Win a Close Parent “Dream-dri V3” Pop in nappy test kit!

We’re really impressed with this new version of the already popular Dream-dri nappy.  This new nappy may look similar to the V2… but look more closely and you will see that it has undergone some fantastic improvements.  The dream-dri has moved with the times… it has a lovely soft ‘minky’ inner, it’s slimmer yet more absorbent and the outer is more robust and leak proof.  This test kit contains 2 x complete nappies, a twin pack of biodegradable liners, 1 small tote bag and 1 x dri-nite bamboo booster.

For your chance to win this fabulous test kit, all you need to do is answer the following question by commenting below –

“Is there anything you would like us to stock here at Babi Pur which we don’t already sell?”

BONUS ENTRIES: For bonus entries please leave a separate comment for each of the following you have done :

  • LIKEBabiPur on Facebook
  • ADD fan pictures  to BabiPur on Facebook
  • FOLLOW BabiPur on Twitter
  • BLOG Blog about this competition – mention us on your own blog
  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS about this competition on any UK forum (separate entry for each one)
  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT & tick to receive our newsletters here
  • COMMENT leave a comment on any posts on this blog
  • RETWEET this post
  • SUBSCRIBE to our new Youtube channel BabipurTV & comment on a video for another entry

It is important that you leave separate comments as each comment number is counted as an entry!

All entries need to be with us before midnight on Tuesday 19th October 2010

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198 Responses

  1. Vicki sutcliffe says:

    Would love you to stock wonderoo v2 as they’re fab!! Minky ones are so cute. X

  2. Vicki sutcliffe says:

    Liked on facebook!

  3. Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith says:

    Well 2 things come to mind: 1) Books 2) Stuff for dads


  4. Samantha Jaques says:

    Can I choose 2??! Rumparooz nappies…. my absolute favourite pockets – gorgeous print designs and colours for boys & bombproof!!! ….and Miamoo baby toiletries – we love them, and have trouble finding them sometimes x

    What a fantastic prize- we keep meaning to try a Close nappy as we love the baby carrier!! Fingers crossed here!!!!

  5. Samantha Jaques says:

    I am a Facebook follower x

  6. Bec says:

    Slings would be good

  7. Bec says:

    FB fan

  8. Bec says:

    Pic uploaded to FB page

  9. Bec says:

    Mentioned on MTW (private forum)

  10. Bec says:

    Account holder and newsletter receiver!

  11. Bec says:

    Twitter follower

  12. Bec says:


  13. Hilary says:

    Amber teething necklaces and Greenkids Nappies. Their hemp inserts are the best!

  14. Fiona Taylor says:

    Changing bags

  15. Fiona Taylor says:

    Follow on FB

  16. Fiona Taylor says:

    SUBSCRIBE to our new Youtube channel BabipurTV & comment on a video for another entry

  17. Fiona Taylor says:

    ADD fan pictures to BabiPur on Facebook

  18. Fiona Taylor says:

    FOLLOW BabiPur on Twitter

  19. Fiona Taylor says:

    RETWEET this post

  20. claire says:

    like on facebook

  21. claire says:

    re tweeted

  22. Victoria says:

    I’d like a range of baby basics (plain babygros, tights, etc) in organic cotton- no pink/ blue divide, just a couple of yummy colours that would suit a boy or girl. So much unisex stuff is boring beige, it would be nice to have a wider choice.

  23. claire says:

    following on twitter

  24. claire says:

    created an account

  25. Claire&Osian says:

    Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff, amber teething necklaces, mittens, Welsh language toys

  26. Claire&Osian says:

    Facebook fan

  27. Claire&Osian says:

    Twitter follower

  28. Claire&Osian says:

    Youtube subscriber

  29. Claire&Osian says:

    I have an account

  30. Claire&Osian says:


  31. JamesR says:

    Natural teething aids and remedies

  32. JamesR says:

    Facebook fan

  33. JamesR says:

    Twitter follower

  34. JamesR says:


  35. JamesR says:

    Account holder and nl subscriber

  36. francesca Jones says:

    Hi i would love to win this , i would give it to my sister to try and convert her from disposables she is due in 8 weeks xxxxxxxxxxx

  37. Gwenllian says:

    Wraps, Mei Tai’s and carriers. Wee notion nappies.

  38. Gwenllian says:

    Like BabiPur on FB

  39. Gwenllian says:

    Following BabiPur on Twitter

  40. Jenna says:

    It would be fab if you sold changing bags suitable for cloth 🙂

  41. Jenna says:

    Facebook fan 🙂

  42. Jenna says:

    Following on twitter 🙂

  43. Jenna says:

    Have retweeted post 🙂

  44. Angela Ward says:

    How about selling Fuzzibunz. Or Lollipop nappies.

  45. Angela Ward says:

    I have put Like on my facebook status

  46. Angela Ward says:

    I have put you as like on my facebook status.

  47. Annabelle says:

    facebook fan

  48. Annabelle says:

    have an account and receive newsletter

  49. KateS says:

    I’d like you to stock Rumparooz nappies – I love their prints!

  50. KateS says:

    Following babipur on twitter

  51. KateS says:

    ‘Liking’ Babipur on facebook (I’m a FB fan!)

  52. Kirsty says:

    Account holder and newsletter subscriber

  53. KateS says:

    Created an account and signed up to the newsletter

  54. Kirsty says:

    facebook fan too

  55. KateS says:

    Just added a facebook fan photo

  56. amy green says:

    like on facebook

  57. amy green says:

    account holder

  58. amy green says:

    i would like you to stock wetbags and changing bags.

  59. Ros Milligan says:

    Would love Babipur to stock more eco toiletries for mums, like toothpaste, moisturiser, shampoo and make up! I love Babipur already though 🙂

  60. Ros Milligan says:

    already Like on facebook

  61. Ros Milligan says:

    have posted pictures on facebook

  62. Ros Milligan says:

    have left comments on this blog

  63. Ros Milligan says:

    already have an account and get your newsletter, and love it!

  64. Yasmin says:

    amber necklaces, please.
    and medium bumgenius flips, cos i cant find them anywhere!!

  65. Yasmin says:

    facebook fan 🙂

  66. Claire says:

    Fan on Facebook

  67. Claire says:

    Just started following on Twitter

  68. Claire says:

    Retweeted the competition tweet.

  69. Claire says:

    I have a BabiPur Account

  70. katheirne grieve says:

    I follow on FB and Twitter

  71. Sarah says:

    Would like wonderoo V2 minkee prints! Also flips in butternut and grasshopper

  72. Sarah says:

    LIKE BabiPur on Facebook

  73. Sarah says:

    CREATE AN ACCOUNT & tick to receive our newsletters here

  74. Sarah says:

    SUBSCRIBE to our new Youtube channel BabipurTV & comment on a video for another entry

  75. Stephanie says:

    Mother-ease all in ones. They are as night nappies and love their stay-dry layer which is great for sensitive skin.

  76. Emma says:

    I think you should stock a cruelty free hairbrush.

  77. Emma says:

    Facebook fan

  78. Emma says:

    Mentioned on The Bundle Jungle forum

  79. Claire says:

    facebook fan xx

  80. Emma says:

    have an account and get ur newsletter

  81. Claire says:

    Shared link on fb profile!

  82. Claire says:

    newsletter suscriber

  83. Jenny says:

    Nursing necklaces 🙂

  84. Jenny says:

    LIKE BabiPur on Facebook

  85. Jenny says:

    Added fan picture to BabiPur on Facebook

  86. Jenny says:

    Created an account & receive your newsletters

  87. Jenny says:

    Commented on Mama McCann post

  88. Jenny says:

    Subscribe to your Youtube channel BabipurTV

  89. Lauren says:

    Amber necklaces 🙂

  90. Lauren says:

    facebook fan

  91. Lauren says:

    receive newsletter

  92. Lauren says:

    account holder 🙂

  93. heidi storer says:

    i would like you to stock l’petit prarie 🙂

  94. heidi storer says:

    like on facebook

  95. heidi storer says:

    account holder

  96. Jenraf says:

    changing bags

  97. Jenraf says:

    facebook account

  98. Jenraf says:

    twitter follower

  99. Jenraf says:

    newsletter subscriber

  100. Jenraf says:

    re tweeted

  101. Jade says:

    I have liked on FB and created an account!

  102. victoria says:

    A good selection of baby slings woul be a bonus a

  103. Teresia says:

    I would like to see more washable sanitary pads in your shop, for example Fussybutt Moonbows or Zen Moon! =)

  104. Teresia says:

    I am already a fan on Facebook =)

  105. Claire says:

    Already a FB fan 🙂

  106. Claire says:

    Would love to see you stock some WAHM nappies such as Dunk n Fluff, Holden’s Landing, Fluff and Stuff, Luscious Little Somethings in collaboration – they are amazing stuff.

  107. Claire says:

    posted on babycentre

  108. Claire says:

    posted on cloth nappy tree

  109. Claire says:

    receive newsletter 🙂

  110. Claire says:

    Lots of Claires on this forum! 🙂 Agree with the amber necklaces too 🙂

  111. Asta Neely says:

    Facebook Fan

  112. Asta Neely says:

    Twitter follower

  113. Asta Neely says:


  114. Asta Neely says:

    Subscribe to BabipurTV and commented

  115. Rebecca J says:

    Blueberry’s! Love them… 🙂

  116. Rebecca J says:

    Facebook friend, too.

  117. Rebecca J says:

    Posted on a forum. 🙂

  118. Mel R says:

    Facebook fan

  119. Mel R says:


  120. Mel R says:

    Following Babipur twitter

  121. Mel R says:

    Posted on a forces forum

  122. Mel R says:

    “Is there anything you would like us to stock here at Babi Pur which we don’t already sell?”

    Hmm theres lots of things, deffinately wonderoo minkys!! Have just found these and fallen in love, Natural products for mums and as someone else has already said SLINGS!!

  123. Lynette O says:

    I would love you to stock Fuzzibunz perfect size and Hip Hip’s Real Easy,

  124. Lynette O says:

    twitter followed

  125. Lynette O says:

    facebook liked

  126. Jessabella says:

    organic babywear would be nice!

  127. Jessabella says:

    oh also blueberry’s

  128. Jessabella says:

    I am a FB fan

  129. Jessabella says:

    I am a twitter follower

  130. Jessabella says:

    I am subscribed to your youtube channel

  131. Jessabella says:

    I am subscribed to babypur and recieve newsletter

  132. Samantha Jaques says:

    I have another suggestion….
    NURSING BRAS!! Beautiful ones like Cake lingerie or Hotmilk. I also love Bravado’s nursing tank tops (vests).
    We are sling lovers here too – maybe Beco baby carriers or Rose and Rebellion x

  133. Samantha Jaques says:

    I have an account x

  134. Sarah says:

    I’d like to see fleece and wool soakers and longies. Also vest extenders 😀

  135. Sarah says:

    LIKE on facebook

  136. Samantha Jaques says:

    Uploaded a photo to BabiPur on Facebook x

  137. Kirsten says:

    I don’t know if you can get them here at all (they’re from Canada), but I’ve heard great things about AppleCheeks Envelope covers and inserts and would love to see you carry them if it’s possible!

  138. Kirsten says:

    I like BabiPur on facebook

  139. Kirsten says:

    I follow BabiPur on twitter

  140. Kirsten says:

    Created an account and ticked to receive newsletters

  141. Kirsten says:

    Commented on the post about the new BumGenius v 4.0 artist Series prints

  142. Jennifer McMahon says:

    Ethical parenting books.

  143. Rach says:

    Amber teething necklaces

  144. Rach says:

    liked on facebook

  145. Rach says:


  146. Liz Patel says:

    I would suggest stocking changing bags. Dream Dri pop ins look great.

  147. Vici says:

    Think it would have to be slings for me 😀

  148. Vici says:

    Facebook fan

  149. Vici says:

    Fan photo added on FB x

  150. Carrie-Anne Alexander says:

    “Is there anything you would like us to stock here at Babi Pur which we don’t already sell?”
    BONUS ENTRIES: For bonus entries please leave a separate comment for each of the following you have done :

    More natural toiletries like toothpaste, deodorant would be good : )

  151. Kirsty Fox says:

    Miamoo Toiletries, they are fab!

  152. Vici says:

    Newsletter subscriber

  153. Carrie-Anne Alexander says:

    SUBSCRIBE to our new Youtube channel BabipurTV & comment on a video for another entry

    Done : )

  154. Kirsty Fox says:

    I’m already a fan on Facebook

  155. Kirsty Fox says:

    Follow BabiPur on Twitter @bloomingfox

  156. Kirsty Fox says:

    Retweeted this post on Twitter

  157. Vici says:

    Posted on wee huggers bag blog x

  158. aimee shanahan says:

    liked on facebook

  159. Kirsty Fox says:

    Created an account and signed up for the newsletters

  160. Melony says:

    SUBSCRIBED to your new Youtube channel BabipurTV & commented on a video for another entry

  161. Carrie-Anne Alexander says:

    RETWEET this post

    Done @weegingerfaerie

  162. Melony says:

    Newsletter subscriber

  163. Carrie-Anne Alexander says:

    COMMENT leave a comment on any posts on this blog

    Commented on what’s in your nappy

  164. Carrie-Anne Alexander says:

    LIKEBabiPur on Facebook

    I’m a ‘liker’

  165. Marina Kotrla Topic says:

    please offer us motherease diapers!

  166. Marina Kotrla Topic says:

    and I like you on facebook also

  167. Sarah says:

    Following on twitter

  168. Sarah says:

    retweeted @forcednocturnal

  169. Anneke says:

    would love to see Rumparoos stocked they’re not widely available.

  170. Anneke says:

    Facebook fan

  171. Laura Williams says:

    Fan on facebook 🙂

  172. Laura Williams says:

    Added a pic of Soph in her easyfit 🙂

  173. Laura Williams says:

    Account holder and subscribe to the newsletter

  174. Laura Williams says:

    Follow you on twitter (finally remembered by password!! :P)

  175. Laura Williams says:

    I’d love to see you stock wool and fleece longies. I’m just about to try wool for the first time and would really love a pair of longies for sophie if all goes well! (Sadly I’m far too impatient to knit my own. . . )

  176. Gillian says:

    I really need a small wetbag for carrying washable wipes (clean) so if you could find one and stock it…

  177. Gillian says:

    Commented on BG prints post

  178. Laura McArdle says:

    Would like to see slings

  179. Laura McArdle says:

    facebook fan

  180. Donna C says:

    I’d like to see some WAHM goods.

  181. Donna C says:

    FB fan

  182. Sheindal says:

    A few suggestions:
    I’ve found it very hard to find an ethical winter jacket for my almost 18 month old – there’s a very limited selection of ethical coats for under 3s – I know you stock the Frugi one, but I can’t quite face the fleecy bit 🙂

    Maternity and nursing bras in organic cotton/sustainable fabrics such as bamboo/hemp/soy

    Several people have mentioned slings, but not coats for wearing with a sling – I’m having difficulty finding something to wear over my sling for the baby due this winter – needs to be breathable, organic/sustainable fabric and waterproof and I’d rather not buy from as far afield as the US. Mamajacket, Suses Kinder Coat, MaM all exist to lesser or greater degrees of stylishness but none are completely what I want, though I may have to compromise!

  183. Sheindal says:

    I LIKE BabiPur on Facebook

  184. Sheindal says:

    I HAVE CREATED AN ACCOUNT and receive your newsletters

  185. Laura McArdle says:

    Have created an account and signed up for your newsletter 🙂

  186. Andrea says:

    Following twitter.

  187. Andrea says:

    I am a Facebook fan too 🙂

  188. Carrie-Anne Alexander says:

    FOLLOW BabiPur on Twitter

    I’m a follower

  189. Carrie-Anne Alexander says:

    TELL YOUR FRIENDS about this competition on any UK forum (separate entry for each one)

    Posted on Fluffypost

  190. Karen Scammell says:

    Bathrobe – Organic Cotton Pink Spots
    Pili Pala Stripe Bubble Dress
    Pili Pala Organic Cotton Childrenswear – Bird Print T-Shirt

  191. Penny says:

    Just left a comment on your blog!

  192. Allan says:

    Fan on facebook

  193. Allan says:

    Fan on twitter @alsmonster

  194. Allan says:

    Already have an account with Babipur and receiving newsletter

  195. Allan says:

    Tweeted @alsmonster

  196. Agrita Pamiljane says:

    I would like to se some Laundry detergent, what we can use for reuseable nappies,Ecco frendly and good for baby skin. Like Eco Balls (Hypoallergenic, Softens clothes without needing fabric conditioner, One set of Eco Balls lasts for 1,000 washes)…

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