Valentines Giveaway – WIN Fairtrade Chocolate & Cloth Nappies!



CONGRATULATIONS  to Nuala (comment No. 68)  who is the lucky winner of our Valentines Giveaway! More competitions coming soon…………………

Love is in the air…. aaaaah!  It will be Valentine’s Day on Sunday.  If you don’t get what you wished for… don’t fear!  A box of Yummy Fairtrade Chocolates and a bumGenius V3 test kit could be on it’s way to you next week courtesy of Babi Pur.. We’re wonderfully romantic, cloth nappy loving & chocolate mad!

The bumGenius V3 test kit contains –

  • 2 x one size nappies – complete with a newborn insert/booster in addition to the regular insert (the newborn insert is designed to be less bulky on newborns  and can also be used as an extra booster for toddlers)
  • 1 x roll of biodegradable liners
  • 1 x handy wet bag

To enter all you need to do is answer the following question by commenting  on this post…“Which washable nappy is your favourite?”

BONUS ENTRIES: For bonus entries please leave a separate comment for each of the following you have done :

  • BECOME A FAN   of BabiPur on Facebook
  • FOLLOW   BabiPur on Twitter
  • COMMENT   leave a comment on any posts on this blog
  • REVIEW  any  product on our website
  • RETWEET this post

All entries need to be with us before 12.01am on Tuesday 16th Feb 2010

Good Luck!


  1. 1. Favourite washable nappy = Bumgenius organic
    2. I’m following you on Twitter
    3. I’m a Facebook fan

    Above are my 3 entries to hopefully win the nappies and the chocolate. I love the website and Babipur are very helpful and friendly!

    Happy Valentine! Andy XXX

  2. Our favourite washable nappy is the BumGenius V3- no leaks, plus it’s soft and easy to care for. You just bung ’em in the washer and they come out practically dry.

    P.S. I’m also a fan on Facebook 🙂

  3. love them what a great prize ! Id love to give it to my soon to be born nephew/ niece as myself and my family are very enviromentally friendly and do all we can to help the enviroment xxxxx

  4. Favourite washable nappy = Bumgenius organic
    I’m following you on Twitter
    I’m a Facebook fan

    Great prize

  5. Favourite washable nappy is the Bumgenius organic
    I’m following you on Twitter and I’m a Facebook fan.

    The nappies would be for a friend and the chocolate would be for both of us! 🙂

  6. The Bumgenius Organic nappy is my favourite. I’ve got one of the older versions and they are just the best nappy on the market.

    Chaoskay on Twitter, and I’m a fan on FB too.

    Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! :O)

  7. I’m haven’t got a twitter but I may just join for another bonus entry! Thanks for offering this lovely prize.

    Thanks also for the fast and efficient service. I have orderd the Flip nappies twice and both times I received them the next day!


  8. I love the Gro Baby nappy system, although it is similar to the Flip, I prefer the snap in liners and boosters to keep them in place, they also come in funy patterns too, just a shame they are so expensive and are velcro not poppers!!

  9. Oooh, tough question!

    My favourites are Itti Bitti’s SIO’s, simply because they look SO amazing!!! Slim fitting, GORGEOUS colours, and strokably soft outers.

    They have really helped me open up my family and friends eyes to the world of real nappies- I was met with lots of sceptism when I told them, but once they’d laid eyes on these beauties and realised how different they were from the bulky cloth nappies of their childhoods, they soon came around to my way of thinking- yay!!!

    I’m a facebook fan xx

  10. Favourite napies at the moment have gotta be Itti Bitti D’lish but i’m also LOVING my Flips at the moment too …..

  11. Hi Michelle

    We were thinking of stocking the Gro Baby nappies and they are available with poppers instead of Velcro. We’d be able to sell them for £18.00 each and £20.50 with poppers instead of velcro. Do you think they are worth this much? They have a new disposable insert coming out as well, just like the flip.

  12. I have been using bamboo terry squares, tots bots bumhuggers and now bumgenius Flip. Flip wins my vote – convenient, slimline, and quick to dry, combining the advantages of the squares and the bumhuggers. I am now a happy re-convert! Btw facebook fan.

  13. 1. Favourite washable nappy = Bumgenius organic
    2. I’m following you on Twitter @katylittlelady
    3. I’m a Facebook fan

  14. “Which washable nappy is your favourite?”

    With my daughter my favorite nappies were Tots Bots’ Bamboo range.

    BONUS ENTRIES: I am a Facebook Fan 🙂

    Thanks for the Giveaways!

  15. I’m following you on Twitter & have tweeted about competition.
    I’m a Facebook fan,& loving that page!being a fan
    my fav is the Bumgenius organic nappies,excellent product easy to use with no hassle just 1 piece,washes well & is extremly soft & comfortable.

  16. 1. Favourite washable nappy is organic flip so slim and absorbant – surely even daddy can do these lol
    2. I’m following you on Twitter
    3. I’m a Facebook fan

    Here are my 3 entries – love the website!!

    Elaine xx

  17. Hehiii
    reading here and there in the end we decided and we bought the original pop-in bamboo … (beautiful and very practical ..). difficult to decide when the nearest place where you buy them and see them 1000 km away!
    We live in an island! do not know anyone that uses washable nappies .. so our only comparison is the internet .. we would win the Bum Genius because we only bought 10 Pop-in, while yesterday we ordered bumGenius Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Organic Zinnia … but I have a child would like a darker color!
    one last thing: we are very very tasty .. especially chocolate … HELP 🙂

    I am following BabiPur on FB: we love the digital age we are in technology .. but greener!

  18. I haven’t actually used cloth nappies before but intend to use them for my next baby, i have had a good look around though at various different ones and learnt how they work etc, and i think the tots bots ones seem good, especially the bamboo ones, they are so soft!

  19. I am pregnant so not using them yet but after a lot of research we went for tots bots bamboozle nappies. They seem to get good reviews and easy enough to use even for men!

    I became a facebook fan.

  20. ooooh fave nappy I am loving the flips, so convenient and ingenious design and very simple for partner to use too. They may be rivaled soon though as ive just bought a BG V3 and an organic and love the look and feel of them.

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