TotsBots Easyfit V2 and Amazing Prints

easyfit V2

Tots Bots Easyfit V2 is Here and Tots Bots Teenyfit is Here

All new Tots Bots easyfit prints revealed.  Not just new funky designs though . . .  The easyfit has changed and there’s a new “tinyfit” for a better fit on small babies.  The easyfit V2 will be a normal birth to potty nappy fitting 10-35lbs and the new tinyfit will fit 5-12lbs.  Here’s what Tots Bots have to say about their new creations.

“The outer fabric is still backed with PUL but much softer and stretchier than before which helps give the nappy more flexibility, improved fit and is lovely to the touch.

  • The outer PUL is also much more water resistant and this finish should last up to 200 washes – pour a little water on the outside and watch it run off!
  • The anti-wicking fabric surrounding the core has also been improved meaning there is less risks of leaks out the side of the nappy.
  • The core of the nappy is now made from the new stretchy bamboo giving the same super fast absorption rate but with a super soft finish and low pile which prevents poo sticking as easily!
  • The pull-out core is now backed with micro-fibre terry which has 50% more volume capacity than bamboo. Thanks to this small change the nappy no longer needs the additional booster meaning the nappy will be slimmer fitting. (The teenyfit will still have an additional booster as with such a tiny little nappy, it still needs the extra fabric in there). The Easyfit B2P pack will contain an extra 4 boosters for night-time or heavy wetters.
  • The nappies will be available in white as well as our fab new prints; Flower Power, Cherrylicious, Mushroom Magic, Tuttifruiti, Starburst and Cosmic.”

We’re really looking forward to testing this one!  The new TotsBots Easyfit V2 will be available to buy at Babi Pur around mid June 2010 Click on the image below for a high res preview of the new easyfit prints.

new easyfit prints high res


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11 Responses

  1. Ros says:

    they look FAB! I’ve nto tried tota bots yet, are they at all like bumgenius? we really don’t need any more nappies and little one is starting to use the loo but they are just so cute I may have to get one anyway. Yay for tots bots and yay for babipur!

  2. Grace says:

    These look amazing! Ros, I’ve found Tots Bots more inclined to leak at the legs than BG, but otherwise a good nappy.

  3. peter says:

    This is a new version (V2) of the easyfit and I’m sure we’ll be asking some people to test it when it arrives 🙂

    The outer material has been improved and there’s a better anti-wicking fabric on the inside near the leg gussets so this should help prevent leaks.

  4. Carolyn says:

    OMG Super Cute Designs. If you need someone to test & review my lil princess would definately be interested (especially with the extra wicking fabric to prevent leaks 🙂

  5. manisha says:

    these look lovely and I can’t wat to get my hands on one… would love to try if you need testers. have a 6 month old boy on breast and bottle and weaning at the minute.

  6. corrine says:

    i really like the look of these, the patterns look amazing.
    i too would be happy to test these nappies for you when you get them.
    i love tots bots they are great nappies my fave.

  7. Grace says:

    I keep coming back to these. So psyched for them! My 1 yr old little boy would love to show some of these off if you’re still looking for testers.

  8. Rebekka Jones says:

    Have got some old ‘style’ easyfits and would love to try the new ones!!

  9. Alison says:

    Ooh i love the look of these!! Would be more than happy to test these on my EBF 3 week old baby girl 🙂 xx

  10. Megan says:

    I have the old and new totbot easy fits. I don’t have a problem with leaks the new or old ones. I do have a problem with the velcro strip on all the new diapers. It scrunches up and curls after just 2-3 washes. Then you have to mess with it when closing or it will rub on baby’s thighs 🙁
    Here’s a picture of new v.s old:

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