Fairtrade Chocolate at Babipur: Cocoa Loco

It might seem like we are going a bit chocolate crazy at the moment, but with good reason. For many years, Babipur has been great supporters of the Fairtrade industry, whether it be clothing, toys, bananas or chocolate, it is something close to our hearts and runs through our core values and ethos.

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Cocoa Loco

Located in the heart of West Sussex, Cocoa Loco create chocolate magic from the aptly called ‘chocolate barn’ where their business operates. This award winning 100% Organic chocolate, is handmade by skilled chocolatiers and it’s quality and flavour is something quite divine! They do not supply to large supermarket chains, but favour artisans and independent businesses who share their values.

Cocoa Loco create a whole range of chocolate goodness, from champagne truffles to dark chocolate and raspberry stars, there is something to satisfy any cocoa cravings.

Exclusive to Babipur

As if we weren’t excited enough about chocolate, now Babipur has it’s own exclusive chocolate treat…Cocoa Loco has created us our very own ‘hot chocolate spoon and elephant’!! This seriously yummy and indulgent treat is 100% organic, vegan, handmade and we think you will agree, simply irresistible.

Stir one into your favourite milk, pour into your insulated Klean Kanteen and off you go on a chocolate adventure. Perfect for spring walks or cosy campfire nights.


Here at Babipur, it is important to us that we are as inclusive as possible to our customers and find something to suit most needs. Although the entire range is not vegan, there are quite a few lovely treats that are. Simply filter on the website and you can find your perfect vegan, dairy or alcohol free treat!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the range from Cocoa Loco. Don’t forget to share your choctastic pics with us on Instagram using the tag #LoveBabipur or in our Facebook group Babipur Hangout.

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  1. June 11, 2019

    […] got a great range of FairTrade chocolate from Tony’s and Cocoa Loco that should suit every Dads taste! There are vegan options, including dark chocolate stars with […]

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