Wooden Clutching Toys for Babies

Any parent knows that babies love to grab, munch, chomp, dribble and chew, usually on whatever they can get their hands on. It’s a baby’s way of exploring the world and everything that’s going on around them.

But, there is a simple way to save your remote control/mobile/car keys/grandma’s earrings/dog toy/unread magazine or finger from the dribbley clutches of your little monkey, and that is to give them one of our fantastic range of wooden clutching toys for babies.

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They’ll never get bored of the fantastic shapes, bright colours and rattly noises that our toys make, each one appealing to a baby’s senses – the bright colours and shapes are good for their vision and helping them to focus, the different textures are great for developing their sense of touch and the array of sounds it makes as a baby bangs, throws or rattles will keep their ears excited! And no doubt the sense of taste will be tested too as a toy is chomped and chewed on, but this doesn’t matter because all our clutching toys for babies are made from natural products like wood or rubber and there are no nasty chemicals because any paints are water based.

We stock several different brands – Haba wooden clutching toys are brilliant because they feature really bright colours and cute characters like this adorable jungle animals clutch toy or this cute little wooden bear toy.

haba jungle caboodle t

haba bear in the ring t











As well as Haba wooden clutch toys we also stock the ever popular Plan Toys like these fun baby toys – the bright baby roller and the really sweet baby chain, packed with colourful charms and a variety of shapes and textures that will keep your baby entertained.

chain t


PLN-52200_Roller t









And it’s not just wooden clutching toys we stock either, there’s a great selection of natural rubber clutch toys, including the iconic Sophie the Giraffe and her adorable little friends like Josephine the Mouse – irresistible!

Josephine the Mouse t sophie the giraffe so pure trio t

So why not give your baby something safe that they’ll love to chomp, chew, rattle and roll. It’ll keep them happy and entertained and it’ll keep your fingers out of danger!

See Babi Pur’s whole range of all natural wooden and rubber baby clutch toys here.




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