Win your Christmas shopping with Babi Pur 2011

Babi Pur Christmas Competition

The Prize

One lucky winner will win £200 to spend with Babi Pur or your Christmas shopping with us refunded! (up to the value of £200 and any excess made up with vouchers)

How to enter: All you need to do is leave a comment below with your answer to the following question………

“Which 3 items from the Babi Pur website would make it to the top of your Christmas shopping list?”

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All entries need to be with us before midnight on Friday the 9th of December 2011. 
Pob lwc!
This competition is now closed…  the winning comment was no. 350 by Moobug


  1. the 3 items that would make the top of my xmas list is
    Amber Teething Necklace
    Babisil Toddler Rucksack Kit
    I’m Toys Paddie Rider – Lambie

    my fb name is sarah clegg

  2. The 3 items from the Babi Pur website making it to the top of my Christmas shopping list are –

    1. The wooden Kitchen
    2. Early Rider Bike
    3. Fair Trade rag doll

  3. Early Rider Classic 2-5 Years
    Pirate Ship
    BumGenius nappies

    would be my choices @jessws2011

  4. The 3 items from the Babi Pur website would make it to the top of my Christmas shopping list are…
    – Beco Butterfly Duo 2, Newborn to Pre-School Carrier
    – Hand Embroidered Luxury Baby Playmat – Fair Trade
    – Organics for Kids Green Frogs Nightgown

    All in time for our next bubba due in March : )

  5. the top 3 items for my shopping list would be Amber Teething Necklace
    Babisil Toddler Rucksack Kit
    I’m Toys Paddie Rider – Lambie

  6. early rider bike in pink!

    gourmet chopping food toy

    and for me……..

    Sckoon Day Menstrual Sanitary Pads!!!!

  7. Bamboo Breastfeeding Nursing Top
    Frugi – Night Owl Pyjamas
    Bathrobe – Organic Cotton Pink Spots

    love them all!

  8. I (& my son) would love:

    A Strider Bike
    Some new ecobubs nappies, so totally lovely
    And one of the elephant kimono all in ones for when baby #2 arrives

  9. Wow! £200 to spend, awesome!

    Our top three items would be:
    – Wooden Train Set – Plan City Toys
    – Early Rider Wooden Bike
    – Davos Wooden Sledge!


  10. The Plan Toys Crane Set, Plan Toys Build ‘n’ Roll Marble Run and the Knitted Doughnut Set are already top of my list and on target for ordering this week 😉

    How to cater for toddlers and tiddlies alike!

  11. Haba Vegetable Basket – Just because this looks fab.
    Tots Bots Nappy Bucket and Accessory Pack – Because I love practical gifts.
    Plan Toys Build ‘n Roll Marble Run – Because if our little girl is like me, she’ll love marble runs!


  12. I haven’t been receiving newsletters since I changed my email address on my account, so I unticked and reticked the box – hopefully I’ll start getting them now!

  13. Also shared it in the ‘Family and Kids’ section of off-topic forum area in a marketing community I belong to, as well as on my blogging area of that.

    Phew! I think that’s it!

  14. Oooh, how to choose?

    A victorian dolls house for the big children, Bumgenius nappies for the baby and something that smells nice for me!

  15. Hi, have shared the comp on ‘Natural-Us/Imperfect Mamas (natural parenting forum – we’re v, friendly, BTW!)

  16. Chritstmas shopping already! eek I’m so behind!
    Well I think I’d get Chloe:
    Alder Wood Play Kitchen Set
    Gourmet Chopping Food Toy
    Wooden Dollie Pram

    They all look gorgeous and well made and I know Chloe would spend hours playing with them.

  17. 1) Wooden Toboggan Davos Snow Sledge (For me to play with!)
    2)Itti Bitti Tutto (My wife loves them on our little one)
    3)Alder Wood Play Kitchen Set (For little one)

  18. 1) Bumgenius Nappies (As many as I can get my hands on!)
    2) Beco Gemini Baby Carrier
    3) Baby Organic Moses Basket (Would be lovely for next baby)

  19. Last year my Top 3 would have been all nappies. This year, it’s all about the toys!

    1. Rise and Shine toaster
    2. Whip it up Mixer
    3. Wooden microwave

    I managed to ‘upcycle’ a folding laundry basket into a clothes horse/airer for my little boy, and we’ve spent hours this week ‘washing and drying’. Can’t wait to ‘bake and cook’ with the little stove I’ve already got for him. I think the accessories could be a bit addictive tho!

  20. Green Dolls House with Green furniture (start em young, I say!)
    Sophie the giraffe set for the new niece or nephew
    Musical Band drum kit – as if she’s not loud enough already!!

  21. 1. Hand Embroidered Luxury Baby Playmat
    2. Musical Percussion set for Children
    3. Frugi Reversible Snuggle Fleece

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

  22. The items on my Christmas list would be…

    Itti Bitti Tuttos
    Bum Genius Flips
    Fuzzi Bunz one size elite

    …and the rest of the nappies too!

  23. Lovely comp. 🙂

    1. Piccalilly_Organic_Wash_Cloth_Bundle_of_3
    2. Wooden_Toboggan_Davos_Snow_Sledge
    3. Sckoon_Menstrual_Mini_Pad_Pack


  24. 1. The cute spotty Organic Cotton Children’s Dressing Gown
    2. Crocheted tes set in spotty purple
    3. Totsbots Easyfit in purple

  25. Amazing prize.

    The top items on my Babi Puri christmas list are –

    1. ‘Cwtch’ Sheepskin Baby Boots hand made in Wales by Inch Blue – Blue to keep my little man’s tooties warm
    2. Nos Da Sleepsuit – I’m welsh and my son Tristan is half welsh so I just can’t resist this Nos Da sleepsuit, its one of the words his daddy has learnt too
    3. Fair Trade Wooden ‘Welsh’ Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle – love this and it will help Tristan learn his Welsh alphabet as he gets older

  26. Inch blue shoes,there soo cute!
    FRUGI Baby boy snuggle fleece in the stripes.
    Fair trade wooden puzzles by LANKA KADE

    Sarah x

  27. The top 3 on my Christmas to Santa this year are:
    1. TotsBots Easyfit V2 – any print
    2. Close caboo carrier
    3. Bamboo breast feeding top

    I have been a good girl this year!!

  28. The 3 things on top of my list:

    Itti tutto in galaxy print

    1 bungenius flip with organic insert

    One of the fab looking wooden kitchens! Although my little one is too small for it!

  29. My top 3:
    A Plan Toys microwave to go with our beautiful Plan Toys kitchen
    An Animalz moose (for me because he’s just so cute!)
    Any Frugi clothes for my 2yo and 8wk old – they are all just too good to pick just one favourite!

  30. 1.Piccalilly Organic Cotton Pyjamas + Gift Bag
    2. Ethletic Fair Trade Cotton & FSC Rubber Kid’s Shoes
    3. Piccalilly Luxury Fine Knit Baby Shawl

  31. 1. I’m toys melody mix
    2. the healthy eating and kitchen market stall plan toy parking garage

    or the london bus…or bum genius flip nappies…or ok 3 options are serioulsy not enough!

  32. My 3 top items would be the girls patchwork twirly dress, puddle goose wellies and the wooden dollie pram for my daughter

  33. My top 3

    1- Rock Guitar baby shoes
    2- Wooden baby walker
    3- Dino blanket

    Plus I have
    asked friends to like Babi Pur
    Shared comp link with friends on facebook
    created an account

  34. My top 3 items are:

    Dolls House Victorian Deluxe Set
    Healthy Eating Kitchen and Market Stall
    Planet Pixies – Kayla

  35. Hello,

    My top 3 are,

    Super Chef’s Kitchen
    Chelsea Sink,
    Chelsea Washinkg machine,

    a wee little play kitchen, how fun,

    I have liked & shared

  36. Dolls House Victorian Deluxe Set – for my 2 girls to share!

    Haba Ball Master Building Set – for my 2 boys to share!

    FuzziBunz Detergent by Rockin Green 1.3Kg – for me!

  37. would love almost any of the products on my Christmas list, but if I have to choose…
    1. Bum Genius nappies (not just because I love the name!)
    2. Fair Trade embroidered play mat
    3. Fair Trade Minibeasts Bookends

  38. Goodness that was difficult but my top 3 are:
    Plan City – Wooden Fire Station
    Frugi – Girls Patchwork Twirly Dress
    Wooden Childs Bike – Early Rider Classic

  39. I love the raindbow stripe crochet blanket, reminds me of something my grandmother would make. The Car motif suede natural baby shoe – gorgeous, and finally the large wooden noahs arc toy. We have a similar one and our children and relatives children adore it.

  40. Oh, and my top three Xmas list items are the Plan crane toy and any two of the marble runs because any sane kid would love them!

  41. The items that would make it to the top of my Christmas list are:

    1. Healthy Eating Kitchen and Market Stall – this is the best role play kitchen I’ve ever seen! Fabulous! I can think of so much me and my little man could do with this – we can learn about healthy eating and stimulate imagination too 🙂

    2. Early Rider Classic Blue 2-5 Years – an amazing item to start my little one off with wheels 🙂

    3. City – Plan Toys Parking Garage – another fab toy that’ll last forever! Great quality and a lifelong family favourite I suspect 🙂

    Facebook: Hannah Mdy

  42. I have invited all of my chums on Facebook to come over to your page and get involved as Hannah Mdy


  43. I would choose
    Frugi Star Layered Dino Top
    Organic Baby Clothes – Dino Blanket
    Organic Pullalong Dog
    such lovely products

  44. My top 3 would be:
    1. The Dolls House Victorian;
    2. Rocking Lamb;
    3. I’m Toys Melody Mix

    Your toys are so-o lovely!

  45. Christmas list…
    1. Early Ride Classic
    2. Frugi owl top
    3. Beco Butterfuly

    Although I would love to have it all. The whole shop 😀

  46. My list for Christmas is:

    Early Rider balance bike
    Sckoon menstrual mini pad pack
    Zoomster racer

    P.p. Why don’t you also stock some children helments?

  47. Christmas list…
    *Organic Baby Skincare
    *Anyu The Ice Pixie – Planet Pixies
    *I’m Toys Melody Mix
    SHARE this comp on my Facebook wall.

  48. I would love (for LO)

    An early rider classic
    Play pots and pans – cooking utensils set
    Plates, bowls and cutlery

  49. It’s so nice to see these ranges increasing year on year, a move back to real toys! So much to choose from but the ones that caught my eye were the Large Crochet Diplodocus, the Fort Castle & Soldiers and in hope of a snowy Christmas, the fabulous Wooden Toboggan Davos Snow Sledge!

  50. Have shared on Facebook (link in instructions shows the Halloween comp but found the Christmas one!) Kind regards.

  51. The following 3 items would make it to the top of my Xmas shopping list;

    millhouse wooden kitchen & market stall
    fire station plan city
    rise’n’shine coffee machine

    Happy Xmas!! X

  52. My top 3 Babipur xmas list:
    1)Healthy eating kitchen and market stall
    2)Gormet chopping food toy
    3)Plan toys push along squeeky duck

  53. my christmas wish list:
    1)Early Rider Evo 3-6 Years
    2)Classic Wooden Trike
    3) Creatures Blanket – Purple Gecko

  54. i am due in 4 weeks and i love the picallily cocoon wrap; green baby nappy balm and the much needed sleepy time gift box!

  55. Wow, what a fab competition and how difficult to choose my top 3 things. But they are:

    Healthy eating kitchen and market stall
    Towelling spotty baby bathrobe
    Frugi puddle goose wellies

  56. Id like to win the Dolls House Victorian Deluxe Set ,Plan Toys Dolls House Grandmother & Grandfather and Plan Toys Dolls House Family

  57. I would love some nice clothes for my little boy:
    1. Piccalilly Knitted Rupert Twilight Playsuit
    2. Frugi -Bicycle Top
    3. Nautical Stripe Hooded Blue Top

  58. I’d like Piccalilly Luxury Fine Knit Rupert Playsuit,
    1 bungenius flip with organic insert and
    Haba Ball Master Building Set. Thanks!

  59. Top 3 toys:

    I’m Toys Melody Mix
    Green dollhouse with green furniture
    Wooden Toboggan Davos Snow Sledge

  60. The chan,pie and gnon toys in natural rubber because they are sooo cute. The coconut coir organic Moses basket mattress because I got a secondhand basket without one and it sounds very soft. And the extremely essential Tots Bots bucket&accessories to keep out those smells!!

  61. Top three items on my Christmas List (Santa please be kind):

    1. Piccalilly Go Dotty Poncho (those ears are adorable)
    2. Pebble Bengal Tiger (because its beautiful and my daughter loves tigers – sad to see it is sold out)
    3. Babisil Munch Set – Orange Tiger (can’t get enough of tigers)

  62. Me & the terrors…Bailey & Orla would love
    1 pintoy washing machine
    2 pintoy sink
    3. fairtrade nurse ragdoll…so cute!

  63. The 3 items from the Babi Pur website making it to the top of my Christmas shopping list are –

    the plan toys airport
    the plan toys musical band drum kit
    the wooden snow sledge

    Thanks for the chance! x

  64. I’d pick the toboggan, some more tots bots nappies, and the melody mix. Oh please pick me, am excited now!!! 🙂

  65. my 3 gifts from babi pur would be ..
    Navy moon moby as i have been lusting for a while ..
    Fuzzi elite, as i love these on my son 🙂
    Toys melody mix, for both of the little ones to hav a blast!!

  66. My favourite 3 items would be …
    Wooden Childs Bike – Early Rider Classic
    Millhouse Wooden Play Super Chefs Kitchen
    Musical Percussion set for Children

  67. The top of my Christmas list from Babipur would be:
    Alder wood play kitchen set
    Haba ball winding track
    Sckoon day menstrual pads (for me!)

  68. The three things on my Christmas list would be a dolls house or kitchen for my daughter, the musical maker and a few puzzles (definitely getting some of these as stocking fillers)

  69. one last comment left on your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading through various posts. Haven’t given myself time to do that in ages, so thank you!!

  70. My three items would be

    Wooden Castle and Soliders Toy in a Wooden Box
    Wooden Breakfast Menu Play Food
    Plan Toys Musical Band

  71. Tots Bots Rainbow Tots, blue and purple
    Crocheted Tea Set – Spotty Blue
    Pebble Pixie Doll Rattles (purple)

    I love everything at Babipur 🙂

  72. Left a comment on your very cool blog. I’m so enjoying it – been off blogs for a while, but I’ll be back to this one quie a bit I think.

  73. i’d have to start with some brightly coloured fuzzi bunz elite.
    then i would add a purple stripe pebble blanket to wrap up my beautiful girl in the cold weather and snuggle up by the fire for cuddles.
    finally a plan toys melody mix for my daughter, music stimulates the entire brain afterall!

  74. My boy would absolutely adore these:

    1) Rocking Lamb – Jacob Fleece
    2) Wooden Childs Bike – Early Rider Classic New for 2011
    3)Plan Toys Oval Xylophone

  75. I have ordered from Babi Pur before and have always been really satisfied with my purchase! Love you products, especially toys:)

  76. Very difficult choice, would like all of the gorgeous wooden food/kitchen toys to go with my little girls wooden kitchen, but would settle for these 3 🙂
    Pots and pans set
    Strawberry cake set

  77. My favourites for my christmas list are:

    Fairtrade rag doll – Jemima
    Rocking Sheep – Black Welsh Ram
    Farm and animals in a box

    The toys on this site are so beautiful, I’d be happy with any of them, really!

  78. My 3 items would be
    Organic Dusky Pink Baby Booties
    Haba Duckduck Clutch & Teething Toy
    Organics for Kids Spotty Berry Kimono Romper

  79. Top of my list would be:

    Plan Toys Classic Steam Train
    Plan Toys Solid Drum
    Wooden Farm Buildings and Animals in a Box

  80. On my Christmas list would be –

    1. Organic Childrens Dressing Gown – I love the blue one and I’m sure my little boy would feel really snug and cosy it in.

    2. I’m Toys melody Mix – there seems to be an awful lot to do with this toy and it looks like something that would keep my son and I entertained for quite some tim. I love it.

    3. Plan Toys Wooden Ark – again it looks like something my little one would get a lot of use out of, it’s bright and colourful too which I like.

  81. Healthy Eating Kitchen and Market Stall
    I’m Toys Melody Mix
    3rd Melody Xylophone… just wonderful for my babies!

  82. My top 3 xmas gifts:

    bumGenius organic nappies
    Almond Blossom Moby Wrap UV
    Patchwork Crochet Baby Blanket

    Keep up the good work!

  83. Do we have to post every time we leave a comment on your blog? we left loads now, but thought that you get a notification each time a comment is left so we didn;t need to post here

  84. Commented on your blog #8

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  85. Commented on your blog #9

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    I live above a star but never burn. I have 11 neighbors but they never turn. My initials are p, q, r and sometimes s. What am I?

  94. And finally, comment number 30 (which I believe was on the little wooden toys for young tots).

    Say my name and I disappear. What am I?

  95. Moo told me we need to leave a comment for each blog post comment we made. I have a few and this is to tell you about 1.

  96. Last one from me for now. 14 comments on others posts in your blog. Thanks for the great comp, its actually quite nice to have a comp where you have to work a bit for your entries.

  97. Wow – what a fantastic prize!

    It is hard to whittle it down to only three however for my one year old daughter these are my top three choices;

    1st – Wooden Baby Walker – she is just finding her feet now so this is a must have, plus its great value at the moment.

    2nd – Dummy & toy strap – Titum NYC She loves her Sophie the Giraffe but it is easily lost out of the buggy. I have just spotted these. What a great idea, good for dummys too!

    3rd – Plan Toys Punch & Drop This is great fun for babies. Again great price for quality wooden toys. Not on the high street.

  98. Top of my Xmas Wishlist would be:

    1) Fair Trade Organic Butterfly Blanket
    2) Celtic Herbal Rose Garden Gift Box
    3) Cuddly Flower Bunny – so cute!!!

  99. My (and my childrens) xmas wish list would be,
    * Super Chefs Kitchen
    * Zoomster Bunny
    * Davos Snow Sledge
    But we love so much more!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Posted another comment. Might have to swap that awesome bike into the top three list. Id have the coolest eco-toddler on the block.

  101. Hard to choose just three but here goes….Marble Run Master Builder Set (wowee!), lovely Cwtch sheepskin boots and the Green Dolls house please!

  102. I’ve shared on Facebook – the link you have at the top to share on Facebook needs updated as it’s for your halloween competition.

  103. My top three are:
    Early rider bike (2-4 years with the brown seat)
    Whip-it up mixer
    Plan Toys Concertina Musical Instrument

    That was hard chosing!

  104. My 3 items from Bapi Pur that would make it to the top of my shopping list would be……

    A Beco Butterfly in Paige
    Some more Bumgenius & Itti Bitti Tutto nappies
    A pair of Frugi Hedgehog Pyjamas

  105. The top 3 items on my list are:
    Frugi – Baby Girl Spot Snuggle Fleece
    Plan Toys My First Doll’s House
    Sheepskin baby boots – Pink

  106. Aha,
    my top three are the tots bots Christmas nappies, (got my reindeer today!), the close caboo, (Christmas pressie to me, from me for the arrival of number two, due beginning of jan), and the wooden toddler jigsaw butterfly.

  107. Top of my shopping list would be:
    1. Organic Cotton Blue Spots Bathrobe
    2. Fair Trade Fairytale Princess Clock
    3. baby Organic Moses Basket

  108. This would make a fantastic Christmas treat for our baby top 3 items

    Frugi Reversible Snuggle Fleece
    Sheepskin baby boots
    Dancing alligator

  109. My top 3 items on my list are:
    Fire Engine, Station & Firefighters
    Healthy eating Kitchen and Market Stall
    Early Rider Classic Wooden Bike

  110. My wishlist would be:

    Close caboo carrier
    orgainic moses basket and stand
    bamboo nursing top

    Ready for bambino number one’s arrival in January!

  111. top 3 presents for me would be:

    Early Rider for Teddy
    Bumgenius trainers for Teddy who will be PT’ing after xmas so perfect timing for the new release of BG range
    Haba play food set for our new playhouse in the garden

    It’ll be a fabulous xmas indeed! x

  112. This is tough! I’d be choosing the city rail and road adventure, some nifty huggalugs for his stocking and a caboo carrier for me when the next baby comes! So many lovely things to chose from though!

  113. Oo there’s too much to choose from! But if you twisted my arm…

    1)Frugi – Girls Owl Appliqué Dress
    2)Plan toys Victorian Dolls House Deluxe Set (I can dream lol!)
    3)Wooden Farm and Animals in wooden box set

  114. The top 3 pressies on my list would be

    City – Plan Toys Parking Garage
    City – Plan Toys Airport
    Fortress Castle & Soldiers in a Box

  115. My top 3:

    The Moby D wrap

    The trio pack of Christmas Easyfit

    The Early Rider Classic…

    Oh, to be a Babipur little elf 😉

  116. My top three items would be:

    – Plan Toys Green Dolls House & Furniture Set (My toddler loves dolls house’s at the moment though I’ll admit the ‘green’ element is probably more something I find cool than she’d understand at the moment!)

    – Wooden Toy Ice Lolly Set

    – Plan Toys City – Road and Rail Standard

  117. Wooden Push along Walker with Blocks
    Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House Deluxe Set
    Educo Pound & Tap Bench

  118. 1)Frugi – Dino Layered Top
    2) Organic Snuggle Snowsuit Suit – Green
    3) Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring

  119. my 3 items would be:
    Eduo discovery spaceship and lift
    pirate ship
    fortress castle and soldiers in a box.
    my son would love these

  120. My 3 chosen items would be:
    1. The Wooden Victorian Dolls House
    2. The Wooden Play Fridge Freezer
    3. The Frugi – Blooming Breton Dress

    Everything on the site is too lovely!! xx

  121. The top three items on my Christmas list would be:

    1. Big red bus hook
    2. Large dinosaur A-Z jigsaw
    3. Haba Marble Run – Master Building Set!!!

  122. My list from babipur is:

    1)Plan Toys Terrace Dolls House
    2)Cozy&Zmooz Natural Colour Comforter
    3)Huggalugs Organic Baby Leg Warmers


  123. The 3 items that I would choose would be-

    Moby D wrap
    Plan Toys Terrace Dolls House
    Frugi Girls Printed Party Dress

  124. my top three items would be :
    The wooden Kitchen
    Early Rider Bike
    Fair Trade rag doll

    twitter @mummee 24
    facebook clare louise allen

  125. The 3 items on my list would be:

    frugi puddle goose wellies
    early rider classic balance bike
    Chelsea washing machine

  126. tweeted comp on twitter as @mrspmt
    My Favourite are
    Haba Food Basket
    Super Chefs Kitchen
    Early Rider Classic Blue 2-5

  127. I’d love…

    Plan Toys Build ‘n Roll Marble Run
    Plan Toys City stuff
    Bumgenius nappies (the new prints due to come out!!)

  128. My top three:
    1. Organic Snuggle Snowsuit Suit – Green
    2. Sheepskin baby boots – Blue
    3. Trio pack | Christmas easyfit

  129. I adore the Piccalilly Ditsy Dot Sausage Dog Scarf

    The Toy Kitchen Set – Solid Alder Wood Play Kitchen is just the sweetest, could see my little girl cooking away on this!

    And seeing and my girlie loves blankets we would have to go for the Pink Patchwork Crochet Blanket.

    Shared and liked on FB xxx

  130. My three items would be:

    Picalilly Ditsy Floral Pyjamas
    Frugi Girls Owl Applique Dress
    Organic Snuggle Snowsuit – Berry

  131. alder wooden kitchen that is soooo sweet.
    organic cotton pink spots bathrobe- purely because my likkle babes needs one!!(and it’s lovely too)
    frugi dalmation fancy tights omg have you seen how cute they are??

    shared fb and tweeted.xx

  132. Rocking Sheep – Ivory Fleece Ram (Made in Wales)
    Buy Now

    Dolls House Victorian Deluxe Set
    Buy Now
    Plan Toys Terrace Dolls House
    Buy Now

  133. I am blind, I use the computer with the aid of specilised software, My fav 3 gifts are:

    Early Rider Bike
    Quadrilla Marble Run

    thank you………..

  134. What an amazing prize.

    As my little girl will be one year old on christmas day. It is just soooo difficult to choose only 3 items, however: The 3 items from babipur that would make our christmas and birthday wonderful would be:

    A gorgeous tots bot as I always use flip nappies I am bursting to try something new- possibly the ginger design as its so pretty

    A lovely pair of sheepskin baby boots in tan.

    and… a citrus detox gift box.. just for me!!!

  135. WOW! Amazing news after an evening in the hospital with a fluey baby. Thank you for brightening a snotty morning, and for running such a brilliant competition! <3

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