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It’s Plan Toys week, and I decided to share my love for an amazing toy I found at Babipur recently – the Plan Toys Build a Robot. My youngest son Nic is 2.5 and is obsessed with robots. Like utterly obsessed. I think this is adorable, but it does pose one problem for me, I was struggling to find any decent robot themed toys that were well made, not electronic and ethical. I resorted to making him one out of felt, which he takes everywhere with him (adorable). I occasionally make him the odd one out of Lego, or various other building toys. I really wanted to find him something that wouldn’t break in five minutes, but importantly, something that would encourage open ended play.

And so one night, while browsing the Babipur toy section, I came across the Plan Toys robot. Oh my goodness. I can’t explain how excited I was! (Is that sad? Maybe a bit…I guess I’m just a tad excited when it comes to toys 😉 More than anything, I was just really excited to finally find something for Nic that would not only aid his fascination but that also looked lovely, was sturdy, and was ethically made by a trusted toy company that I love. 

The day the robot arrived, me and Nic were drying off after a rather soggy school run, and when the door went I practically jumped my poor postie when I opened the door to him (shameless).

Ok so I’m sure many of you do this (she hopes): A parcel arrives from Babipur which is of course(!) for your little one… but it’s only right that you get to have the first play? Right?! Well that’s exactly what I did. While Nic sat in the other room watching Pingu, I shamelessly sat and had a sneaky play with it, whilst simultaneously taking a bout 50,000 photos because I was so in love!

After finishing my ‘important blog research’ (haha), I called Nic into to the play room to have a look at his new toy. His little face was a picture, it was just pure elatedness. 

And so I sat on the floor snapping away picture after picture of my little robot fan with his new robot toy. It was an adorable sight, it really was.

What I love about this toy, is that it aides imaginative play by encouraging Nic to explore emotions and feelings by using the replaceable heads that come with the robot. There are four heads: happy, sad, surprised and grumpy. I love the grumpy one, It reminds me of me 😉 

The four heads are easily replaceable, meaning it’s not a tricky task for little hands, and each head has a different sensory quality. The square head has ridges on the top, the triangle head has a few nubs on it to give it a bumpy texture, the sad face has a soft fabric on the top of it’s head; and the round surprised face has a button on top which squeaks when pressed. Nic and I had great fun exploring these 😉 

The Plan Toys robot has a ‘special needs adaptive toy’ logo on the front of the box- it’s legs an be screwed into a standing position or a sitting one, and the arms can be moved into all kinds of positions which hold their place to further aid role play and imaginative games. It was lovely to watch the stories that came from just one toy. Nic’s Plan robot befriended his Lego robot that mama built him, and every time the Plan robot was sad he would put the sad face on, and the Lego robot would have to ‘tickle him’ to give him his happy face back. I also found that it was easier for Nic is only now beginning to speak in full sentences, and become more confident with using words. He was able to express feelings after playing with the Robot; because without realising he’d had a lesson on emotions and how to express them, as well as using them in the context of a game. 

As ever, I love Plan Toys because of their incredible green and sustainable ethos, and the wonderful way they make their toys by using recycled rubber wood, something that would otherwise be disposed of. I love that they make such sturdy toys that are incredibly tough and can withstand most toddler abuse; and that their products are so colourful and varied. They really have such a wonderful and varied selection of toys, from learning, to role play, creative skill building, trolleys, ride ons and more. I love that this wonderful company is considerate of the planet and the resources they use, their workers, their community, and the children that the toys are designed for. Not just this, but their toys help and encourage motor skills, imagination and tactile skills; they help children learn as well as being fun, and that ticks all the boxes for me. 

This toy, and the company who made it are wonderful. Just bloomin’ wonderful. I think (especially now we have discovered the robot) that Plan Toys really are our absolute favourite toy brand, and there will be many, many Plan Toys joining our household in the future 😉 

Huge thanks to Emily for sharing how she and Nic got on with the Plan Toys Building Robot xx

You can find all the lovely Plan Toys range at Babipur >here<

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