. Hazel says:

    My 20m old daughter would love the oush along rabbit. She already has a wooden push along dinosaur which she takes on the school run with her so for kuds her age the rabbit is great. That or a pull along toy.

  349. Sarah says:

    My boy loves the idea of the Easter rabbit, so it would have to be something rabbit related for us.

  350. Danni McMeekin says:

    The Plan Toys bunny or chicken racer would be a hit here for my car crazy 19 month old. I have a feeling he would love the bajo chicken, lots of laughs with that one! All great ideas ?

  351. Nicole says:

    I really like the percussion egg idea! That’s my favourite, closely followed by the ostheimer rabbits and rabbit hutch. Looks so fun!

  352. Anna says:

    Love the bees, have them on the way and the Grimms boards are gorgeous

  353. Lou says:

    Pastel balls a must have!

  354. Jenny Roberts says:

    I love alternatives for Christmas, my Dad always used to buy my sister and I something small but useful. I like the Frugi socks for this reason, but the balls and maybe a grimm or two would probably end up in my basket!

  355. Nadine says:

    Definitely would have to be the bees for us here! Lovely ideas. Also love the socks idea!

  356. Victoria says:

    I really think the plan toys retro racing cars are top of my list, although the plan toys hopping pull along rabbit really does bring the love of Easter with it! I can see both of these toys being year-long loves in my home!!

  357. Kayley says:

    Small but mighty little Plan Bees buzzing about, pollinating our flowers and helping fruit grow.

    In a close second is the Gwawr rainbow 😀

  358. Deborah Fairclough says:

    Wobbling bajo chicken!

  359. Sian barrett says:

    Holztiger Bunny ? ?

  360. Charlie says:

    Love the chicken stacker!

  361. Chantelle says:

    I love the bee hive toy & what a lovely blog with ideas for Easter!

  362. Marie-Claire Pickard says:

    The plan toys nesting set is ace!

  363. Caroline Coe says:

    I love the bees. They are just so adorable! I am also eyeing up the stacking chicken!

  364. Claire says:

    I’ve had the nesting chicken and percussion eggs stashed since last summer! Can’t wait to give them this Easter ?

  365. Emily says:

    The Grimm’s balls look cute for a non chocolate egg alternative.

  366. Gemma Ward says:

    So many lovely choices, but Gwawr wins my heart!

  367. Han says:

    Lovely ideas! I’ve never noticed the Percussion set before what a great easter5 gift ?

  368. Claire says:

    Ooo sooo many lovely things!!!

  369. Holly Curtin says:

    Percussion set or the stacking chicks ?

  370. Fiona says:

    Love all the ideas – but daffodils are one of my favourite flowers, so I’m totally in love with the Dewi nappy :^)

  371. Victoria says:

    Fantastic ideas, we’ve decorated large paper mache eggs for the Easter bunny to leave a treat in this year, some wooden spring animals will be making an appearance ?

  372. Louisa Langley says:

    Love the Dewi nappy (both for the daffodils and Welsh name and the fact that I’m a fan of the Dewey decimal system and used to work in a library!) 🙂

  373. Cassandra white says:

    I love the grimms balls, useing them instead of chocolate eggs for a hunt without fear of dogs easting chocolate or a egg left out to go bad and get hit with a mower

  374. Vicki says:

    What fab ideas. I’ve treated my LO to a gwawr rainbow for Easter and I’m so tempted by the building boards.

  375. Kayleigh Jones says:

    I love the large chicken racing car – would be the perfect choice for my son who loves anything with wheels!

  376. Beccy Burrow says:

    The grimm’s balls would be perfect for my son! ?

  377. Ninny Moon says:

    Plan toys bees would be a lovely Easter gift 🙂

  378. I can’t wait for my LG to have a go at the plan toys bees ?

  379. Gail Gibson says:

    Love the Dewi nappy

  380. Rosalie Metcalfe says:

    We have a Gwawr and Okonorm egg dye kit on the way but also love the Ostheimer and the percussion eggs! Diolch a Pasg Hapus BP! ?

  381. Rachel Moffat says:

    Love the chicken stacker and musical eggs i usually prefer a gift to a hoard of chocolate 🙂

  382. Nicky says:

    I love the grimms boards, you could do so much with them!

  383. Gemma says:

    The plan toys bunny rattle is the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages. I need this in my…oh yeah my baby’s life!!

  384. Johanna Goode says:

    My 3 year old son and I adore all the rainbow wooden toys and really want to give my little boy a Sunrisw rainbow for his Easter! ? As a child I was given a book instead of an Easter egg which I loved as books last forever!

  385. Meli says:

    Bees because always bees ? and pastel balls x

  386. Laura D says:

    Some lovely ideas! I’ve always liked the look of the Plan Toys racers. X

  387. Shelley says:

    I think the plan toys nesting chicken looks lovely but my girls are perhaps a bit old so the egg dye kit would suit us perfectly ?

  388. Anna says:

    Oh the bees are just so lovely

  389. Nikki says:

    Gwawr rainbow would be great

  390. Gracie says:

    Out of this selection i would say plan toys bees or dewi nappy ?

  391. Sara says:

    I think it would have to be the bees ? And the Grimms boards for us. They could be used with so many other things.

  392. Heidi Drake says:

    The bees are a real favourite in this house. So colourful and great for fine motor skills!

  393. Laura Byrne says:

    Love the dewi nappy (although I couldn’t resist ordering that) & the plan toys bees

  394. I love all of them, but I’m going for the Plan Toys Chicken Nesting for my little girl this Easter! If she was smaller, I’d have got the bunny rattle as it’s just so cute!

  395. Lucy says:

    The stacking chickens would make a lovely easter gift, especially for my chicken loving daughter.

  396. Hollie says:

    We have got a gwawr for our children for Easter as its a special day for them both as they are getting christened on Easter Sunday also! They do have other goodies too but can’t wait for them to see this amazing rainbow ???

  397. Katie says:

    Wobbling bajo stacker ?

  398. Tina Benstead says:

    Love the plan toys chicken stacker!

  399. Kim says:

    Love the chicken stacker

  400. Sarah field says:

    The Bajo chicken, my little boy is obsessed with our chickens bobbing!

  401. Kate says:

    Rainbow balls here for my 6m old, and a teether as everything goes in his mouth!!

  402. Nichola Feery says:

    I love all these gorgeous ideas! With a 18 months old very much on the move (and climb) these non chocolate alternatives are high on our list! Fab article. Xx

  403. Emma Thompson says:

    I want those bunny socks!!! My hubby is sock obsessed so these fit perfectly!

  404. Camille says:

    We’ve got the Plan Toys bunny car and it’s an amazing toy! I would love the Bees, I’ve had Been envy ever since I’ve discovered them.

  405. Hannah Gildroy says:

    We brought our little one the plan eggs last year they’re amazing ! And sturdy he does like to throw them across the room. Opted for lanka kade animals this year!

  406. Gemma Chamberlain says:

    Ooh I’d say the nesting chicken puzzle, really spring like & super cute x

  407. Sarah Pumffrey says:

    It’s so hard to choose! Love the look of the plan toys stacking chicken

  408. Abigail Stanley says:

    The bees are a huge hit in our house. I’m forever tempted by the wobbly chicken though!

  409. Philippa dalziel says:

    I love the plan toys push along bunny my 2 year old would love it 🙂 ???

  410. Lisa Jones says:

    Oooh love the plan bees!!

  411. Zane says:

    So many lovely ideas! I really liked the percussion set and beehives! Planning to get some for my boy 🙂

  412. Steffi says:

    I’ve bought the grimms balls for my boys for their Easter gift!

  413. Sally gardiner says:

    Love the nesting chicken 🙂

  414. Nikki Webb says:

    My daughter is loving sorting and stacking at the moment! I think the plan toys bees need to be our next purchase!

  415. Anita Morgan-Williams says:

    Absolutely love the Grimm’s wooden toys, they are so colourful and vibrant! Would love to agg the balls/eggs to our growing collection! Xx

  416. Ashleigh says:

    Ooo love all of the ideas but we are big plan toys fans here:)

  417. Katie Davies says:

    We’ve had the Plan Toys Nesting Chickens since my little boy was 6 months and it’s so well loved! I also have my eye on the Bajo wobbling chicken for baby no. 2 due in July… Reckon it would make a lovely gift anytime of the year!

  418. Jasmine Slingsby says:

    The Grimms balls are my favourite idea – I feel they are very Easter appropriate but will be much enjoyed by any child, all year round and have real longevity

  419. Lisa Petig says:

    The plan toys bunny rattle would be great for our almost 5 month old daughter who currently loves chewing especially her fingers. She is also discovering all different sounds. Her 2 1/2 year old sister loves lots of colours so I think the bees would be great for her to practice sorting them into the right colours.

  420. Clare Gassmann says:

    For to be the dancing bunny or the percussion set. My daughter loves music and is a new walker so still loves to push things around!

  421. Hannah says:

    Love the chicken stacker!

  422. Nicola says:

    We do love our bees but I think the plan toys percussion set would be perfect for Easter!

  423. Zoe Brook says:

    Love the Grimms building boards!

  424. Hazel says:

    I love them all but my favourite is Plan Toy Bees ?

  425. Suzanne says:

    Such fab ideas. Gorgeous things! Gotta be the Plan Toys racing car chicken though! ?

  426. Petrazselyem says:

    Plan toys bee hives is my favourite

  427. Maddy Wakeling m says:

    I love the plan toys racing cars, my little 17 month old daughter would love the chicken one, although she thinks that all birds are ducks! As she saw it she said quack!

  428. Amy Verrinder says:

    I love the idea of the Jack & Jill Bunny Set for introducing teeth cleaning in this chocolate fuelled season.

  429. Frankie says:

    Love the Jack ‘n’ Jill bunny set ? and the Plan Toy Bees ?

  430. Abi Asher says:

    Love the idea of hiding some holztiger chicks (as well as Choccy eggs!) in the garden hunt!

  431. Jess says:

    My little boy loves the bees

  432. Sarah says:

    Love the Plan nesting set ?

  433. Debbie torr says:

    Bunnies on Frugi or lace up sheep

  434. Janelle says:

    Love the idea of the Grimms Balls in the carton, a great chocolate alternative that will be enjoyed for many years!

  435. Charlotte says:

    Gorgeous ideas. We have gone for the Plan Toys nesting chicken. And it is utterly gorgeous ❤️

  436. Shell Stowell says:

    I’d personally love the bees but I know my son would love the grimms balls. He loves ball ball!

  437. Nyssa mlaouhi says:

    Plan toys percussion set!

  438. Kelly says:

    Ohhh I love beehives! ?

  439. Rebecca says:

    The bee’s ?!!

  440. Kerstin says:

    All lovely ideas! For us it’s Gwawrrrrrr all the way this year 🙂

  441. Laura says:

    I’m liking the musical eggs, we often do vaguely Easter related clothing or non chocolate animals too…a tradition to be continued I feel

  442. I love the Plan Toys percussion eggs as an Easter gift (but I’m biased, because we bought them last year). They were a wonderful addition to our egg hunt in the morning and my daughter (18 months at the time) absolutely loved them – so much so that she shook the all chocolate eggs she found and was disappointed when they didn’t make noises too ? She’s almost 2 and a half now and they still get played with regularly, as well as the little green stands, which have all kinds of uses, except what they’re meant to be! ?

  443. Lovely ideas. Any excuse to gift holztiger, i’m in!

  444. Michelle says:

    I love the ostheimer rabbits and chicks. Great lottle things for easter and lovley size tonhide for a hunt.

  445. Jenni says:

    The racing car and bees are brilliant x

  446. Lorna says:

    Beehives is awesome

  447. Rachael says:

    Just ordered the chick teether for my 3 month old! Had it on my list for ages ?

  448. Laura says:

    Frugi bunny socks! Love them!

  449. Federica says:

    Like the simplicity of the wooden animals and also a reasonable price to replace.eggs given to family members…also to share the Lanka made/holztiger love

  450. Xanthe says:

    The Bajo wobbling chicken is super-cute.
    …but I’ve also been looking for an excuse to get the Grimm’s pastel balls…

  451. Helen says:

    I love the plan toys nesting set! My soon to be one year old would love it too ?

  452. DM says:

    Love the eggs

  453. Helen says:

    The bees ?? but also loads of great ideas / alternatives to chocolate!! Great choices

  454. Rachel Ratcliffe says:

    Love them all! Especially the bees

  455. Victoria says:

    Lots of lovely ideas. We’ve got the Lanka Kade natural bunny and have bought for my own boys and nieces and nephew. The grimms balls are a nice alternative to ‘eggs’ too.

  456. Lauren simmons says:

    We have just today ordered the pastel balls for our daughter so great minds think alike.
    I adore the vintage plan toy car. That’s going on my wish list.
    Brilliant ideas thank you x

  457. Anna says:

    All so lovely but has to be the bees. ??

  458. Amy says:

    It would have to be the grimms balls here, lovely colours and perfect for rolling around which is currently my children’s favourite activity.

  459. Elena Hyde says:

    I’ve got the plan bee hive for my boy this Easter.

  460. Emma Milner says:

    Love the racing car chicken!

  461. Lauren Parker says:

    Loving the frugi bunny socks! ?

  462. Hannah Gray says:

    Our favourite in our house is the Grimm’s balls! We have teamed it up with a spiral egg storage (looks like a shelter skelter! Our 3 year old and 1 year old love it! Fantastic to help teach colours, numbers, cause & effect And helps with fine motor skills! Recommend to everyone!!

  463. Kathryn Hardy says:

    Love the little bunnies…. also got mine the Grimm mobile home… ?

  464. Vee says:

    Thinking we need more Lanka Kade animals – that bunny is sweet.

  465. Jenny says:

    Have picked the stacking chickens for my 11m old….I love the egg! Haha!

  466. Laura says:

    I love the idea of getting little wooden animals like bunnies and chicks to add to an Easter basket.

  467. Martina says:

    I live it all, but mostly the ReSpiin baskets and Plan Toys nesting chickens or the Bajo chicken. And the Grimm’s building boards!!

  468. Ruth says:

    Grimms for Easter is 100% the plan, the Lanka kade rabbit too ? ?

  469. Nicola Gail Pannell says:

    ? plan toys animal train ???? NEED

  470. Louise D says:

    Lovely ideas! We already have the building boards, Bajo Chicken, plan toys chicken and bee hives. Recommend them all we love them. Would love to have more Grimms balls though as ours are always going missing. It would have to be Gwawr though to join our rainbows. We also love our Haba musical eggs which were last years easter gift for my youngest

  471. Amy says:

    The bunny hutch by ostheimer which is featured in the photo is what I’m wanting for Easter (let’s hope)

  472. Rebbecca Winsor says:

    All such fab alternatives to chocolate, it’s hard to choose just one. I think it would have to be the grimms balls because of the cute egg box they come in, or the plan nesting chickens because it’s just so lovely ?

  473. Sheila O’Reilly says:

    I live all these ideas but would particularly love it if someone gifted my girls Frugi socks! It’s not going to happen so I may just buy them myself lol. Great article x

  474. Victoria Danks says:

    Ooo the stacking toys in the shale of the chickens would be fabulous to celebrate with especially seeing as my little boy is allergic to dairy. All Egg hunts I’ve seen advertised we’ve avoided so that i dont have to keep wrestling chocolate eggs from the hands of an allergic 2 year old. So much of the Easter treat food has diary in.

  475. Julia says:

    I love the plan toy bees but I think they might be a bit small for my 19m lg. Although I think she’ll like them in a few months. My nieces and nephew however would love loads of the toys on this page!

  476. Katarina says:

    Loved reading this. So many great suggestions. I think I would have to choose the Grimms balls or the Plan toys percussion set as they eouwp be perfect for hiding in the garden.

  477. Rachael says:

    Love all of these. Especially the plan bees. Great grandad keeps bees so they would be a huge hit here!

  478. Helen says:

    The plan toys animal train and the bajo rocking chicken are just amazing!

  479. Louise says:

    I love all the ideas but I think I would choose the toothbrush set. I’m desperate to give it a try and as my boys have got chocolate waiting off family members it would be a good time to promote and encourage great tooth brushing too!

    I also love the animals as an idea and the stacking chicks looks good fun!

    Actually can I just get it all please ??????

  480. Tammy Stevenson says:

    So many great ideas! I love them all but I think my favourite is the little rubber teethers! Perfect for my daughter. One of these lovely wooden toymakers really need to create some beautiful nesting eggs with a little wooden chick at the centre! How perfect would that be at Easter time??

  481. Amy says:

    I love the Grimms balls idea – I hadn’t clicked that they’re in an egg box! Toothbrushes is also a good one ?

  482. Fiona says:

    I love the rooster in the racing car ? my son is obsessed with roosters he would love it!!!

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