Zero Waste Period: Fern Cloth Sanitary Pads

We love reusable menstrual products here at Babipur, and when we heard the team behind Tickle Tots cloth nappies were launching a new brand of CSP (cloth sanitary products) we were keen to find out more! Fern has been designed by Sophia Ferguson to bring reusable menstrual pads to the mainstream, and will be coming to Babipur on the 1st November 2019. 

Fern Cloth Sanitary Pads

Behind the Brand

Sophia firmly believes that reusable products should be for everyone and wanted to create a reusable pad that was slimline and discreet, totally reliable, and so pretty that you would be happy to take them to college or work without a second thought. Fern – standing for Feminine, Eco, Reusable, Natural – have been designed for comfort, protection and reliability to give women and menstruating people the choice of a natural, zero waste, plastic free period. 

Between 11-16,000 single use sanitary products are used in a menstruating persons lifetime. With 90% of disposable menstrual products being made up of plastic, there is a huge opportunity to drastically cut our plastic usage and have a zero waste period. Fern reusable sanitary pads have some great features which make them stand out from the crowd.

Fern CSP 

What makes these pads special? With three different sizes and absorbencies there should be a pad to suit your flow at each stage of your cycle. These cloth sanitary pads have a breathable, waterproof PUL fabric backing and wings to give maximum containment, making it reliably leak-proof. 

Two snaps on the wings allows you to get a good fit on your pants and prevents the pad from moving around. What we really love though is that the absorbent core is made from GOTS organic cotton and bamboo fleece – a planet friendly, sustainable choice of fabrics. This fabric choice results in a super slim pad that you hardly know your wearing, but with the absorbency you need. The soft, stay dry bamboo fleece top wicks away moisture and has good stain resistance- just give them a quick cold rinse after using them and wash at 40’ with no fabric softener. Bamboo is also naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, helping you feel fresh all day. 

The Fern Range

Fern Heavy are a unique shape to give you maximum protection where you need it most on your heaviest days and overnight. With a large absorbent surface area and flared shape, these pads give you maximum night time protection even if you move around a lot at night. Made from two layer of super absorbent bamboo fleece and a layer of GOTS certified organic cotton, to give great absorbency. 

Fern Regular are a great choice for those medium flow days and have a super slim gusset. This sanitary pad is a good length to give coverage where you need it, and made of a layer of bamboo fleece and organic cotton. Fern Light is a great little pantyliner, a backup to a menstrual cup, or for those days at the end of your period when your flow is light. 

Fern Cloth Sanitary Pads

Also part of the Fern range is a fantastic clutch size wet bag for holding your clean and used pads. With a two zippered compartments to keep your pads separate, this little wet bag is a great way to get out and about with your cloth pads. Neat and discreet, just pop it into your work or school bag for a positive period whatever your plans that day.

Fern Cloth Sanitary Pads

Tickle Tots are loved for their unique, charming prints – and Fern is the grown up version. Pretty florals and gentle colours make these an all round appealing cloth pad. We love that Fern gives 2% of CSP sales to help children facing Period Poverty. 

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  1. January 6, 2020

    […] Rinse in cold water after use and keep in a wet bag until you are ready to wash them – then simply wash them at 40’C without fabric conditioner and line dry. With three different sizes there will be one to suit all stages of your cycle, and made from organic cotton and bamboo they are kind to the planet too. You can find out more about the full Fern range >here<. […]

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