Violet’s Bottom Balm Tried and Tested

We’ve been raving about the new Little Violet’s natural skincare range recently. All natural ingredients, no synthetic fragrances, great for cloth nappies and perfect for sensitive skin.

Thanks to Angela for writing this great real world review for us.

Violets Natural Bottom Balm  

After trying several cloth friendly nappy creams I have found one that works. My little boy wears cloth nappies and occasionally needs a nappy cream. We had tried a very popular cloth safe cream which was not free from artificial scents and experienced an allergic reaction to it, so we’re interested to see Babi Pur stocking a cloth safe and natural scented nappy balm. A lovely little sample pot arrived about a week ago with our order. We have been testing it and love it. It’s been on my little boys bum, the back of his legs, and in the creases in his arms and we have had no allergic reactions- yippee. It worked on nappy rash from teething, and seems to have soothed some of his eczema on his legs and arms. It has a lovely texture, soft enough to rub in without being to greesy and has a lovely mild lavender smell. I think I might have to put some of the other products in this range to the test. We love it.




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