We’re sending your unwanted shoes to Kenya!

As many of you already know, Josie and I are busy collecting shoes so that we can send them to Issac in Kenya.  We aim to collect enough shoes to fill a huge shipping container and so far, we’ve  collected around 2000 pairs!  Most of the shoes have been collected by local school children here in North Wales.   We’ve had lots of fun with these children who’ve helped us pack the shoes into pairs and put them in boxes and bags.  Many local people from Porthmadog and the local area have also donated bags of shoes and handed them in over the counter at the Babi Pur shop. 

“Shoes to Kenya is a joint venture begun by portrait photographer, Josie Gritten, and Jolene Barton, founder of ecobaby store Babi Pur.

Shoes to Kenya collects unwanted childrens’ shoes and sends them to orphanages and schools in Kenya.

Isaac Ouma travels throughout Kenya educating schoolchildren. He says; “In my visits I see a lot of very needy children when it comes to shoes, including some from very remote primary schools. Over half of the school pupils have no shoes. It would be a great help to the very needy kids in that jiggers, thorns, and broken glass will not hinder their growth and ability to play and learn.”

Please help us send shoes to children in Kenya

We want to send as many pairs of shoes as possible to Isaac Ouma who will hand them out to children in schools and orphanages across Kenya”



Picture of Village children in Kenya taken for us by Issac

Another picture taken for us by Issac

If you would like to help us here at shoes to Kenya or if you would like any more information please have a look at our website shoes2kenya.com or leave your comments below

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    I’ve sent some shoes this morning! x

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