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Hello everyone!

Did you get involved with Plan Toys week?! During this time we have been celebrating with our friends at Babi Pur all of the fab creations that come from the wonderful people in the Plan factory.

Last week while Jolene and Peter were in Thailand visiting the Plan Toys folk, we were back here in the UK enjoying the wonderful toys that come from this amazing company.

I’ve enjoyed every moment of last week and have grabbed a couple of new Plan bits myself (because, you know; in the spirit of Plan Toys week…right? The two bits I bought this week are the Plan Toys Alphabet A-Z & Cards and the Plan Toys four flower pots set. The alphabet set (which we absolutely adore here) will be reviewed at a later date on my blog.

Today it’s all about the plant pots 🙂 

I have to kick this review off by saying WOW! I love them, I really do; they’re totally gorgeous (but then they are Plan so I expect nothing less). The four pots come beautifully presented and are painted in such lovely vibrant colours, the product pictures online really do them no justice at all! 

The pots are a decent size too, for the price I was expecting really small little things, but they are actually a good size to actually grow some decent stuff in. The pots measure about 31cm at their widest point, and in true Plan style are really sturdy and chunky 🙂 

The set includes four brightly coloured pots and a little wooden gardening fork and trowel that are perfectly sized for little hands. The pots also have drainage holes at the bottom so your plants don’t drown (assuming of course you’re like me and get a bit over enthusiastic with the watering 😉

I love that these pots actually function properly and aren’t just there for decoration; these are decent sturdy pots that aren’t so flimsy that they’ll break the moment you put them down. A lot of these types of things can be quite gimmicky and won’t last; but with Plan Toys you know you’re getting excellent quality as well as a product that’s beautiful. 

I’m really glad I’ve got these pots, I love to plant things and have a ridiculously big plant collection for such a small cottage! So of course I have long since wanted to introduce my two boys to plants, and the fun of planting seeds and watching them grow. 


I won’t lie, I was a tad nervous about letting my children loose on four pots of dirt; my youngest especially loves nothing more than to get his hands dirty and make a mess. But as with most things that you build up in your head; it’s never really as bad as you think it’ll be. Jacob and Nic loved their plant pots and the little implements that came with them; and as we prepared the soil and I handed them their seeds I explained what will happen to their little cress seeds once they are buried in the soil. Of course, they probably weren’t listening to me- not when there are four pots of dirt in front of them and mummy has willingly handed them tools to to use in them! Nevertheless, it was still a wonderful bonding and learning experience for my children to have. We don’t have a garden in this house, so it’s lovely to give the boys the chance to have a little piece of the outside brought in and to get their hands messy 😉

I would most definitely recommend these pots, they brighten up any room they’re in, and have the added bonus of introducing your children to the fun of gardening. It’s a great way to teach them how things grow, and best of all they will get to watch their little seeds they they planted themselves grow bigger each day!


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