Waldorf Dolls at Babi Pur

Waldorf Dolls at Babi Pur

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Peppa Waldorf dolls are new to us here at Babi Pur and we think they’re wonderful. Designed in Belgium by Babylonia and made in India these fair trade dolls are produced where good working conditions and wages are maintained and they’re made using local and sustainable materials. These lovely dolls come in two sizes – 40cm and 28cm.

What are Waldorf Dolls?

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Well, Fair Trade Waldorf Dolls are most commonly known and recognised for their neutral and simple facial expressions designed to encourage children to use their imagination and  to express their feelings and emotions.  Handmade with natural fibres and materials they absorb familiar smells of the home and the world around your child, becoming a comforter, and a familiar little friend  for years to come who will grow with your child and expand their imagination. Children have a natural desire to follow the actions of their parents or other adults around them and these lovely soft and natural dolls easily become the object of role play. By feeding, changing and caring for the doll they’ll learn valuable and practical life skills that they will later transfer onto themselves. Beautiful, natural, soft and simple toys like these spark  and stimulate a child’s imagination while encouraging them to express their feelings and emotions.

A bit of history

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The “Waldorf ”  teaching methods are based on the philosophy of a man called Rudolf Steiner. It was Steiner’s belief  that children should be educated at their own pace in an unhurried way and by concentrating on the creative learning environment. Rather than working to a structured academic following, the curriculum is flexible and works with each individual child, concentrating on their own personal development. “Steiner education” has been popular since it’s beginnings almost a hundred years ago and is increasingly popular today, inspiring people of all walks of life.

We have lots of other lovely stuff in our Peppa and Babylonia range, including two lovely toy carriers – the BB Dolls Toy Mei Tai and BB Dolls Toy Ring Sling. Perfect for copying the grown ups and pretend play, head over to the Babi Pur website to take a look.


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