Violet’s Magic Washing Powder & Bugs Away

Violet’s magic washing powder by Baby Scents  is  ideal for washing all of your family’s clothing especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies. It’s hypo-allergenic and contains unique plant and mineral ingredients.  Not only is it biodegradable and eco friendly, it’s also very effective at getting your washing clean.

The first thing we noticed about this washing powder was how small the tubs are, it’s hard to believe that you can get 20 washes from the smaller tub (500g) and 40 washes from the larger tub (1kg)  this is because the washing powder is very concentrated and doesn’t contain any of the fillers you’d normally have in lots of commercial washing powders.. it’s also worth mentioning that residues from fillers stay on your clothes and can contain chemicals which are deemed to be irritants.  Baby Scents have included a small scoop inside the tubs, and one scoop is all you need for an average sized load of washing.

If you use cloth nappies you’ll love Violet’s Magic Washing powder!   No more ‘strip washing’ due product build up caused by fillers 🙂  and no need to worry about chemical residues next to baby’s precious and sensitive skin.  You could add a scoop of Violet’s Laundry “bugs at bay”  Sanitiser to your nappy wash, this means you don’t need to wash your nappies at high temperatures.  The laundry sanitiser can also be used with eco-balls.

Violet’s magic washing powder contains no phosphates, no sodium laureth sulfate (SLS)  no synthetic colours & fragrance, and no petrochemicals! It’s made in the UK, tested by Teesside University and Vegan society certified.  It’s also recommended by Prima Baby as one of the best laundry detergents for babies!


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