Top 5 Things That Make Triclimb Unique

A question that comes up a lot here at Babipur, is “what makes Triclimb different”. We asked designer and creator, Christine, to give us her top 5 things that make Triclimb unique (in a nutshell!).

It was too hard to contain all the good things into just a few lines, so here we are with a blog, full of the things that make Triclimb great!


1. Stability and Strength

The Triclimb has officially been tested to a whopping 100kg; that’s over 15 stone. Not only does it hold this impressive load, but it remains stable on the ground. To achieve this the Triclimb uses a unique basic ‘outrigger’ system.

Our low to the ground unobtrusive feet increase the base width of the Triclimb and thereby effectively double the frame’s side-tip stability. It’s an intuitive safety feature, which means Triclimb passes stability and load testing to twice the recommend weight limit. 

This unique design combined with choice of materials allows for an ultra slim profile of just 10cm, reducing the overall weight to just 5kg. 

Image credit @ONRShop

2. Proportion and minimalistic design

Slim, strong and natural, the Triclimb suits any home environment and décor. Available in various colour options to suit your own family style, the Triclimb boasts a minimal design which is beautiful to look at, and adds an aesthetic expression to the rest of the room.

But it’s more than that; not only is it proportioned well visually but more importantly, it’s proportioned to the body of a small child. 

Every part of the Triclimb was designed to aid climbing, all the way from babies to school age children – which is an extremely wide range.  The height, the width, the dual top rung system and the climbing angle are all specifically designed to give the best experience. Even the rung diameter is carefully chosen to allow maximum power grip for a variety of ages. 

Image credit @RockHopperEm

3. Trifix joints

The Trifix is our wonderfully unique connection system for our climbing/sliding attachments. It allows you to simple and quickly connect to any of our Triclimb frames including the Archi and will lock at various height settings.

The innovative and unique joint system ensures the attachments lock safely in place as opposed to simply ’sitting’ on the rungs. The locking mechanism means that children can use the attachments in a variety of ways – jumping from it, crawling under it, sliding on it – without any fear of it accidentally falling during active play.

The Trifix joint simply hooks onto the base unit with no tools required. Simply lift the base unit off the ground slightly, set the recesses in the joints over your desired rung and drop the base unit gently to the floor – that’s it! It takes seconds to lock and unlock the unit.

Image credit @Slowmagicaldays

4. Top joints

The top joint on the Triclimb is unique. It’s innovative, it’s strong, and completely self-supporting; it’s the power house of the Triclimb’s design.

In essence what we have done is to eliminate the need for a bracing triangle at the top of the climbing frame. This is extremely beneficial for many reasons. It removes the splaying pressure on the thumb screws so that they only act as a secondary locking of system.

The interlocking wooden joint makes the Triclimb completely self-supporting. This means it doesn’t need thumb screws to keep it in place, and won’t collapse on a little one if the thumb screws happen to be removed. The joint is essentially one massive stop, which evenly distributes all the weight and pressure across the whole joint and leg as they are one unit.

The shape and design of the joint have been carefully calculated to ensure it is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The legs blend into the top joints in such as way as to ensure there is a gap between the legs when closed. This is a safety feature of the Triclimb; it means little fingers cannot accidentally be trapped when the frame is being closed.

The Triclimb uses a bolt system to clamp the interlocking joint together. The bolt system runs right through the joint, which ensures the joint is under compression; without this system a joint of this nature will want to pull apart. This was a big deal for us, because a bolt compression connection provides an unparalleled level of holding strength.

The Triclimb joint system has been specifically designed to be strong and to ensure that even after it has been opened and closed many times, it will not wear or loosen. The bolt is secured in place with a nut which also benefits from a secondary encased part that protects against any shearing force. The safety caps like those found on outdoor playground equipment are used to ensure clothing doesn’t catch and snag on exposed fittings.

So, it turns out, despite the frame’s overall clean and simple appearance, the top joint is extremely complex!

Image credit @EventualMother

5. Two top rungs

Our unique interlocking joints gave us the freedom to incorporate a dual top rung system, creating several benefits. 

The dual rung was one of the very first things we worked on. We knew from extensive research that a dual rung top would be extremely beneficial for the climbing experience.

Once little climbers get to the top they naturally use their body as a point of contact; the dual top rung system provides two further distinct points of contact. As the child climbs over the top of the unit– the hardest part of the climb – this helps them maintain the ‘Rule of Three’ over a wider area. 

When young children first learn to climb to the top of Triclimb it can be a daunting prospect to traverse over the top. The three different and distinct points of contact aid that superior stability during traversal.  

The rung spacing had to be just right and has been carefully calculated in order to conform to and in fact surpass stringent EU safety standards. This means that while little climber legs might be able to dangle between the gaps, which is perfectly safe, even a very small child’s torso will not be able to fit between the rungs.

For those children who have mastered the Triclimb but enjoy the height it offers, the dual top rung system can be used as a seat. It creates a natural space to sit – the perfect viewing platform. There’s another clever reason why Triclimb has two top rungs but we can’t reveal it just yet.

Image credit @Cornish_Rainbow_Mumma

Thanks to designer Christine for this fantastic blog! Find out more about Christine over on this interview.

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