Win a £200 Christmas Shopping spree with Babi Pur 2012


Massive congratulations to Rebecca Seymour who has won this competition.  Many thanks to all who entered.

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about Christmas.  Of course, you probably already know that Babi Pur is the perfect place to go for beautiful gifts for all the little children on your list and for the Mums too!


We’re giving you the chance to  win £200 to spend on anything you like at Babi Pur this Christmas or you could choose to have your Christmas shopping with us refunded! (November & December orders only, up to the value of £200 and any excess made up with vouchers)


Entering our competition is easy!  If you’re on FACEBOOK you can enter quickly by clicking on the link below.

If you are NOT a facebook user all you need to do is leave a comment below with your answer to the following question…..  “Which 3 items from the Babi Pur website would make it to the top of your Christmas shopping list and why?”

All entries need to be in by Midnight 12th of December and the winner will be notified the next day – pob lwc!


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27 Responses

  1. elgan owen says:

    davos snow sledge
    early rider lite – if she ever gets off the spherovelo that is
    plan toys parking garage saver set

  2. Cara Jones-Barr says:

    I would love to add the BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier for my Christmas present because I love my toddler mei tai and I’m about to have baby number 2 after the new year.
    For my little boy, who is a well deserving little dream, a Hape Market Checkout, Play stall, Till & Scales because he loves playing shop but can’t afford one this year with the new baby arrival and he’s growing out of his little bike so Wishbone 3 in 1, Trike – Small Bike – Bike would be on the list too 🙂

  3. S Cohen says:

    Well, I don’t have a Christmas list as we celebrate Chanukah, but I’d choose a 3 pack of IttiBitti Rainbows Flexi Pads, Plan City’s Road & Rail Deluxe Set and the Frugi Organic Cotton Combat Trousers…A treat for me, a treat for my sons and some new trousers instead of the usual hand-me-downs 🙂

  4. katie says:

    a carrier, tots bots, and toys 😀

  5. Helen says:

    My twins would love matching balance bikes each and i’d love some frugi clothing to dress them in!Happy Christmas Babi Pur! 🙂

  6. A Fraser says:

    On top of our Christmas list would be the gorgeous Victorian Dolls house. Not only will my daughter love this, but I can imagine I will get quite a lot of enjoyment out of that as well.
    My son would love the early rider and the wooden musical instruments (I’m Toys Melody Mix). With what a joy will our house be filled when father Christmas brought those amazing gifts to our house.

  7. Helen says:

    Wow, this would be SO amazing. I’d probably go for the Close Caboo carrier for my baby. My bigger boys would enjoy the Hape kitchen, so they can ‘cook’ together with me. They’ll also love the plan Garage.

  8. Inés Nieto Carvajal says:

    The thing I love more of your shop is the POP in nappies, so I would like a Pop-in +bamboo Middle Box 10 Snowball. And off course, a Rockin’ Green Hard Rock 1.3Kg to wash them.
    I would like a BabyHawk Mei Tai too, to carry my baby.

    You have beautiful products at your shop!!

  9. Caren says:

    Ooh £200 is very generous. I think for our Christmas List it would be:
    1) Wishbone Bike – my 19 month old who has developmental delay and only just on the verge of walking would dearly love to join the other kids in our road for a nightly bike ride. The beauty of this bike is that it looks as though it will last a while AND it is made in my home country – YAY!
    2) 2 x Natural Mattress Cot Protectors – we are getting another addition to the family next March (and hopefully not two months early this time). If there is one thing we have learned is that these things are invaluable. They look better than the ones we currently have as they have elasticated corners and fit the mattress size properly. AND they are made in our adopted country – YAY!
    3) One of the baby slings or carriers. The ones we were given before the first baby were pants and would have been ideal with a premature baby. So we are going to try and get it right this time. I have been following what other people say on the baby sling forums and ALL of the Babipur slings are recommended. They all look good as well. So would have to go to a sling library first to see which one we prefer.

    Hope everyone has a great festive season 🙂

  10. Roxanne says:

    My Christmas Wish List would be the ‘I’m Toys Melody Mix’ for my happy little boy who loves music and noise, the ‘Pintoy Fire Station’ which I could pretend is also for my little boy but is really for my Husband to play with! and a pair of Toby Tiger Red Star Dungarees for our fabulous and ever growing Dungaree collection!
    Please, Santa – I’ve been really good this year!! x

  11. Cigale says:

    Dear Babipur Santa,
    If santa was feeling very generous on top of our Christmas list this year we would put:
    The organic softies classic doll- a doll to cuddle and soft enough to take to bed
    The wooden fire engine walker- to push along with the doll inside.
    And finally the early rider three in one bike- as this is as close to a motor bike we will ever let our daughter get near to.
    Merry Christmas to all

  12. Marie says:

    Hard to choose just three thing however some Frugi clothing such as those fabulous rainbow crawlers that will just look amazing as my little boy takes to his knees, so those padded knees will be essential, he’s so nearly there.
    The red.spherovelo looks amazing and great fun, what little boy wouldn’t love to look back at pictures of his first set of wheels and see this little number with such a fabulous paint job. finally some limited addition fuzzibunz to add to our collection because we simply love them as they’re so simple to use and keep him lovely and dry.

  13. laura says:

    è un peccato che bumgenius non possa arrivare in italia per il mio 2 bambino ma early rider con telaio in alluminio si la adoro!!!!!

  14. Silvia says:

    First of all the Alder Wood Play Kitchen Set Cause my little Sofia loves to “cook” for me cakes and soups;
    The Wooden Dollie Pram cause Sofia adores to take a walk with her doll “Bambolina”;
    the Rocking Black Welsch Ram to ride in the magical word of fantasy;

  15. Rebecca Peters says:

    We would choose The wishbone 3 in 1 bike and classic wooden safety swing because playing outdoors is certainly the very best of our childhood memories so any excuse to spend more time outside with our children and the Rocking Sheep Ivory fleece Ram, not just because its so fantastic and beautifully made but it would become a long term resident, fun for generations!
    All the best

  16. Kati says:

    My list would be:

    Hape Gourmet Play Kitchen White
    Toby Tiger Applique T-Shirt
    Piccalilly Fair Trade Rainbow Dress

  17. Kaia Pisetzky says:

    Hi, I don’t have a Christmas list either, as we are a Jewish and Tibetan Buddhist family, so we kind of celebrate Chanukah. For that I would get my baby Piccalilly Organic Cotton Pyjamas, because we need pajamas pronto, and these are so lovely, they are hard to resist. I would also get Toby Tiger Rainbow Bright Stripe Playsuit because the lively stripes and colors enhance our baby’s features and add more sunshine to her face, plus they’re very comfortable. The last thing I would get is the Piccalilly Organic Cotton Multi Colour Socks 2 Pack, because we’re growing fast out of ours and need new ones. These look very comfortable.
    Thanks you for the chance.

  18. Sally Buchanan says:

    My Christmas wish list would include the Spherovelo because it is the coolest little bike ever, probably another close pop-in print nappy (the monkey to compete the set) and better include some more nappy liners because you never want to run short of those, especially at Christmas!

  19. Graeme W says:

    The gorgeous “Early Rider Belter”, the really clever “Learning to Tell the Time Activity Clock” and the plain old fun “Hape Park ‘n Go Wooden Garage”!

  20. Delyth says:

    * Fair Trade Wooden ‘Welsh’ Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle – to help my aspiring bilingual toddler (and me!) get to grips with the welsh alphabet
    * Wonky Little Chick Rattles – how cute are they 🙂 distraction for my teething baby
    * Baby Boo Organic Baby Body Lotion – vanilla & orange, vegan & organic, need I ask for more!

  21. Penny W says:

    pila pala merino baby shoes in slate – so scrumptious!
    Jemima Rag Doll – for my almost 1 yr olds first xmas gift
    Piccalilly Circus Pjs – will look fab on my 3 yr old…

  22. Kirsten Ginesi says:

    Dear Santa,
    We would like a Hape food mixer toy to go in our kitchen as we love baking cakes.
    Mummy would like us to have a special Christmas outfit each and we like talking to Robby Robin in our garden so a Frugi Robin dress each would make us all very happy indeed.

    Love Aleyna (3) and Cecile (20 mos)

  23. Allan Middleton says:

    Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House

    Wooden Ride on Paddie Rider – Calffy

    Millhouse Wooden Double Sided Easel

  24. oana H says:

    Well, I will go for an early rider toy, some nappies and toiletries for baby. 🙂

  25. sophie page says:

    Ooh I love this website! I would choose a babyhawk meitai carrier as they look fantastic, a sphereovelo to get my daughter mobile in a few months and anything from the pebble range as I love it, esp the diplodocus!

  26. Lindsay Jones says:

    It is hard to choose as there are so many lovely toys, but I will try.
    The discover balls for the babies.
    The round and round set for toddlers.
    The early rider spherovelo.

  27. Tod Bain says:

    What a great product range you have, perfect Santa’s Workshop.

    Top of my list are:

    Hape Gourmet Grill
    Hape Colour Flutter Butterfly
    Hape E-Racer Monza

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