Vote for Babi Pur Please

Observer ethical awards vote for Babi Pur

Please please please  vote for Babi Pur in the 2012 Observer ethical awards.   Just click on the picture above and fill out the form.  You might even win a trip to Denmark!

If you’ve ever had great service from us, if you’ve ever been amazed by our fast delivery, if we’ve ever given some fantastic advice, if you’ve ever read our articles, reviews or product descriptions or if you just like us then please spare just 1 minute to register a vote for us.

Here at Babi Pur we really do work our little socks off to bring you the best service and the best products.  We listen to our customers and we ensure everything we sell is ethically produced.  We’re still a small family owned business and we juggle bringing up our children with running a busy website.  We think it would be lovely to be nominated and we’d get some much deserved publicity too. So please give us a vote.


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