Fairtrade chocolate (inc vegan) ideas for Easter!

Easter is possibly one of our favourite times of the year here at Babipur purely for the amount of Fairtrade chocolate we can consume guilt free! Our favourite chocolate brands have brought out a delicious selection of Fairtrade Easter chocolate this year. Get ready to drool over these yummy treats!

Babipur Easter Egg made from Tony’s Chocolonley!

Is it really Easter without Tony’s Chocoloney? Not only is this chocolate delicious but it’s also Fairtrade. Tony’s want to be be part of the sweet solution to tackling poverty, unfairness and exploitation in the cocoa supply chain. So taste good, feel good, chocolate making a real difference to cocoa farmers and their families.

Tony’s have brought out some fantastic ethical Easter chocolate this year! Have you seen Tony’s Chocoloney Assorted Eggs? Perfect for a challenging Easter Egg hunt! A great Fairtrade Gift idea, a bar of Tony’s Chocolonely Lemon Meringue bar would be a perfect for an alternative ethical Easter egg. It’s an egg in disguise, set in a chunky bar and you need to break it out! 

If you want to treat the whole family why not try Tony’s Chocolonely Classics Rainbow 6 Pack. It’s full of variety and each bar is chunky enough to share, you can’t go wrong with argument free chocolate ?. There’s also Tony’s Tiny chocolate bars, these are great for the little ones. They also make a tricky find for your chocolate hunt! 

Tony’s is great for Easter bakes. Melt it down the slabs and create some cornflake nests for everyone to share (you could top them with an assorted egg). If you’re not into cornflake nests, how about melting it down with some milk (or vegan alternative) and creating a yummy hot chocolate! 

Cocoa Loco Easter range is as fun as it is yummy. Certified Fairtrade chocolate and organic too, we’ve been drooling over some of the new products they’ve brought out this year!

Hot Cross Bun Truffles are the ultimate organic Easter gift. They’re brand new and one for all ages. Definitely worth a try!

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, there’s Cocoa Loco’s White Chocolate and Raspberry Eggs, they come boxed in a recyclable bunny and make a perfect eco Easter gift. If you fancy something more playful, behold the Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Rabbit, perfect for vegans!

Choosing Fairtrade chocolate this Easter

Why is it so important to buy ethical Easter gifts? Over two million children work illegally on cocoa farms to produce the cocoa that goes into our chocolate, with around 30,000 known instances of modern slavery. Buying Fairtrade helps combat this, making sure cocoa farmers get a fair wage for their produce or labour.

Shopping Fairtrade guarantees farmers are being paid a minimum market price which allows a sustainable production of cocoa beans. There is also a Fairtrade Premium which gets invested into local communities. The investment betters the lives of those working within the supply chain through better pay, tools for farmers, eduction for children and housing for families.

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