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CONGRATULATIONS  to Bec (comment No. 37)  who is the lucky winner of our ‘Win 3 Nappies’ Competition! More competitions coming soon…………………  this competition is now closed

We’ve recently added 3 new nappies to our website.  .

To celebrate our new additions, we’re giving away to all three nappies to one lucky winner!   To enter, all you need to do is answer the following question by commenting below “We like lots of things.. flowers… wine… solar panels..  bikes.. nappies… etc  they make us smile!  what do you like?”

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  1. We like kisses, cuddles, Sunday lunch, jumperooing, baby smiles and changing to a cloth bum

  2. I like nappies on the line, candlelit bath with a glass of wine, playing and cuddling with my son and walks in the forest with my son in a wrap and other half on my side 🙂

  3. I like going into Chloe’s bedroom in the morning and finding she’s managed pull the sheets about and shuffle her way upside down and at the opposite end of the cot and looks up at me with a big grin!

  4. I like flowers, playing with my son, going on walks, baths, friends, watching the birds in the garden the sound of babys laughing

  5. I like seeing pretty cloth on the washing line in the sun, my childrens happy smiley faces on a moning & knowing that I am the reason for their happiness, a nicel long soak with a glass of wine & a good book & cuddling up on the sofa with DH & a good film.

  6. Watching and communicating with my son, whatever he’s doing (although I have to sometimes hide my ‘liking’ smile); seeing older persons holding hands; likewise seeing solar panels and new-to-me landscapes

  7. I like red wine – and am looking forward to indulge in a bottle of rioja once baby #2 is here (end of August)! Dw i hefyd yn hoffi babis bach mewn clytiau cotwm, meddal, braf – ac yn edrych mlaen i’r babi i gyrraedd i mi gael prynu rhai!

  8. I like seeing my little boy starting to walk in just his cloth nappy, being pregnant so I have the excuse to buy some new tiny nappies so we are using cloth right from the beginning this time.

  9. I like… my baby’s smile, and the fact that she’s in our world. No, she IS our world 🙂

  10. i like the sound of my baby’s laughter knowing he is laughing with all his heart and just me blowing kisses on his tummy is lighting up his life at that moment.

  11. i like seeing nappies on the washing line too, and my son rolling around the floor in his pretty nappies. I like watching my son sleeping and laughing/smiling. I also like sunny summer days.

  12. I already have an account with you!
    Appreciating the time I have with my children, life is too short, having lost a child at the age of two and a half you have to make the most of what you have got! Little Aaron is the apple of my eye, every second with him is precious!

  13. Facebook fan too!
    I will put a recent pic of Aaron on there.
    I love cloth nappies and deciding which one to put on Aaron, my way of accessorising a boy!

  14. Follow you on Twitter!
    Since using cloth nappies I have become more creative – I now actually look at and understand fabrics! I just love all the designs out there, they get me excited!

  15. i like: watching my baby sleep, hearing her laugh, seeing her get excited when her daddy comes back from work. I also like gorgeous nappies on the drying line, my husband’s home cooked dinners, and chocolate!

  16. I have put up a latest picture of Aaron in his new moo nappy!
    I love his cuddles, I can’t get enough of them!

  17. Have made some reviews on products recieved from you – they are fab!
    I definitly been bitten by the cloth nappy bug! They have helped me make a life changing decision and now have a more positive outlook of my future!

  18. I like the surprised pavement smell when it rains after a long, dry spell.

    I like the first day in a holiday when you forget what day of the week it is.

    I like perfect amount of tea left to amount of biscuit left ratio.

    Oh and family and friends and stuff and the cool little bubba in her cot now- they’re pretty great too x

  19. I like .. my newborn’s smiles … having a lie-in ….. watching my boys grow up …. and cloth bums of course!!

  20. I love my 4 month-old twin girls’ gummy grins, watching them laugh at pull funny faces at each other, fluffy post and choosing who gets which colour nappy, bargains, peonies, driving with the windows down, a good gossip, sleepy milky cuddles, doting daddies.

  21. I like spending time with my baby and mum, going to the cafe on a saturday morning with baby and DH for cappucino and bacon rolls and learning anything new…..

  22. B…..e Happy
    P…..rotects so beautiful
    U…..sing them always
    R…..eusable Nappies

    …………….Regards from Denmark…………..

  23. we like falling asleep nursing, cuddles, raspberries on our belly, waking mummy up by giggling and cooing in the bed xx

  24. 1.liked on FB
    2. added a pic to babipur’s wall on fb (i never did a fan pic before so i hope thats right)
    3. following on twitter (i signed up ages ago but never used it so i had to figure all that out!)
    4. retweeted
    5. mentioned it in my blog

  25. oh no, i only just read that i should have posted separate comments, what a idiot! Do they all still count, i did all them and it took me ages 🙁 i will just comment as many things as i did if thats ok

  26. and finally this counts as the 9th thing. I hope this is ok that i did this, i just wanna be sure my entries count since i did them, i really should read closer next time. Sorry !

  27. I like BBQ’s on hot summer day with my babby rolling around on her blanket nakey except for her cloth bum! Drinking cool homemade lemonade, eating jamaican jerk chicken and bbq-ing marshmallows as the sun goes down!

  28. I like Babi Pur because …….

    Babi pur is just the best,
    If you don’t believe me then put it to the test.
    Happy Mums and fluffy bums,
    Happy babies with full up tums.
    Nappy comps and give aways,
    Their best offers make Happy Days.

  29. I like feeling my 33 week old ‘bump’ kicking my 12 month old baby girl while she is feeding <3

  30. I love the look on my boys face as he covers himself in water from bashing his sippy cup!

  31. I like the smell of washing thats been hung out on the line on a sunny day, it always reminds me of Summer.

  32. I like the smell of freshly cut grass and i love my babies big bottom in a lovely fleece wrap nearly as much as i love her naked bum!

  33. I love the summer days and evenings, especially watching (proudly) my colourful line of nappies drying, and I lost glasses of vino 🙂

  34. cloth nappy competitions! ..and waking up to our daughter shouting ‘daddy!’ in the mornings!

  35. I like… growing veg, my baby’s “ma-bwah, da-da” chatterings, chocolate, and bright sunny days.

  36. I like the smell of summer, the sound of children laughing and a cold glass of wine in the evening after a long day.

  37. I like the look on my daughters face first thing in the morning. It’s as if she is seeing me for the first time and is so excited. It fills me with so much love.

  38. Have left reviews in the past on your website and am looking forward to reviewing the items I’ve just ordered!

  39. We like going for long walks in the sunshine (well I walk she’s a lady of Leisure on my back!)

  40. Milky drunk baby – in the words of the song – ‘I am a milky drinker, I drinks it all of the time!’ to the tune of ‘ I am a cider drinker.’

  41. I like… gorgonzola, recycling, the Beastie Boys, Caddyshack, Tokyo, Converse All Stars, purple eyeshadow, Scrabble and Babi Pur!

  42. we like sunny walks by the lake … feeding the ducks ans crafty seagulls, that catch bread midflight .. swings in the park ..listening to children scream with delight.

  43. I like it when you get a rainy shower right in the middle of a heatwave! Nothing is more refreshing 🙂

  44. I like the fact that Ben & Jerrys do Frozen Yogurt that is just as tasty as the ice-cream but with less calories!

  45. I like relaxing in the sun with a good book, Ice cold cider on a cold day. Hearing my son say ‘mummy’, seeing a little bum showing off some cute fluff, the soft silky feel of a newborn head.

  46. i like giving my baby a cuddle while feeding him his bottle after bathtime and smelling his recently washed hair! mmm

  47. I like walks by the sea with my chatty 2 year old & 5 month old & one size bum genius nappies that will fit either of them.

  48. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing my son looking up from his cot in the morning with a big smile on his face.

  49. I like the sound of a real wholehearted toddler giggle 🙂 And also the Gu chocolate desserts – of any kind!

  50. We like being amazed everyday at how much my baby has changed from the day before, at 5 weeks she is totally different to when she was first born,

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    Posted on uk parents lounge

  53. FLOWERS…………IRIS….BABY’S EYES……………ROSES…BABY’S CHEEKS………….TULIPS..BABY’S MOUTH…………………………………………..AND BABY’S BREATH…..a h h h h h h h …..

  54. travelling through the mountains in a cruising mobile taking in the scenery with my beautifyl baby in his funky washable nappy Yeah. We are in the french alps by the way and hes wearing the winning nappy.
    I like to be positive!!!

  55. my lovely girls from the BC cloth chat – wouldn’t know a thing about cloth nappies if it wasn’t for them!

  56. gurgling, just-fed babies…the smell of jasmine in June…tea in china cups and saucers…fresh nappies on the line…bread baking in the oven…

  57. I like the first time you meet your newborn and look into their eyes and feel more love than you ever knew you had.

  58. I like the fact that you have managed to get 300 comments here – nothing beat the feeling of being in a close-knit cloth nappy community!

  59. Ditto to post 202 – the rain arrived in Leeds in a welcoming fashion – my garden is getting a well deserved drink 🙂

  60. I like feeling my unborn son wiggle around in my belly. I’ll like it even more once he comes out so we can meet him!

  61. We like patting the cloth bottom of my lady baby, love her giggles when she laughs her head off at her big brother, when my son makes up a song about how much he loves his baby sister – he is only three!!!

  62. we like bubbles,cuddles,singing dancing,playing shops,gardening and planting in the pots,drawing pictures,eating ice cream having a bubbly cosy baths. Visitig Gran and anty Megan, Playing with my cat Fluffy drinking apple juice and watching humf x all these thing i love so very very much xxxx

  63. Nothing beats a fresh cut coconut under a Maldivian palm tree aaah (remembering honeymoon :)))

  64. The surprise (and sometimes disgust) on friends faces when I tell them we use reusable nappies and wipes.

  65. i love the way babipur knows not to tell my hubby just how many orders i have placed this week on their website. x

  66. I love waking up in bed next to my beautiful baby every morning and smelling his milky breath. I love the way my two year old daughter grows funnier and wiser every day, and her kisses and hugs even more precious.

  67. Oh and I’ve chose Porthmadog for my summer holiday so I can visit the shop- how exciting ;)- do I get a bonus entry??

  68. I like babipur on French facebook.I like to put washable nappies to my son. It is my third children and I use washable nappies only for him ; i have a lot of regrets of discover it only for him !

  69. im a facebook fan i love your site 😀 i like(love) my boys wide smiles when i go into their rooms in the morning,it makes me smile 😀

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