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Toy Favourites at Babipur

A customer of ours asked a very good question in our Facebook group the other day.

“So… Babipur team, what’s the most underrated toy that you sell? The one that you think is really awesome but doesn’t seem as popular as some of the others!! I see rainbows and bee hives and holztiger being bought all the time, and I’m just after other suggestions that I might not have found on your website!”

We’ve been selling quality toys since 2007 and the choice we offer is now pretty incredible so it’s hard to pick out just a few but here goes.

Haba Discovery Balls & Clutching Range

Haba clutching toys

So simple and yet so engaging.  Four brightly coloured wooden balls each with a different sensory stimulant.  Roll them around, throw them, touch, feel, see and hear.  There’s lots for little people to discover and enjoy. And these balls aren’t something that will be cast aside, they can continue to be used as your child gets older for marble runs and other games too.  Haba discovery balls have always been a popular product and it’s also worth checking out the the Curioso Discovery Blocks and Discovery Sound Blocks.

Recommended age 1+ years

Price £16.99

Haba Clutching Toys

Wooden clutching toys for babies in a wide range of designs and eye catching colours.  Some with bells, some that clatter, all made from wood and paints that are safe for your baby to chew on as is often the case when teething.  These tactile wooden toys made for tiny hands to clutch, discover and chew are perfect for those early months. Great toys for baby’s sensory development.  We offer a wide choice of wooden baby toys from other brands too but Haba offer the most diverse selection which is why we’ve picked them out here.

Recommended ages 4+ months

Prices start at £7.00

Plan Toys Balancing Tree

Plan Toys Balancing Tree

First things first, I am a massive fan of Plan Toys! Genuine eco toy pioneers leading the way in large scale environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacturing. The Plan Toys factory produces so much green energy that they use the excess to power the local houses!

This Plan Toys balancing tree is a bit special.  You can build the tree in all sorts of ways and it comes with six colourful wooden birds which can be used to tip the balance.  There’s lots of skill development hiding away in this one but most importantly it’s fun for young and old.  The trees compact size makes it great for days out, playing with in a cafe or a restaurant, I’d recommend keeping the pieces in a box or bag to keep them from going missing.  You don’t have to follow the given tree shapes either, what’s the tallest tower you can build?  I managed about 40cm. The Plan Toys Balancing Tree is great on its own or integrated with other block sets and toys, lots of scope for play and not one you’ll be giving away any time soon.

Bajo Snail Sort Roller

Bajo snail sorter

Bajo is a relatively new brand to Babipur and we’ve been really impressed with the quality and designs.  This funky snail is a traditional shape sorter, a rolling cylinder and a brilliant pull along.  When the shape sorter is on the snails back it spins around making a clattering sound that delights little ones.  Like all Bajo toys it’s beautifully finished and works flawlessly.  The rubber grips on the wheels also grip onto the shape sorter ensuring it spins at the same time. Definitely a new favourite with us!

Recommended age 1+ years

Price £36.95

Haba “My First Ball Track”

Haba my first ball track


The Haba “My First Ball Track” range of wooden marble runs are designed for younger children and can used from just 18 months.  A larger wooden marble and track pieces which are held together with connecting pieces create a fun and rewarding introduction into marble runs.  Perfect for children under 3, with some help they can build their first marble run and as they gain confidence they can muddle up the pieces. If your child wants something more challenging as they get older then these runs can be added to the end or beginning of a larger run and they’ll happily take a smaller traditional marble.

Pictured is the Haba My First Ball Track Basic Sounds kit and you can view the rest of the Haba marble run range here.   There is another range from Haba that’s suitable for under 3yrs too which is called “Rollerby ball track“.  The Rollerby range uses plastic connecting pieces which offer even more stability and some cool track pieces but not all of them will take a small marble which is worth knowing.  It it’s not “My First Ball Track” or “Rollerby” then it’s your regular Haba Marble run which isn’t suitable for under 3yrs because of the marble size.  There are some amazing sections and they’re great fun.

Haba marble run connection

This is just a teeny tiny snippet of the toys we sell at Babipur.  It’s always the “new in” things that get the most attention or the things that we struggle to get enough stock of so big to Anneliese for asking such a great question.

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And as we’re rather close to that time of year I’ll mention this little thing that we’re very very proud of.  Ethical Consumer have rated Babipur as one of their top 3 places to buy toys this Christmas (and last Christmas too).  So it’s certainly worth a browse of our entire toy range in our toy shop here.  There’s something for everyone ages 0 to 6yrs and beyond.

ethical consumer babipur

Prices and images are correct at the time of publishing


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