Totsbots Stretchy Wrap Review


This Totsbots Stretchy wrap review has been written by Jacqui after testing the nappy on her gorgeous baby (pictured above) who weighs 13lb 

I have a lot of faith in 2 part nappies. For night time, and for times when you’re just expecting something nasty, nothing can beat them for absorption and containment, which are the two really important things that nappies do.

I also love my Tots Bots Easyfit V4s, as you may remember from an earlier review, and so I was delighted to receive a Tots Bots Stretchy Wrap in one of the new prints to try out.

The new Tots Bots Stretchy wrap is way better looking than the older Tots Bots wraps. In fact, it looks exactly like the very popular Easyfits. Good call, Tots Bots! The size 2 wrap is touted as a birth to potty size, meaning that for all but very small babies, this wrap would fit them from birth to when they no longer need a nappy. The given size range is 9-35lbs. The same goes for the Bamboozle Stretch we used to test the wrap. The Bamboozle Stretch is a bamboo nappy that fits the same size range as the wrap.

The Bamboozle fit perfectly. It’s bulky, but when you think it’s supposed to fit a 35lb toddler, you expect it to be a tad bulky on my 13lb baby. Unfortunately, the wrap did not fit. It wasn’t wildly oversized, but there was significant gaping around the thighs. That was disappointing. The wrap itself is lovely, soft and stretchy (as the name suggests) with the lovely Sixpence print on it. But if a wrap doesn’t fit around the thighs, it won’t do its job.

I took to some Facebook pages known to be hangouts for Tots Bots enthusiasts. Turns out a good few people had the problem, all thinking they were the only ones, and they’d set the wraps aside thinking it’d fit them later. People were finding the wraps were baggy around the thighs of their younger babies. Mothers with toddlers were finding the fit excellent. Still, a few tried it out and found that despite the looseness, they weren’t getting any leaks.

I decided we’d give it a try. It’s been in my regular rotation now for a couple of weeks and we haven’t had any leaks and two days ago, I noticed that the wrap finally fit her around the thighs. It still feels lose, but it fits. But when I say we haven’t had any leaks, I also have to specify that it hasn’t really been very well tested. Using a Bamboozle during the day means it has never been fully saturated, and my daughter has never obliged with an event that might test the “containment” abilities.

The big test

Since the wrap appears to fit her well around the thighs now, we decided to give it the proper test. She’s going to wear it at night. After all, for me, that’s where any 2 part nappy solution shines.

She’s heading to her cot now, at 8pm, in her Bamboozle Stretch, the included bamboo booster, a fleece liner and her Tots Bots Stretchy Wrap. My daughter still wakes a few times at night for feeds and will typically not have her nappy changed until after 7am. So… 11 hours and about 8oz of milk later, what will we find?

The result!

She slept until 7.30 this morning and she was dry as a bone. The wrap was securely in place and the Bamboozle was still not saturated.

At the end of the day, the wrap works even if the loose elastic around the thighs makes me nervous. That said, if your baby is under 15lbs, you’re probably better off with the size 1 Bamboozle and Stretchy Wrap

Jolene Barton

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