Totsbots Easyfit V4 review

Totsbots Easyfit V4 review

Totsbots Easyfit V4 Review

The review below has been written by Jacqui after testing the nappy on her gorgeous 3 month old baby (above)

If there’s one thing Tots Bots know how to do, it’s to make cloth nappies adorable. There are Facebook pages devoted to Mummies who are trying to get a complete set of Tots Bots prints, so it’s no surprise that when Tots Bots made their big announcement about Version 4, that most people were waiting with baited breath on the new prints.

And the prints are adorable, as usual. The nursery rhyme themed nappies definitely do not disappoint. The real improvements though, will be better appreciated in the busy shuffle of every day life — the reintroduction of bamboo as the primary absorbent fabric.

I have 2 Tots Bots prints already — a Version 2 Cherrylicious and a Version 3 Frugi Rainbow Spot print. The Rainbow Spot is almost entirely decorative unboosted, even on my 3 month old. The Version 2, however, is a champion absorber.

The day the Tots Bots Easyfit V4 arrived at my door, I was on my way to the hospital (just a check up, but I knew I’d be spending time in the waiting room and wanted to have a look!) so I grabbed one, shoved it in the changing bag and ran. As it happens, she needed a change while we were there, so we tried the V4 for the first time, unwashed, on the floor of the day ward. I didn’t use the included booster.

The new V4s are slightly taller than the older models and the insert is shorter (so don’t use the instructions on the Tots Bots website, they’re for the V2 and you don’t have enough on the insert to double it over.) If you need extra, they include a “binky” (Bamboo + minky) booster that snaps onto the insert. Despite the extra height in the new Easyfit V4, I found the fit on my 3 month old to be better than the older versions.

It was 3 hours later when we returned home. You know that moment when you know you’ve left a nappy too long and you’ve resigned yourself to wet clothes and a buggy that will need a wash? Yeah, I walked in the door feeling like that. (I always seem to do this when testing a nappy — not very sensible!)

She was dry! I mean, she’d had a wee, because she’d had a big feed in the hospital, but her clothes were fine and the buggy was safe, and I was one happy Momma.

When they were all tipped out of the wash, I lined up the V2, V3 and a V4 together on the clothes airer. The V3 dried so quickly it was embarrassing. The V4 took almost as long as the V2, but as you can imagine, the V2 has reached full absorbency a long time ago. The V4 showed that it certainly retains wetness far better than the V3, even though it still incorporates the very soft minky.

I have since gotten 4 hours out of a boosted V4 that had only been washed once. These nappies don’t just look good — they do a great job.

So if you’ve been thinking about trying Tots Bots, now is the time. If you were a Tots Bots devotee who gave up after V3 let you down, it’s time to try it again.

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This review has been written by Jaqui R

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah spragg says:

    Loving my v4 could probably get more than 4 hours with the added booster on my 16m old they fit really well and containment is great!

  2. Tara Baker says:

    This is a very helpful review, thanks. Have you tried the ‘Binky’ Booster in the V3 to see if it improves performance? (I am new to cloth and just bought a b2p set of v3’s, which leak! If I can buy some of the V4 boosters that will save me a lot of money!)

  3. Rachna says:

    Hi Tara,
    As a first-time mum, I too recently added several V3 to my stash, and my boy is a heavy wetter. I’ve always used them with cloth inserts (40x40cm squares of cotton flannel, folded; though hemp or bamboo would be better for absorbency) and never had a leak. Also, both diapers and inserts dry super fast which works well for me 🙂
    I predominantly use bamboozles for night-time but have done the odd (short) night with V3.

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