World Oceans Day

World oceans day
Nins at the beach

Being based on the North Wales coast, the sea is very much part of our everyday lives here at Babi Pur. We are all inextricably linked to the ocean, it generates the oxygen we breathe, regulates our climate, and provides food and medicines. The impact humans are having on this precious habitat is becoming more and more apparent, from plastic pollution, to overfishing and climate change.

World Oceans Day is held on the 8th June and is a celebration of the marine environment and its inhabitants. We can all make a difference in helping to conserve, protect and maintain healthy oceans. 

The Plastic Problem 

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest problem facing our oceans and its inhabitants of our time. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a well documented area of the Pacific Ocean where plastic collects due to tidal currents. This covers an area three times the size of France, and sea turtles found there have a diet made up of 74% plastic. 

A rainbow of plastic waste found during a 2 minute beach clean, next to our reusable Klean Kanteen bottles
A rainbow of plastic waste found during a 2 minute beach clean, next to our reusable Klean Kanteen bottles

Plastics have been found in all parts of the ocean, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, including the deepest and most remote part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench. It’s been estimated that 270,000 tonnes of plastic are in the worlds oceans, with a massive 80% originating on land.

Ocean Cleanup 

Plastic waste collected during a beach clean
Plastic waste collected during a beach clean

There are lots of great initiatives to help clean up our oceans that we can all take part in:

  • Take 3 for the sea – pick up 3 pieces of litter each time you leave the beach
  • #2minutebeachclean – try spending 2 minutes picking up rubbish while you are at the beach. Some beaches even have their own board with litter pickers and bags
  • Organised beach cleanup days. The Marine Conservation Society organise beach clean days throughout the year that everyone is welcome to join. Babi Pur also organise local beach cleans in our area several times a year.
Babipur Beach Clean
Babi Pur beach clean

A Disposable World

Stopping the tide of waste entering the oceans in the first place will play a vital role in cleaning up our seas. 

Picking up plastic waste before it reaches our seas #bringyourown
Picking up plastic waste before it reaches our seas #bringyourown

Single use plastic currently makes up a half of all plastic items produced. This largely consists of needless plastic packaging. There are so many fantastic eco-friendly swaps we can all make – from cloth nappies and reusable wipe, reusable cups and straws, and reusable food wraps.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly”

Anne Marie Bonneau

If you are looking to start your zero waste journey, we’ve put together a special zero waste starter bundle to help you on your way!

Go zero waste for world ocean day
Zero waste starter bundle

Marine Conservation Society 

Marine Conservation Society logo

The MCS charity is leading the way in the UK in protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. They have campaigned rigorously to reduce marine pollution, resulting in charges for single use bags, and the removal of micro-beads from personal care products. 

Here at Babipur we are proud to stock several brands that actively support the MCS charity: 

Earth Conscious deodorant
  • Green People Suncream – reef safe and natural, Green People take ocean conservation very seriously. 30p goes to the MCS with each purchase of scent free sun lotion 200ml and Organic Children 150ml
Organic Children sun lotion by Green People
  • Close Swimwear – sales from the endangered species collection support the MCS through the 1% for the Planet scheme 
Turtle print swimwear flatlay
Close Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit and Beach All-in-one

With sensible consumer choices and active cleanup programs we can all make a difference to our wonderful ocean ecosystems. It can sometimes feel overwhelming, but our voices are being heard, and change is starting to happen. Don’t forget to share and tag us in your eco-swaps and beach clean ups across social media to spread the word far and wide! #babipur #lovebabipur

Useful resources:

The Marine Conservation Society 

World Oceans Day

1% for the Planet

Find our Zero Waste Starter Bundle >here<

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