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At Babi Pur we are delighted to welcome a brilliant supplier of toddler and kids bikes – Wishbone Design. These great bikes come to us all the way from the company’s design studios in New Zealand, and the story of how they started out is fantastic.


As a young family living in New York City the founders of Wishbone, Rich and Jen, wanted a way to spend more time outdoors, and to give their own kids a taste of the adventure-filled childhood they had once had. And so, the Wishbone Bike was born (designed and built in the bathroom of their apartment!).

The philosophy of Wishbone Design is to create unique products that kids will love, and that just might inspire them (and their grown ups) to spend more time together, more time playing, or more time outdoors.


Wishbone Design also have a sustainable and ethical policy – all of their products grow with children which means in the end you have to buy less stuff and so throw less stuff away. They have also adopted a “no plastic” packaging policy, they provide spare parts so customers can repair rather than replace and they are a certified carboNZero company. Their products are made in China in factories that have high social and welfare standards.

Here at Babi Pur we are proud to stock the Wishbone Bike, and it also comes in this fantastic Limited Edition Apple design.

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wishbine_apple_design t

One of the best things about the Wishbone bike is that it grows with your child.

  • It starts as a trike, for children aged 12 months and up.
  • When they’re ready it converts into a small bike.
  • When they’ve got the hang of that, the frame flips over to make a bigger bike.



Another fantastic Wishbone Design product we stock here at Babi Pur is the fabulous and fun Wishbone Flip. This is another clever 3-1 product that grows with your child as they develop, allowing them to Rock, Walk or Ride. It easily (no tools required!) flips from a rocking toy to a rolling toy. Smaller babies can use it as a rocking toy, then when they find their feet they can flip the rockers so that they can push it along as they learn to walk and balance. And once they’ve mastered that, they can sit on it and zoom around all day.



The Wishbone Flip is also gorgeously designed and crafted from high quality beech wood and fittings. Now that’s what we call rock’n’roll.

Find all the Wishbone Bikes at Babi Pur here




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