Valentine’s Day Crafts – Felted Hearts Step by Step

DIY Valentine’s Day Hearts Crafts by Danielle. Made with Gluckskafer Felt & placed around a Grimm’s Celebration Ring.

Roses are red,

Violets and blue,

Felted hearts are cute and fuzzy,

So come and make some too!

DIY Valentine’s Day Hearts Crafts

Danielle’s felted heart tree decorations. She’s added thread and Grimm’s Beads.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to get creative with some heart crafts and these needle felt hearts are a fun simple activity, especially if you’re wanting to give needle felting a try for the first time.

Needle Felting is such a lovely craft. I love that you can turn a ball of wool into a fuzzy felted creation. Perfect for themed decorations for seasonal displays and small world play.

Needle felting is the process by which you use the needles to poke the wool to interlock and entangle the wool fibres together and shaping it into the desired shape.

All you need is:

Danielle’s son Ted helping out with the felting!

Glückskäfer wool

Felting needles

– Felting mat

– Heart cookie cutters

Step by Step Guide to Needle Felting

Step by step guide to making felted hears by Danielle.

Creating felt hearts couldn’t be simpler and are great for beginners. Even Teddie, my youngest (5), had a go for the first time and loved it!

  1. Place your cookie cutter on your felting mat and fill with wool.
  2. Use your felting needle at a diagonal angle and poke into the wool. This will entangle the wool, turning it into felt, holding it together.
  3. Repeat this until the wool is flat. Pay close attention to the edges of the heart.
  4. Turn over the cookie cutter and repeat on the other side. Your wool should now be felted together in a heart shape.
  5. Pop it out for the cookie cutter and now it’s time to start shaping. This is where you start emphasising the heart shape, tidy the edges and poke in any little wool fibres which haven’t been felted in.
  6. Continue to do this and your heart will become plumper and rounded.
    *Just to be careful not to stab your fingers!!

Rainbow Hearts

Rainbow Felted Hearts!

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all about pink and red?

These can be made in various sizes and colours. The Glückskäfer Wool Pack comes in lots of beautiful Earthy toned colours. We chose all rainbow colours for our hearts.

Once your love heart has been made you can leave it as it or use to make more crafty things.

We used ours to make decorations for our Valentines seasonal display. I attached embroidery thread using a large needle and added Grimm’s Wooden Beads to make pretty hanging decorations and garlands.

For a centre piece for our Grimm’s Celebration Ring, I attached some sculpture wire to the inside of the hearts to create stems. I then popped them in a jam jar to create a posy of love hearts. I think they would make lovely embellishments for homemade cards too.

The Glückskäfer Wool is a dream to work with. It’s so soft and easy to felt. This wool is great for both needle and wet felting.

We really enjoyed making our felted hearts and I hope you do too! Please tag us on our Instagram @babipur and @cornish_rainbow_mumma so we can see your creations.

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