Washable wipes & home made baby wipe solution recipes

washable bamboo baby wipesUsing washable wipes is much more environmentally friendly than using disposables and will save you money as well.  Face flannels make great inexpensive wipes.  The pop-in bamboo wipes  come in a handy wet/tote bag are excellent value for money.  The natural fibre is kind to the environment too.

Fancy making your own solution for washable baby wipes?  Here’s a few recipes… please let us know if you have any more by leaving your comments below

 1. 1 part olive oil, 1 part distilled water and 1 part baby shampoo/bodywash (mix together and pour over wipes)

2. a cup of camomile tea (cooled) a little olive oil and a drop of tea tree

3.  Warm water from the tap!  Many people use just warm water for wiping delicate bottoms.  There is no need to use toiletries on very young babies

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6 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    I use washable wipes all the time! I vary the mix – usually no. 1, but sometimes chamomile tea, although that stains the wipes and makes them look suspect! I take a spray when out and about.
    So much easier than baby wipes, and you don’t have to use as many because the bamboo wipes are more generously sized.

  2. Claire says:

    I saw my friend use a little spray bottle once too, but didnt know what she had in it. I think you can get the little spray bottles from boots. I’m going to give some of these a go. Thanks for the recipes.

  3. Katrina Fairfield says:

    I much prefer using washable wipes. I use a solution of baby wash, olive oil and water. It’s so much gentler on Brodie’s bum and none of those harsh chemicals!!

  4. Charlotte C says:

    I have used washable wipes since around a week after starting in cloth. I love knowing no chemicals touch my little girl and it really isn’t any extra work.
    For a few months I moistened the wipes in evenings so they’re ready to go but now I’ve gone back to having my spray bottle. Takes less time and easier to transport. Also uses less solution.
    I make mine out of chamomile, tea tree oil, lavendar oil, a splash of lemon, a squirt of baby lotion and some aloe vera gel fresh off my plant 😉

  5. Sionedwyn says:

    I’ve just been using the solution that came with my wipes, but it’s starting to run out, so I think I might try one of these next!

    Also I really like the spray bottle idea, the wipes can sometimes develop a musty smell if they aren’t used quite soon after mixing with the solution. A spray bottle would fix that!

  6. Carrie-Anne Alexander says:

    I only just started using washable wipes even though been using cloth since birth – couldn’t find small spray bottles – forgot to check ebay – doh!

    I use a mix of chamomile tea, castille soap, and grapeseed oil – i’ve managed to misplace my teatree and lavender oil.

    Apart from the obvious benefits – environment, cost and no chemicals – i like that i can chuck the dirty wipes in the wetbag or bucket with the nappy so don’t have to find a bin for a disposable wipe or worry about disposable wipes getting in the machine : )

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