Phil’s “Couch to Clinic” Fundraiser

Phil's fundraiser

Phil works with us here at Babipur on our despatch team, he has Cystic Fibrosis and he’s just turned 40.  Help Phil from Team Babipur to raise money for his Cystic Fibrosis clinic and you could win a Grimm’s double rainbow stacker & a Grimm’s pastel rainbow!  Here’s a message about his challenge and fund raising efforts.

“I’m not a person who shouts and biggs myself up as a general rule, but on occasion I set myself a challenge for a cause I’m passionate about. This time my goal is to walk (yes walk) from my couch in Porthmadog all the way down south to my Cystic Fibrosis clinic in Cardiff over 7 days. I’ll be walking in aid of the clinics own charity ‘The Better Life Appeal’ who take care of me and all their patients. They and the CF Trust are doing a wonderful job in giving us a longer brighter future and this means they continually need to expand the unit and ward to accommodate us. CF is a hereditary disease which primarily effects the lungs and digestive system and lets face it if you cant breath and take on calories you’re in a bit of trouble. Since my diagnosis at 18 months old the NHS and CF Trust have done wonderful job of caring and advancing drugs and understanding of the condition. En-route to Cardiff I’m sure I’ll go through an multitude of emotions and pains. However supported by my wife Beth, family and friends be they walking with me, keeping me fed and watered or cheering from afar I know it’ll all be worth it. Thanks to my wonderful Babi Pur family they’ve allowed me to train at work (well, picking for our lovely customers does put miles in the legs) and support me all the way despite having known Jolene and Jordan since school. Thank you for helping out with my fund raising efforts, Phil. Further details can be found on our Facebook page Couch to Clinic


We want to help Phil raise some more cash through the power of our amazing customers so we’ll be giving away a Grimm’s double rainbow stacker AND a 12 piece pastel rainbow to someone who makes a donation to Phil’s Just Giving page.  It’s super easy, just make a donation of any size and then comment below to say you have donated.  We’ll pick someone from the comments to send the Grimm’s goodies to and we’ll ask the chosen comment for proof of donation.

Two steps: 1 – Make a donation here   2 – Comment below to say you have donated ↓

donate now

Comments may not show up straight away but don’t worry, they just need admin approval.  Any donation of any size counts but of course please give what you feel you can.  Please use the same email address for your JustGiving donation as you do for your comment below, just one entry/comment per person please but please feel free to ask friends and family to donate too. This isn’t a raffle or competition, just a fun way to raise some extra cash for Phil’s cause.  



Hello I'm Pete and I zoom around on my bike everywhere. I like welsh cakes, cycling, hot solar powered showers, chopping wood, log fires, the Snowdonia mountains and doing stuff with the kids. If you need technical advice on washable nappies then I'm your man!

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78 Responses

  1. Natalie says:

    Donated! Good luck 🙂

  2. Sara jane breed says:

    Wow! Sounds like my worst nightmare! Good luck! What a guy!

  3. Hayley Severs says:

    Donated, we’ll be there to support you in Aberystwyth ?

  4. Kate Fever says:

    Best of luck! I’ve donated.

  5. Kate Beck says:

    A cause that’s very close to my heart (my brother has CF) – donated with pleasure!
    Good luck Phil

  6. Kellie-Anne rose says:

    Your doing a amazing thing , good luck from a mother of a child with lung disease

  7. Samantha Wong says:

    Done! Good Luck to Phil. Brilliant thing to do! x Donated under the name of Samantha Wong.

  8. Caz says:

    Good luck Phil this cheered me up no end on a bad pseudomonas day. May you walk be smooth and your snacks be fatty. Hope you raise lots Caz xx ps you are now my fav babipurian

  9. Tamara says:

    Donated 😀 Good cause, I hope it goes well

  10. Shaina Paddick says:

    Done!Good luck!

  11. Maria Homfray says:

    Donated. Good luck Phil, what a fantastic cause 🙂

  12. Katy Tee says:

    Donated! Good luck Phil, I hope the walk goes well!

  13. Amy Rees says:

    donated x good luck!

  14. Rebecca Searle says:

    Donated! Good luck Phil! ??

  15. Abbie Hardwick says:

    Donated – take my hat of to you! I couldn’t do it. Good luck x

  16. Laura chant says:

    Donated! Good luck Phil.

  17. Saran Dafydd says:

    Donated! Pob lwc! Good luck Phil! x

  18. Lizzie Roberts says:

    Donated. What an amazing thing to do. Good luck Phil! x

  19. Emma Turp says:

    Just donated, what a great thing to do and good luck!

  20. Katherine Mhairi Lewis says:

    What a fabby thing to do. Best of luck xxx

  21. Rachel Bennett says:

    Donated. Great work Phil!

  22. Sophia Cieri says:

    Donated! Good luck!!!!

  23. Laura Edwards says:

    Donated. Good luck, it’s an incredible challenge to raise money for an excellent cause well done

  24. Keeley Burghart says:

    Donated good luck ?

  25. Aimee Durham says:

    Donated ? good luck

  26. Fiona Williams says:

    Donated, good luck!

  27. Ann Margaret Laine says:

    Donated, good luck to you Phil and to all the people who help you along the way. You’re a star!

  28. Ashley thomason says:

    Good luck! Donated for a fab cause! Love Cardiff And bale Health, taught me all I know!

  29. Rachel Finsbury says:

    I’ve donated. Great cause!

  30. Clare Walmsley says:

    Donated for a really brave challenge and a great cause.

  31. Janine bufton says:

    Donated all I can, me and my three year old has gone halves lol!!! i won’t take the money off her though lol but she has handed me her money box, good luck x

  32. Emily Sime says:

    Donated, good luck xx

  33. Helena McEvoy says:

    Just donated. Good luck! What a fab prize too! 😀

  34. Jemma Pearson says:

    Best of luck. Just donated ??

  35. Marthe kvassheim says:

    Donated. Best of luck!

  36. Emma says:

    Donated, good luck

  37. Emma Chilvers says:

    Donated. Great cause, good luck!

  38. Katie Townsend says:

    Done! Best of luck Phil! 🙂

  39. Nikki Robson says:

    Donated! Good Luck Phil, fantastic cause xx

  40. Elisabeth Paludan Monberg says:

    Donated. Good luck!

  41. Jo Bird says:

    Donated. Best of luck, Phil, it’s a great cause x

  42. Emma Jones says:

    Donated, Good luck! Pob lwc ?

  43. Jennifer Rea says:

    Donated! Well done Phil!

  44. Becky Robinson says:

    Absolutely fan-bleddy-tastic! Such an inspiration! I can barely drag myself off the couch to make a cuppa (and I don’t have any health issues such as CF to contend with) Good on ya Phil!

  45. Gair Booth says:

    What an amazing challenge – wishing you all the best with it and I hope you have lots of fun along the way. Go Phil!

  46. Ria Machin says:

    Donated, such a great thing to do for a cause that is dear to so many, All the best Ria and family x

  47. Kim grantham says:

    Donated , best of luck may the weather be kind to you xx

  48. Georgina Amundson says:

    Donated! Good luck, a great cause!

  49. Sarah filby says:

    Donated . Good luck Phil x

  50. Ceridwen Offer says:

    Donated. Well done on the walk and hope it goes brilliantly for you. ?

  51. Beth Woolley says:

    Donated- well done x

  52. Nina says:

    Best of luck and health through the walk Phil

  53. Tracy watson says:

    Donated. Pob lwc. ???

  54. Rose says:

    Donated – good luck Phil! A wonderful way to raise money for a great cause – hope you smash it and raise looooooads! 😀

  55. Donna Wilson says:

    Donated. Good luck.

  56. Sarah H says:

    Donated! Good luck and well done for doing this!

  57. Laura Andersson says:

    Donated! Good luck x

  58. Maria says:

    Donated good luck

  59. Rebecca Helen says:

    Donated good luck!! Fantastic cause.

  60. Laura Shields says:

    Donation reference: D192569220 great cause well done Phil

  61. Gemma Gray McGrath says:

    Donated. Good luck! ,

  62. Lucy Alcock says:

    Donated to this great cause! CF sufferers really are an amazingly strong and inspiring bunch! Xx

  63. Kiara Werran says:

    Donated! Such a good idea! All the best to Phil!

  64. Rebecca Ryvar says:

    Donated for a brilliant cause! Good luck

  65. David Davies says:

    Donated! Keep up the good work, so glad I was able to join you for part of your adventure!

  66. Sophie Neville-Taylor says:

    Donated. Good luck!

  67. Katie Lockhart says:

    Donated! Good luck!

  68. Emily Boucher says:

    Donated x

  69. Nicola Morris (Farrel) says:


  70. Clive Cheshire says:

    Donated, sorry it’s not more. Good luck for the rest of the walk.

  71. Kirsty Ferguson-Smith says:

    Donated – wishing you lots of luck!

  72. Claire says:

    Donated- Good luck!

  73. Emma says:

    Fantastic thing to do! Good luck, I’ll keep me eyes peeled for you in Cardiff x

  74. Victoria loughlin says:

    Donated good luck

  75. Magdalena Harry says:

    Donated! Good luck?

  76. Sarah Buckenham says:

    Donated! Good luck, Phil!

  77. Hannah says:

    Donated. Great cause

  78. Lucy Pozniak says:

    Fantastic cause. Best of luck to Phil

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