How to play with Grapat Petals

Play ideas with Grapat Petals

Grapat Petals being played with as rockets by @tillystoys on Instagram.

Grapat is one of our favourite things to play with, once you understand that there is no right or
wrong way to play with it, it really is limitless.

It’s also ageless as it’s something that I often grab and go and sit at a table or in the garden with to create something when I need a bit of space or to have a mindful moment or two.

As an adult I like the brand because it promotes creativity and imagination and when I saw the new Grapat petals from their Wild Wild Range, I knew that they would be a wonderful addition to our collection. Here are some of the ways that we like to play with them.

Make a Giant Flower

Play set up by @tillystoys on Instagram with dandelions, Grapat Petals and Plan Toys Bees

They are petals, so making a giant flower is almost a must! We made our giant flower together and
Tilly, who’s four, collected lots of dandelions to put in the centre. She then grabbed the Plan Toys
to go on a very exciting adventure and collect the nectar. I used this as a lovely learning
opportunity and taught her all about how honey is made while we played.

Space Play

Rocket play set up by @tillystoys over on Instagram using Grapat Petals, Grapat Rings, and Grapat Baby Nins

The shape of the petals lend themselves very well to being rockets. The space Wondercloth is a
brilliant base to play on for space adventures and add a nin astronaut or two and you’re ready to
blast off!

Build a Tower

A fun play setup by @tillystoys over on Instagram using Grapat Petals, Abel Blocks, and Grapat Wild set.

Grapat petals are a very close match to the shape of Abel blocks and we discovered that they can be
paired together and stacked on top of each other. How high can you build a tower? The higher you
go, the wobblier it gets! Using them in this way led to all sorts of small world fun.

Nins don’t quite fit inside the gaps but the baby nins do. We’ve got big plans to create a giant bug hotel in the summer using the petals and Abel blocks alongside the Lanka Kade insects.

Learn to Count

Learning to count using Grapat Mandala Pieces, Reel Wood Numbers and Grapat Petals by @tillystoys

This is a great example of how a child’s imagination is so much better than an adults as I never would have thought to use them in this way. Tilly grabbed the petals and set them out and used them as little platforms to practise some counting on with Reel Wood numbers and Grapat mandala pieces.

Thank you for inviting me to write a blog post for you Babipur. The petals are a brilliant example of
an open ended toy and the play possibilities are endless.

Amy (Tillystoys on Instagram)

Here are some other play ideas sent in by customers

Make Butterflies

Play set up with Mini Abel Blocks and Grapat Petals by @ramblingsandrainbows over on Instagram

Make Bunny Ears and Easter Eggs

Play set up by @littlemissmama on Instagram using Grapat Petals and Grapat Mandala Pieces

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