Positive Period Week: My Menstrual Cup

I began using a menstrual cup around 4 years ago. I’ve had a few hiccups, but by far it is one of the most beneficial switches I have made. For eco reasons and for the personal benefits.

I first began using a menstural cup after going surfing one afternoon, after a huge storm, and there was so much waste in the sea, and at least half of it was menstural waste. It was awful and shocking, and from that point I knew I needed to make the change.

My first choice was a Mooncup. I wasn’t really aware of different cups and this was the one I had heard most about at the time, so I went for it.

I understand why people feel squeamish at the thought of a cup…you are definitely getting up close and personal with your period. Honestly though, after the first couple of uses, it does get easier. It can be tricky at first, inserting and removing the cup, but it really just takes a little patience and time. After my first period using it, I had it nailed!

The cups come with full instructions and handy diagrams. There is a little stem attached to the cup that you use for removing it. This can be trimmed to the right size, to make it comfortable.

My Mooncup was great up until I had my second baby. When my period came back and I began using the cup again, I had leakage problems. I’m pretty sure that since having my son my cervix had tilted more (joys of pregnancy!) and for whatever reason the cup leaked constantly….

I gave up and went with cloth sanitary pads (CSP) full time.

I love CSP. I love the wide range of them and some of the designs and patterns are amazing, but the reality is I just find a menstrual cup overall more practical and comfortable.

I looked into different cups again, I was overwhelmed to be honest, there is so many! There are various tests online you can do to determine the right cup for you. After a little research and asking for advice in the Babipur Hangout, I decided to go for the Organicup. I must admit I was pretty reluctant to part with nearly £20. It seems a lot at first, but honestly the cups could, and should last for as long as you need them too.

This had to work for me this time!

I waited patiently for my period. I had my CSP ready too, just in case. The day came and as usual I am very heavy the first 2-3 days.

The cup was amazing.

Depending on how much you are bleeding, determines how often you would need to empty it. For me this was around every 6 hours. On the middle days of my period, when bleeding is lighter, I can pop the cup in on he morning, and leave until the evening.

Image courtesy of OrganiCup

It has been so amazing for me.

Apart from the first day, when I usually feel tired and have tummy cramps, I can completely forget about my period on the other days. I never thought I’d be able to say that!

I also use my cup when I am sleeping too, which makes for a much more comfortable sleep for me.

I love that there is absolutely no waste from using a cup. The only thing I need to do is sterilise the cup, before each cycle. So easy!

If you thinking of switching to a cup but are still unsure, I found the Babipur Hangout so incredibly helpful for answering any questions. There is always someone on hand to offer helpful and supportive advice.

Thank you to Amy for sharing her experience of finding the perfect menstrual cup! You can find a great selection of reusable menstrual products including cups and pads at Babipur >here<

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  1. May 7, 2019

    […] Mooncups are so easy to use and easy to clean, you don’t notice you’re wearing one most of the time, and (personally) I found them easy to remove and insert. To me the mooncup was a wonder thing, rubbing out all of those unnatural insecurities I had about my own bodily functions. It was fantastic. That was, until I left my (thankfully clean) cup on the side of the bath one night and discovered it had gone missing an hour later. To this day I still don’t know where it is, though I suspect one of my children hid it. […]

  2. June 28, 2019

    […] are a great stress free way to enjoy a festival on your period. With a bit of practice menstrual cups are easy to use and you won’t even know your wearing it. […]

  3. October 14, 2019

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