Win your Christmas Shopping at Babi Pur!

Babi Pur Christmas Shopping CompetitionThe Prize

One lucky winner will receive £200 in vouchers to spend at Babi Pur or your Christmas shopping with us refunded.  (up to the value of £200 and any excess made up with vouchers)

How to enter

All you need to do is comment below with the answer to the following…     Which 3 items from the Babi Pur website would make it on to the top of your Christmas shopping list?

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All entries need to be with us before midnight on the 9 of December.  The winner will be chosen at random on the 10th December 2010.  If you have already bought your Christmas gifts we will refund your order up to the value of £200 and if your order was less than £200 we will pay you the excess in vouchers.


  1. My top 3 would be
    1. Racing Car – Pedal Sit on Car
    2. Plan Toys Parking Garage – Wooden Play Garage
    3. Fair Trade Dinosaurs – Diplodocus Soft Toy

    You have really fantastic stuff on the website but these would be my top three xmas items

  2. My top 3 xmas wishlist items from the BabiPur Website has to be

    1; City – Road & Rail Adventure

    2; Tori – Folding Rocking Horse

    3; Dolls House Victorian – Plan Toys

  3. A navy stripe ecobubs
    Nurse rag doll (for me to put in my office at work!)
    the wooden kitchen (although where on earth id put i dont know!)

  4. I think it would have to be;

    1. Racing Car Pedal Sit on Car
    2. Plan Toys Parking Wooden Play Garage
    3. Wooden Noah’s Arc

  5. Our top 3: The Bikes, The ride on car; the wooden play castle. though hard to pick the top three. Pete’s special sledges were up there too!!

  6. Top of my christmas list from the Babipur website would be an organic snuggle suit in berry, a hedgehog wooden jigsaw puzzle and a ‘groovy’ weehuggers!

  7. My top 3 would be:
    Sophie the Giraffe
    Organics for Kids Baby Hoody Top – Nautical Red Stripe
    Organic Cotton Children’s Dressing Gown – Bathrobe

    Lovely range of products on the site but these are adorable !

  8. Difficult to pick which items I would want; I am a big fan of wooden toys so

    -push along wooden duck
    -city plan toys – parking garage
    -Pili Pala Stripe Bubble Dress

  9. 1. I love wooden toys, and my 2 year old son Bertie is Digger crazy; so I’d have to get him the “Plan Toys Crane set” and “Plan City Construction Vehicles”.

    2. I’m tempted to choose cloth nappies for 9 month old Baby Arthur, but they’d be more for me than him (cloth makes me smile!!), so I think he’d love the “I’m toys Paddie Rider” in the cute “Calffy” cow to chase his big brother around on.

    3. Finally for the third little boy in my house….. the “Click Clack Tree” is absolutely beautiful & would make an excellent de-stress toy for my Husband Mark’s home office!!!

  10. This week I will be ordering

    1. Victorian Dolls House & also the Asian family who will move in on Christmas day!

    2. The Knitted doughnut set

    2. The Green Baby Red ‘elephant’ top

    Hope I win! Emily x

  11. I love wooden toys so these would be my top 3
    1.Green Doll House & furniture
    2.London Bus
    3.Easy Rider in Pink! Yummy

  12. Top 3 things for us are:
    1. Organic Snuggle Snowsuit Suit – Pink
    2. Green Baby Coral Stars Sleepsuit
    3. Little Life – Arc 3 Travel Cot

    signed up for newsletter

    Following on Twitter and retweeted

  13. 1. Fair Trade Embroidered Playmat
    2. Fair Trade Flowers & Butterfly mobile
    3. Floral Rose Dress

    love these! 😀

  14. My top three would be:
    1) Fair Trade Organic Go Dotty!
    2) Plan city deluxe pack
    3) City – Plan Toys Eco Town with Play Mat

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  17. 1. My first dolls house with all the furniture
    2. weehugger hobo bag (assuming they’re instock by Christmas
    3. A ecobubs :0D

  18. 1. Calffe rider
    2. Kitchen set – I’d like all of the matching units too (and an extension for our house!)
    3. Any of your clothes for girls, they are all lovely. I’d need a bigger wardrobe then too…

  19. All you need to do is comment below with the answer to the following… Which 3 items from the Babi Pur website would make it on to the top of your Christmas shopping list?

    Hmmm i’ll stay away from the nappies as that’s just to obvious – although i really want an ecobub after watching the vidoe on youtube.

    1. Green Dollhouse with Green Furniture – this is amazing i’ve never seen anything like it before
    2. ‘Cwtch’ Sheepskin Baby Boots hand made in Wales by Inch Blue – Pink – we live in the highlands of scotland so these sheepskin boots would make for cosytoes this winter!
    3. I love all the kitchen stuff so was difficult to choose but i’m going for the toaster as i would love a real one that looked like that : )

  20. My wish list:
    1) Moon & Stripe Playsuit Blue
    2) Organic Blue Baby Booties
    3) Ecobubs Nappy – Baby Blue & Choc Stripe

  21. Ooh I just realised the closing date is my birthday! Now that would make a lovely present as I always end up spending any birthday money on Christmas presents for other people!

  22. Our top 3 would be:

    1. Wooden Toboggan Snow Sledge

    & since we will need to keep warm while falling off our new sledge & rolling around in the white stuff:

    2. Frugi organic clothes
    3. Piccalily fairtrade clothes

  23. Fair Trade Toys – Mini Owl Rattles Pink and Blue – these are so cute!

    Plan Toys Parking Garage – Wooden Play Garage

    Tori – Folding Rocking Horse

  24. 1. Frugi – Mulberry Petal Stripe Tunic Dress
    2. Fair trade rag doll – Bonnie
    3. Set of Bumgenius Organic Nappies

  25. Bathrobe – Organic Cotton Pink Spots
    Pili Pala Stripe Bubble Dress
    Pili Pala Organic Cotton Childrenswear – Bird Print T-Shirt

  26. My top 3:
    1. Early Rider Evo 3-6 Years for my eldest boy
    2. Organic Softies – Pullalong Dog for my youngest
    3. Relax with Lavender Gift Box for me!

  27. My top three:

    1) Fortress Castle & Soldiers in a Box
    2) Wooden Toy Kitchen Set
    3) Imajo Fair Trade Rag Dolls – Bonnie

  28. These 3 items would be at the top of my Christmas Shopping List……

    1. Crochet Geko
    2. Tweety Bird Rattles
    3. Sophie the Giraffe

  29. My top 3 could be:
    1. Rocking Lamb – Jacob Fleece
    2. Dolls House Victorian Deluxe Set
    3. Wooden Baby Walker

  30. Already a facebook fan and signed up for newsletter.

    1. Racing Car Pedal Sit on Car
    2. Plan Toys Parking Wooden Play Garage
    3. Wooden Noah’s Arc

  31. My favourite 3:

    Fair Trade Hand Knitted Cotton Vegetable Rattles Toy

    Wooden Childs Bike – Early Rider Classic 2010

    BPA and Melamine Free Baby Feeding Set

  32. 1. Ovale xylophone for musical babies
    2. Plan toys solid drum
    3. Plan Toys Push Along squeaky duck

  33. We like…
    Plan Toys Road and Rail Adventure
    So cool! I don’t think little ‘un would get a look in, I’d be playing with this.
    Fair Trade Crochet Toy Tea Set – Teapot & Two Mugs
    This looks lovely- Robyn could have a wodnerful tea party with it.
    Plan Toys Wooden Bulldozer Toy
    I really like the look of this, it looks like it would be great fun to play with.

  34. My top 3 (well little Niamh’s actually!) for christmas would be:

    1. kitchen – wooden complete kitchen
    2. kitchen plates, bowls and cutlery
    3. merino wool knitted cardi

    Because my little girl loves playing with food,a nd the cardi looks so cute and snuggly, and perfect for the scottish winter!

  35. My three items would be:

    1. Piccalilly Blue Playsuit
    2. Plan Toys Oval Xylophone
    3. Organic Flip in butternut

  36. My top 3 Christmas list:

    1. bumGenius 4.0 Prints – Chelsea Perry Artist Series
    2. Huggalugs Organic Baby Leg Warmers
    3. Solid Wood London Bus Toy


  37. …and I subscribed to Babipur TV channel on youtube and commented on the Bumgenius v4 Aplix video 🙂

  38. what a choice of lovely gifts!
    my top three christmas gifts for my little babi would be
    1 plan toys baby walker (perfect for encouraging her first steps)
    2 paddie rider lambie or calffie (so she can then zip around the house)
    3 wooden activity blocks (to stimulate her senses)
    Great stuff!!!

  39. My Top 3…

    Ecobubs Nappy – Pink Strips
    Sophie the Giraffe
    ThinkBaby Complete Feeding Set – Orange

  40. 1. Wooden trike (bought last week!)
    2. Plan toys road & rail adventure
    3. Green baby padded pram suit (for baby no 2 due 2011!!)

  41. I would choose:

    Baby booties (Pink)
    Organic cotton pink spots bathrobe
    Babyboo – Organic citrus bodywash

    x x x

  42. The 3 items which would make it to the top of my shopping list would be:

    – Wooden London Hackney Cab
    – Wooden Noah’s Ark Toy and Animals
    – Wooden toy plates, bowls and cutlery set

  43. Three items at the top of my list would be:
    1. Cloth Nappies! (I want to try BumGenius 4.0, Ecobubs Wool Pocket Nappies, and the Pop-In Dream Dri V3.
    2. Pili Pala Bird House Baby Gro
    3. Sophie the Giraffe

  44. Hmm – that would mean all my Christmases coming at once. My top three would be (for my little girl, due 9 days before Xmas)

    1. Plan Toys pull along caterpillar
    2. The leather baby shoe – Sailor and Anchor (who can resist an anchor motif!)
    3. Organic Snuggle Snowsuit in green – to match her pram….hmm – or maybe berry. Both are lovely.

    It’s allll lovely… 🙂

  45. My favorite item:

    * Dream Dri V3 Multipack 20 Nappies


    * Close Parent Free & Dri Change


    * Tote Nappy Bags.

  46. hi great selection to buy on babipur online
    top 3 gifts
    for my 2yr old son: The early rider classic bike
    for my 3month old daughter: Sophie the giraffe
    & An organic softies
    classic Rag doll

  47. my top 3 is:

    For the my handsome Asger 2 years, the new baby due in april and for mummy when breastfeeding starts again.

    BPA and Melamine Free Baby Feeding Set
    1 Ecobubs wool pocket nappy with 2 inserts
    Silk & Wool Washable Breast pads by Imse Vimse 14cm

  48. The TotBots EasyFit V2 5 pack – as we are just about to have a baby (in 5 weeks!) and I still need just a few more nappies…

    The Oval Xylophone as I am a musician and I’d like to encourage my baby to have fun with music!

    And the Frugi Diva Blossom Breastfeeding dress – because it’s gorgeous and all my money has been spent on baby things for months so it would be nice to have something for me!

  49. Hi
    In my christmas basket I would have .
    Organic ellie comforter (for my friends baby )
    Huggalygs leg warmers (For another friends baby )
    Woden toaster (for my little girl )

    Love everything in your shop Im 9 weeks pregnant soooo exited to come and shop with you soon xxx

  50. these 3 make it to top of my xmas list

    Farm & Animals in a Box
    Dolls House Victorian – Plan Toys
    Plan City Deluxe Pack

  51. So many lovely things… but I think my boy would love:

    1. Plan Toys Wooden Trike
    2. Plan Toys Fire Engine
    3. Green Baby Stripe Pyjamas

  52. My favourites would be:
    1. Plan Toys Kitchen centre with breakfast set, fruit set, and plates
    2. Early Rider Classic
    3. Crocheted Tea Set.
    Thankyou for the giveaway!

  53. It’s hard to pick a top three from so many lovely things, but:
    1. 5 pack Totsbots Easyfit V2, as that’s what brought me here in the first place
    2. Crocheted owl rattles – so cute!
    3. Plan toys green doll house – very unique
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  54. So many gorgeous things it’s hard to pick, but mine would be:

    1)I’m Toys Paddie Rider – Lambie
    2)Green Baby Purple Padded Snowsuit
    3)Organic Softies – Pullalong Dog

  55. My top 3 from your website would be:

    1) Easyfits for my friends who are about to become first time parents and the girl lost her mother last christmas so this would be the icing on her cake when her little one comes in 2 weeks time (i’m hoping the bubs will come on my 30th on 6th Dec :))

    2) all the kitchen set for Teddy – the colours and the role play would be amazing for his language development as he is deaf so this would help his cognitive development

    3) Frugi stuff – nothing beat helping a british company and their beautiful organic stuff!

  56. My top 3:
    1) Early rider classic bike
    2)Frugi Mulberry Crush Reversible baby fleece
    3) Crocheted tea set – spotty purple

  57. Wow what a response to your competition!
    We will have no chance, as im no tweeter or facebook-er but i keep trying because one day we may just have a sparkle of luck.
    My 2r old daughter is in love with your:
    1. Plan Toys kitchen set
    2. Plan Toys shopping cart
    and i would love to get her an,
    3. Early rider classic bike.
    All a bit of a dream for a single mother but my family have all said they would chip in with me for christmas- the kitchen may just become a reality…. (and i found you because you have the best price online.) Fingers crossed,arms and legs crossed, eyes tightly shut………

  58. The 3 items from the Babi Pur website which would make it to the top of my Christmas shopping list are:

    Wooden Easy Rider Bike
    Wooden Dolls House
    Wooden Train Set

  59. The top three items on my list would be…
    1)Plan Toys Railway Station with Road & Rail
    2)Arc 3 Travel Cot by Little Life
    3)Itti Bitti Tutto (jade)

  60. My top 3 from the babipur website would be:
    1) weehuggers hobo wetbag (please oh please be in stock in time for xmas!)
    2) wooden baby walker
    3) green baby purple padded snowsuit

  61. excellent choice for organic stuff, I love it,thank you!!!
    my favourites are so many, but the 3 chosen are:
    1) Plan toys railway station with road+rail
    2) Plan city deluxe pack
    3) Rocking sheep ivory fleece ram,simply gorgeous!!!

  62. Hi babipur
    I just had my first baby and since I care for my family’s health, workers’ rights and environement… I am happy that I found you! And… I love your products (I found you looking for the best reusable nappies and found a world of lovely items) and your kindness!
    (fb fan)

  63. My top items would be:

    1. Plan City – Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    2. Deluxe Plan Toys Dolls house
    3. Fair trade sneakers

  64. My top 3 would be
    1. Early Rider – Classic Blue
    2. Plan City Deluxe Pack
    3. Wooden Noah’s Ark Toy and Animals

    Would have been easier to make a top 10!! Too many great gifts 🙂

  65. Hi, these are my favourites:

    Plan Toys Green Dolls House & Furniture Set
    Think Baby Baby Feeding Set in orange
    Wooden Childs Bike – Early Rider Classic

    Stunning! Thanks for doing the give away xx

  66. My top 3 would be:

    1) The large boy and girl Bunny Dolls (They are SOOOO Cute)

    2) Eco Baby Guide (A must have for a new mum like me)

    3) Think Baby Feeding Set (Its Lovely and so different)

  67. 1. Pill Pala stripe playsuit
    2.Plan City road and railway station
    3.Pirate ship bookends

    And just about everything else that you sell!!!!

  68. 1. Plan Toys Green Dolls House & Furniture Set
    2. Plan Toys kitchen set
    3. Plan Toys Shopping Cart
    Am following on Twitter (@cheryl7003) and have Retweeted, am following on facebook.

  69. My favourite 3 items are:
    1) Large crocheted tortoise
    2) Rocking Lamb – Jacob fleece
    3) Fortress castle and soliders in a box

  70. 1 Royal Bengal Tiger
    2 Pili Pala Organic Cotton Childrenswear – Stripe Jumpsuit
    3 Babyboo-organic Lavender Foaming Cleanser

    follower on twitter @twinklenicci
    follower on fb nicci jane cowdell-murray and have uploadded a pic
    have retweeted

  71. The three items for my shopping list would be –

    1.Fair Trade Wooden Jungle Fun Bookends
    2. Solid Wood London Bus Toy
    3. Naturally Organic Bamboo Fibre Nursing Top

  72. The 3 items I would choose:

    1 – Pink Fairtrade Ballerina Dress
    2 – Fair Trade Flowers clock
    3 – Organic Snuggle Snowsuit (Berry)

  73. the 3 items i would choose are:
    1.Yictorian dolls house
    2.Tori-folding rocking horse snuggle snowsuit-pink
    🙂 xxx

  74. My top 3 items would be:

    1) Plan Green dolls house (and a million bits to go with it!)
    2) Easy Rider classic bike
    3) Roseanne rag doll

  75. 1. Plan Toys Railway Station
    2. Pili Pala Stripe Jumpsuit (lush!)
    3. Wooden Ride on Paddie Rider – Calffy


  76. top of my Christmas list:
    Green dolls house with furniture for my daughter
    city- Plan toys parking garage for my son
    a set of Easyfits for my baby due in March 🙂

  77. top 3 for christmas list-

    Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House Deluxe Set

    Wooden Noah’s Ark Toy and Animals

    Wooden Castle and Soliders Toy in a Wooden Box

  78. My top 3:
    1) Ecobubs Nighttime pack (really want to try cloth at night, but not been brave enough!)
    2) Sheepskin baby boots in blue (lovely)
    3)Pili Pala Stripe Jumpsuit (so cute)

  79. My top threee are:
    1. Lanka Kade Whale puzzle
    2. Plan toys victorian dolls house deluxe set
    3. Organic softies pull along dog

  80. I have also been writing reviews of the products i have purchased on your website. I know this is not one of the specifications of the competition but i am so happy with them id thought id let you know. You have already sold out of the Plan Toys Washing Machine and Oven i see, so i cannot upload a review. They must have been really popular. Or maybe we bought the last one! Anyway we are super happy. My daughter loves them. You have the best prices i could find and ive been telling lots of friends about your site. Keep up the good work. Oh and we just recieved the Plan Toys tea set and the saucepans that i bought from you. Brilliant. My daughter is starting to play on her own and let me get on with sewing. Life saver! Many Thanks 🙂

  81. I have also posted you new competition link to my facebook page 😉

    Are we looking desperate yet?! Well i suppose we are not the only ones! I sold all my daughters toys recently to make some money to buy her the plan toys kitchen pieces. I have also been busting my guts this winter in making toys that i will sell at a christmas fair to raise more funds. Im still desperatly trying to track down an affordable Plan Toys fridge. I may have to sell my body as well. It will hopefully add an extra £10 to the kitty! Plan Toys are too addictive. I had to resist buying your trolley too or i would not have enough money for the bills this winter. Anyway this is probably my last possible entry, done all i can. Have a great Winter in Wales! All the best, Stitching single mum and crazy exhibitionist toddler xx

  82. Green Baby Coral Star Sleeping Bag
    Organic Cotton Children’s Dressing Gown – Bathrobe
    Plan Toys Railway Station with Road & Rail

  83. The top 3 that mine have/are getting for Christmas are;

    The fire engine walker (they both love this for ram-raiding)
    The wooden sorting bus
    The fairy rag doll- I LOVE this 🙂

  84. Such a toughie but my top three items from the website would be:

    – Towelling baby bathrobe
    – Large Crochet Stegosaurus (to match her new dinosaur outfit which I am so excited about it’s probably not healthy!)
    – Plan Toys banjo

  85. Piccalilly Little Star hat (with ears!)
    Sophie the Giraffe
    Hooded towel

    I love your products and only hope for more babies and children to buy for soon!!

  86. My top 3 would be:

    1. Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House Deluxe Set
    2. Fair Trade Rag Doll – Bonnie (cute!!)
    3. Plan Toys Wooden Toy Animal Set

    So much loveliness!

  87. My top 3 are:

    Green Baby Coral Star Sleeping Bag
    Bathrobe – Organic Cotton Pink Spots
    Spotty/Stripy Reversible Blanket

  88. Frugi Blossom Kaftan Top
    Alphabet watercolour Flower & Fairies
    Green Dollhouse

    P.S any chance of stocking Tree Blocks?

  89. My top three item would be reusable nappies x three!!! But I also like the Royal Bengal Tiger for my eight-week old baby born in the year of the tiger, and the wooden abacus.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!!!

  90. I love those:

    * Frugi – Greengage Pond Dipper Snuggle
    * Huggalugs Organic leg & arm warmers
    * Poncho Style Baby Bathrobe with Big Floppy Spotty Ears and Hood – Piccalilly


  91. My top 3 would be
    1 – Itti Bitti Tutto
    2 – some lovely babylegs
    3 – a rocking sheep (though I would be tempted by more great nappies!)

  92. Plan toys – Eco house with furniture (have bought for my 2 year old son for Christmas)

    Plan toys – Road and rail adventure

    Frugi Peckish Pengiun Organic Set (he REALLY doesn’t need any more clothes but how cute would the baby look in the xmas photos wearing this!)

  93. My top 3 would be:

    Organic Cotton Children’s Pyjamas
    Crocheted Pink Unicorn
    Lazy Baby Away with the Fairies Hoodie


  94. My top 3 xmas wishlist items from the BabiPur Website has to be
    1. Spotty Kimono Romper – Berry
    2. Moon & Stripe Playsuit Pink
    3.Butterfly Garden Baby Vest

  95. My top 3 would be:
    Organic Softies – Pullalong Horse
    Butterfly Garden Gift Set
    Moon Spot and Stripe Blankets


  96. My top 3 Christmas gifts from the Babipur website would be:

    1. Plan City – Road & Rail City Transportation
    2. Plan City Fire Station
    3. Large Snake A-Z Jigsaw

  97. Hi Liis, you’ve commented on last years competition – but we will have a new Christmas comp very soon! We also have a comp to win £100 to spend on HAPE toys at the moment on the first page of this blog 🙂

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