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Mama Baby Wise has been created by two American doulas (birth assistants) Jessica and Jessica. They are both based in Snowdonia and have a passion for supporting women during the powerful and sometimes challenging time of pregnancy.  They’re excited to announce the launch of their new website and the Mama Baby Wise product range.  The Mama Baby Wise collection is made with therapeutic grade aromatherapy essential oils and lovingly chosen flower essences combined into room sprays, roller balls and body oils.

All of their products have been designed with pregnant women and their support network like birth partners, family & friends or  caregivers like doulas/midwives in mind. This means that some of the products are just for women to use either while pregnant or post-natal, or the support people/family to use during the same exciting but transitional times of pregnancy and new family life afterward.

In their work as complementary therapists and doulas, their main passion has been supporting women and families. Jessica and Jessica soon found that they wanted to create a line of self-care products that people could use to support themselves at home or on the go in their daily lives. So they created the Mama Baby Wise line of body oils, room sprays and rollerballs. All of the products in the Mama Baby Wise range are handmade using therapeutic quality essential oils from Aromavision a UK based aromatherapy company. Essential oils are then blended with the finest single source base oils and different vibrational flower essences depending on the intention of the product. Finally they Reiki charge each batch so every bottle has been held with care and attention.

The oils and rollerballs can be applied straight to the body– avoiding contact with sensitive bits like eyes of course. The room sprays can be sprayed in any room or misted about personal space. The essential oils in the products create an instant lift and change as soon as they are experienced. For more information and to see the range of products check out the Mama Baby Wise website.

Jessica & Jessica have kindly given us a lovely gift set to giveaway.  For your chance to win simply LIKE their facebook page here and leave a comment below to let us know when you’ve done it.  A winner will be chosen at random on Monday 25th March, pob lwc!


Winner is Jane Bellis

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  1. Mandi Dixon says:

    I have liked the mamababywise page – why wouldn’t I – it is, they are fabulous!!!

  2. Jane Bellis says:

    Liked your page xx

  3. Staci says:

    Me likey xxxx

  4. tegwen says:

    LIKE!!! I have a 9 week old baby and we use one of the Mama Baby Wise room sprays, Soul Sparkle, it is very uplifting, light and refreshing and is safe to use with newborns. When me and the baby were on self imposed bed rest my 4 year old would come in and spray us with it, it made us all laugh and we all think it smells lovely. I use it when I need uplifting or just fancy a refreshing spritz of yummyness, it feels like a treat.

  5. Gemma Everitt says:

    Loved, Liked & shared x

  6. Clare Carson says:

    I struggled finding the oils I wanted for labour. Great to see there’s now a company focusing on this area of the market!

  7. Mel says:

    Liked! A lot! As a fellow doula I will happily recommend these two, and as a mum-to-be I can’t wait to start using the products.

  8. Michelle Green says:

    Gone and liked 🙂

  9. Stephanie proverbs says:

    Liked x

  10. Jennifer says:

    Liked the page 🙂

  11. Lynn Doe says:

    I have liked, thank you for the lovely giveaway 🙂 xxx

  12. Jane Bellis says:

    Thanks ♥♥♥

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