Integra Carrier- A Review by Naomi K. Honova

Naomi chose the Integra size 2 Rainbow print carrier to review for us – a soft structured buckle carrier suitable from around 18 months or 22lbs/10kg up to three and a half years of age. Here’s what she had to say:

Are you on a quest to find a lightweight, ergonomic carrier that will allow any adult member of your family to carry your toddler or preschooler in comfort, style and panache, even if they often struggle with using a carrier? Then you’re in luck, because Babipur has the carrier for you- the Integra Baby size 2. 

When I first unboxed this beautiful buckle carrier, naturally the first thing that caught my eye was the carrier’s gorgeous rainbow print- as an unabashed fan of rainbows, it was irresistibly colourful. I can further confirm it is ideal for those drab winter days when you’re in a dark winter coat and longing for a massive splash of colour!

That fact confirmed, I was eager to do a test run of this lovely carrier. Something quite special about the Integra Baby as compared to other carriers I have previously used is the crossable straps function. Instead of a straight-across safety built for either front or back carrying, you simply pull the strap diagonally across each shoulder and buckle it into the corresponding strap on the other hip. Since both I and my husband primarily back-carry my 19 month old son, this is an especially fantastic function because it makes putting my child into the carrier without anyone else’s assistance an absolute dream. No more having awkwardly try to one-handedly grapple with the carrier while the baby precariously balances on the hip- I simply put him on my back and throw the straps over my shoulders, buckle, and tighten. It makes for an easy front carry as well, as you don’t have to desperately pull your arms into wild contortions behind your back to tighten a safety strap as with many other models. 

I am a very petite mum and my toddler is an adorable chunk, so for me especially, a very solid ergonomic fit is critical for me when babywearing, as all of his added weight puts a large strain on my body. The straps and buckles are easy to adjust for your personal build and weight distribution. I found that even though the Integra is incredibly light in terms of its fabric, its design allowed for a particularly helpful fit. Even after walking several miles, using public transportation and climbing up stairs, I felt comfortable wearing him for prolonged periods of time. My husband also reported after trying the Integra that he found it “the most comfortable and easy-to-wear carrier” he’s used (and truthfully, he is the family expert, as he has done the bulk of the babywearing with both of our children). Another helpful aspect of the Integra Baby’s lightweight design is it makes it incredibly easy to bring along with you, whether folded up into a nappy rucksack or in the bottom of a pram. 

And the young man himself- what is his verdict? Well, in fact, he is so happy in the Integra Baby, there is almost nary a peep from the wee one when we’re out and about with him in the carrier. He seems to love the cozy, warm, snuggly sensation of being close to mum or dad, and it gives me peace of mind that he is safe and certainly warmer than he otherwise might be on some of our drearier winter days here in Germany. For especially cold or rainy days, or if  your baby falls asleep, the hood is easy to pull over the baby’s head and buckle as well.

All in all, this carrier is a joy to use, and I only wish I had had a similar model when both my kids were smaller too so that I wouldn’t have had so many months of unnecessary strap struggle- if you’re like me and are not particularly savvy when it comes babywearing wraps and straps, the Integra Baby is a match made in heaven- and even if you’re an expert, the model does have several different methods that you can experiment with alternative ways to wear your baby, toddler or even preschooler (and possibly beyond). Happy babywearing!

Huge thanks to Naomi for testing the Integra carrier for us and giving her thoughts.  Find the full range of Integra carriers >here<

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