V3 Wonderoos Nappies Review

V3 Wonderoos Nappies Review

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The review below has been written by Jacqui after testing the nappy on her gorgeous 3 month old baby (above)

Wonderoos V3 are birth-to-potty pocket nappies. That means that you only buy one nappy and the nappy should fit your baby from the time she’s born to the time she wants to use the loo. That makes it pretty convenient and cost effective. Pocket nappies are convenient too because the outer part air dries very quickly, while the inner part may take longer, but is better equipped to handle a tumble dryer. The insert for the Wonderoos actually is folded in three, so it dries very quickly when it is unfolded. There are some lovely soft colours available for those of us who are almost just as concerned about our babies’ bums looking cute as we are about keeping things dry, and the Minky options have a softer, more luxury look to them.

First impressions:

The yellow colour I have is lovely and bright and the PUL fabric is very soft. The gathered fabric around the elastic is fascinating. I would have thought having the fleece on the outside would cause leaks rather than prevent it. The leg openings seem looser than the pocket we’re using at the moment.

The instructions on the packaging are not 100% obvious. Maybe I’m a bit addled with baby brain (but let’s face it, I’m Wonderoos’ target market) but I didn’t find the two inserts straightforward after reading through the instructions just once. After a couple of reads, I figured it out. There are two inserts, a bamboo insert, and a 3 layered microterry insert. They say the microterry insert is for “when your baby is small”, but they don’t give any suggestion as to the definition of “small”. Given that the nappy is a birth-to-potty, I don’t know if my long, slim 3 month old qualifies as small. She’s certainly small compared to a 2 year old. We will try it both ways. She is a heavy wetter and we’ve had leaks with almost every nappy we’ve tried, so I doubt the small insert will do the trick. I am willing to risk a leak or two for the sake of finding out.

I primarily use pocket nappies with poppers, so I’m familiar with the basic workings. The poppers on the Wonderoos are really good. They fasten definitively and don’t pop open. You’d think that’s a given, but I have a few nappies with awkward poppers. I note as well the absence of a hip popper to prevent wing droop. They manage to accomplish this without the extra popper by making the two poppers on each tab far apart. It’s simple and it works. Happy days.

If I had one criticism, I’d say that they could use a third, centre popper on the riser just for appearances sake. It’s hardly necessary, but the front looks a little sloppy.

The instructions say to give it 2 washes before using it, and that it will take several more before the nappy is at full absorbency. I’m impatient, so I gave it one wash and was going to give it a go when my daughter peed all over the nappy while I was messing with the waist poppers, instead of in the nappy, so we have to wait until the next wash. Apparently she is a stickler for following directions.

Trial day 1:

The nappy is washed and dry and today and my daughter and I are going to Aldi because there’s a baby sale on. So we’re going to try the “small baby” setting while out and about. As much as I like to live on the edge, she’ll be travelling with a prefold under her bum in the buggy. The nappy is so small and light with only the microterry insert. I’d be buying every Wonderoos I could get my hands on if I can get away with this on her.

Moment of Truth:

Two hours after the nappy went on — nicely fit, I may add, I was grabbing her out of the buggy, sure that I’d feel a wet bum. Colour me delighted! After two hours — and she did have a wee — not a leak in sight. She was quite wet, so I expect I would probably use the bamboo insert instead, for her own comfort, but I am very impressed that there were no leaks with only the small insert.

Trial Day 2:

Today we tried the bamboo insert. Definitely makes the nappy chunkier — far more along the lines of the usual nappies she wears. We left it on for more than 3 hours. I felt her back and it felt cool so I worried we’d had a leak. When I changed her, there were not leaks, and the insert wasn’t even fully wet. I think the soft PUL fabric is quite thin, and it’s easy to feel the coolness of the wet insert, so it gives a false feeling of a leak. Still impressed. That bamboo insert had only been washed once.

Trial Day 3:

There wasn’t going to be a day 3, honestly, but as usual, I am not in charge here. On day 3, our tester-in-charge was wearing her Wonderoos when she had a not so solid poo, and lots of it. She was in her swing, so I didn’t know about it until I decided to change her. She was covered inside the nappy, but nothing outside it. I have a lot of faith in this nappy and it is now often the first chosen.

All in all, we’re super impressed. It looks good, feels good and it really does a great job. After a few more washes, it should be even more absorbent. There are some lovely bright colours and the Minky option looks very luxurious. We will be adding some of these to our stash for sure.

This review has been written by Jaqui R

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