TotsBots Easyfit 4 with new Binky fabric

totsbots easyfit 4


Tots Bots Easyfit 4

Bamboo is BACK!  The new TotsBots Easyfit 4 has a clever new fabric at it’s core, a natural cotton and bamboo blend on top that sits next to baby’s skin and soft fast drying minky on the reverse.  This means you get a whole lot MORE absorbency but the drying time is still up there with the fastest around.  And if you need MORE absorbency…. well each Easyfit 4 comes with a pop in booster pad which is great news for heavy wetters and night nappies.

Easyfit 4 binky

Easyfit Binky Fabric

The absorbent core of the new TotsBots Easyfit 4 is made from this clever new “Binky” fabric.  See what they did there?  Bamboo…. Minky…. = Binky

Natural fibres like bamboo and cotton are more absorbent than man made fibres like minky and microfibre (polyester) but the downside is they take longer to dry…. a lot longer!  So TotsBots have combined these fabrics to create a core that is really absorbent with natural fibres sitting next to baby’s skin and a minky reverse that speeds up drying time as well as storing wetness away.

This means the new Easyfit 4 is now much more absorbent than before with a small increase in it’s drying time plus you also get the benefits of having natural fibres next to baby’s bum.

Easyfit 4 nappy

Easyfit 4 Nappy

Everything we love about the Easyfit is retained in the new Version 4 nappy.  All-in-one design that’s simple to use with a fold out core to aid fast drying.  The main difference is the inclusion of a booster that can be poppered into the nappy offering even more absorbency when you need it.

  • One size fits from 7-35lbs
  • All-in-one, easy to use, no cover required
  • Stretchy material gives a nice snug fit
  • Mother and Baby GOLD award winning design

As with all TotsBots nappies the new Easyfit 4 will be made in Britain to the highest standard.  Titanium sewing needles and waterproof threads, these little details make TotsBots stand out and give you great performance.

Our thoughts on TotsBots Easyfit 4 nappy

Well we’re a big fan of natural fibres and we think the small trade off in drying time is well worth it for the extra performance.  An all-in-one that combines this many features could well set a new standard.

We can’t wait to get these out for testing!  Such a shame we don’t have a baby tester in the Babi Pur household anymore 🙁

Tell us what you think of the new Easyfit 4 design and if you’d like to do some real world testing for us leave a comment below.
Peter Barton


I'm Pete. Co-founder of Babipur, the ethical retailer of goods for all the family established 2007. When I'm not talking about wooden toys, inequality in supply chains and reusable lifestyle products you'll find me riding my bike, paddling my board or lost in the mountains of Snowdonia.

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160 Responses

  1. Rose hunt says:

    We’d be thrilled to try this newest version out! Loving the extra pop in booster especially with my heavy wetting 18 month old boy! Very clever!

  2. Julie Thompson says:

    I love tots bots and would love to try out the new version!! I’m banned from buying new fluff and my addiction needs feeding, this cold turkey is hard work!!

  3. Amy Pearson says:

    I really like the easy fit 4 design. It’s pretty much everything I try to look for in a nappy. Would love to do some real world testing! I have a 5 month old Olympic piddler 😉

  4. Ayla says:

    Would love to try out the v4 totsbots… I love their designs and how quick drying they are but will these be better absorbers than the previous versions?

  5. Vicki Thompson says:

    I would love to test run this for u! Easyfits are my entire stash so would love to see how this differs from the otger versions, I have 2s and 3s so this combines the two! Awesome! Xx

  6. Stacey fletcher says:

    Would love to be a tester. I have a 3mth old heavy wetter and have started boosting my v3’s. would love to try out the new style and extra booster.

  7. lucy says:

    We use mainly tots bots on our 3 year old and 13 month old and would love to try these out if you need a tester.

  8. Tina Hunter says:

    I’d love to review one of these for you. I loved the bamboo V2 but wasn’t as keen on the V3, I never found they lasted very long.

  9. Hildur Gestsdóttir says:

    We love our TotsBots and would love to test the new Easyfit.

  10. Gemma Gerrard says:

    I’d be really interested in testing a easy fit 4 and writing a review, I’ve only recently discovered tots bots and so far love them ! Especially my frugi ones purchased from you at Christmas! My 8 month old son and I look forward to hearing if we’ve made it to the trials! Thank you.

  11. Louise says:

    These look like a great combination nappy. I have bought version 2 easy fits for the bamboo but do miss the minky layer. Looks like this is a winner; I’d love to test one out on my 15m daughter.

  12. Claire Youhill says:

    I would love the chance to review your nappy if at all possible, I’m a devout tots fan and very excited about the V4!

  13. Jo Orford says:

    just brought some ef v3 to try as never used before and would love to try the new one to see how they compare.

  14. Geraldine Beattie says:

    Would love to test these. Love the fit of Easyfits on my son but would love more absorbency.

  15. paula says:

    we would love to try out one of the v4s on my 9 month old girl v3 were a favourite nappy here but as she has got bigger they aren’t as absorbent as the v2s are. i love the prints of the v3 so this v4 seems perfect!

  16. louise says:

    I am a massive fan of totsbots 2 part nappies (including old skool flexitots) but have yet to fall in love with the easy fit. would love to test v4 and see if they have made all the right changes!

  17. Lucy Woodman says:

    They look a little like bamboozles?! Would love to test them! We’ve tried every brand out there I think… Always liked totsbots, being a British company as well. Do these come with poppers as well?

  18. Sophia Payne says:

    The new design certainly looks interesting. We’d love to give this a trial run too. My little girl is 23 months – so we’d be testing it from a ‘super soaker’ perspective! Currently using BumGenius and a few Tots Bots nappies. I’m a SAHM and writer, and had a piece in The Green Parent about cloth nappies not too long ago. 🙂

  19. Jayde Leigh says:

    I think this idea is brilliant, love bamboo & the name. I have a new baby due this week & would love to try one of these out & compare to my fluff stash

  20. Kristin says:

    I love the idea of a pop-in booster as I could not use the V3 without one- even with it sometimes leaks. I would be interested to see how the V4 holds up by comparison, I will also test how it performs overnight- as we currently rely on the two-part system, Bamboozle stretchy. My girl is ten months old and very active. Loves her milk so wees a lot!

  21. katy says:

    I’d love to give these a go, they sound great. We’re already a big fan of easyfits, v2 and v3, but they need boosting with bamboo for my big wee-er. My son also has eczema so I like using natural fibres if I’m leaving a nappy on him for any length of time. Tots bots (pooper hero!) were the nappies that turned us on to cloth, so I’m a big fan.

  22. Jenny says:

    I didn’t know there was going to be a V4 already! I’ve just started cloth nappying my 14 month old and have tried a few of the Easyfits. There’s so much I love about them, but they have been a bit leaky at times, so they’re not my favourites. I’d love to try a V4 to see how they compare to the Bamboozles, which are currently winning for me 🙂

  23. Lucia says:

    Would love to test! We have some leakage issues with EF3 as a heavy wetter(with boosters). Would love to see if bamboo makes a difference . He’s 13 months x

  24. Hazel Ann Johnson says:

    Hey! We would love to road test a V4!

  25. Suzie says:

    Would love to do some testing. Currently my stash is half v2 and half v3 so would love to work out whether v4 are needed in my stash!

  26. Nicola Young says:

    I would love to review this nappy, I have a few v3s so I could compare the two.

  27. Rebecca says:

    Having used tots bots since 2003 (over 4 kids!), would love to try a new version of them!

  28. Jenny says:

    I’ve just started cloth nappying my 14 month old and there is so much I love about Easyfits, but I’m not convinced they are perfect….yet! I’d be really interested to see how these compare.

  29. claire lindsay says:

    So excited about these! I love tots bots and used V2s religiously on my eldest (they were the only cloth nappies my mum would use, but v3s leaked – this new nappy means I might be able to go back to tots bots with my 6 month old.

  30. Rebecca Garner says:

    We have a mixed stash of bumgenius, charlie bananas, itti’s and tots bots … The problem i have is i love the v2’s for absorbency but the v3’s for the soft inner and quick drying … So the v4’s sound amazing! … But i can’t help but question why they haven’t put the bamboo on the inner and the minky on the outter? …. Me and my 4 month old little boy would loveee to be testers! 🙂 This is my first time using cloth (3rd child) … I wish i’d done it sooner! 🙂

  31. Cheryl De'Ath says:

    Hi, I am due my second baby in May and would love to be a tester =)

  32. Jenny says:

    Eek, commented twice, sorry! iPad fail…

  33. Jai says:

    We are big tots bots fans in our house! The version 4 sounds great to me! I’d be keen to test them out on my baby as we have been using version 3’s and love them for their style, practicality and most importantly the fact they dry quickly! However having a nappy that’s more absorbent and having natural fibres next to skin sounds like a great nappy has got even better. I would like to test them out to also compare drying times between version 4 and version 3.

  34. Kelly Rush says:

    I’d live to test run the v4 for my mummy so she share the results with our little cloth community in Norfolk. From Elijah 9 1/2 months

  35. Dom Evans says:

    Would love to give these a try with our impending newborn!

  36. Danielle Palmer says:

    They look very intriguing indeed! Would love to do a real world test, we have V1’s, V2’s & V3’s, so would love to see how the new V4 compares. Have found that many of my V3’s leak or seep dampness at times, so hoping the new combination inner sorts this problem out! x

  37. Tara wall says:

    My little girl (14months) would love to try this new version! She already has some v3’s so it would be great to compare the difference’s. Fluffy bums are the way forward!

  38. jemma whittall says:

    Would love to try the new totsbots. I have become somewhat obsessed with cloth since my second was born, and am trying to sway friends to cloth one baby at a time. We currently have a stash full of totsbots, and i have a very heavy wetting 15 month old girl who has to have boosters in her current fluff. So i would love to put this too the test, and hopefully give it a thumbs up.

  39. Lindsey says:

    Glad to see a material a little more absorbant. Have used easyfits before with my little girl with little luck so eager to try this new, more absorbant design on squishy who is due in a few weeks. Xxx

  40. Sharlene says:

    My 4 month old and I would live to test these out. Tots bots are our favourite daytime nappy.

  41. Nicola Cleary says:

    Love to do a trial of the new version, I have v2 and v3 at home for my boys (8 months and 22 months) so would be very happy to give the v4 a whirl for you!

  42. Sarah says:

    Oh yes please! We’d love to be testers!

  43. Gail says:

    We would love to test out the v4, we use v2s and v3s so would be nice to see the differences

  44. Emma Senior says:

    I like the look of the new design and am eager to try it out.
    I’d like to test it for you, I have two children in nappies so would love to see if the new totsbots is suitable for both.

  45. Sarah herrod says:

    I am thrilled bamboo are back and added with minky very interested to see how compares to older versions. I would love to test this nappy. I have cloth bummed my children for over a year and hundreds of nappies so think I would be very good at reviewing pros and cons and I can compare to versions 2 and 3
    My little boy Matthew is desperate to help 🙂

  46. Edit says:

    We would love to try it too!!! 🙂 we have the v3 but use it with a bamboo booster so it would be really interesting to see how does v4 perform.

    Sadly as I am at home we are on a no spend mode right now so I cannot buy new fluffy stuff for a while 😉

  47. Sam says:

    Hi, my little girl and I would love to try something a little different! We use tot bits at night, but are struggling with the amount of pee? Perhaps this is the answer?? Please let us test them for u??

  48. kim croucher says:

    This looks like a fab new version would def be interested in test running this on my 10 month old

  49. Elizabeth Anderson says:

    I’d love to test one of these. Do not get on with the V3 unfortunately as my daughter is a heavy wetter, but this new design could be a great solution, esp with the pop- in booster.

  50. Lizzie says:

    This sounds like a GREAT solution to the fact that my V3s don’t last very long! I currently boost them with a bamboo booster – so how perfect that there is one now built in! AND the option to add an extra if necessary! Would love to review one – as would my little girl 🙂

  51. Amber Logan-Rayne says:

    I would love to test one of these. We have around a dozen easyfit v2’s and a couple of v3’s already and a very active 2 year old and a cruising 1 year old to try them on.

  52. Sara says:

    Myself and my 4 month old would loooove to test these! 🙂

  53. Rachael says:

    Looking forward to giving these a try, I’d love to be a real world tester but I’ll be buying anyway regardless 🙂

  54. Amber Logan-Rayne says:

    I would love to test one of these. We have around a dozen easyfit v2’s and a couple of v3’s already and a very active 2 year old and a cruising 1 year old to try them on.
    Thank you. 🙂

  55. Erika Richardson says:

    My daughter and I would love to try these out. We are very new tots bots fans after trying and failing with other brands so would love to try these and add to out ever expanding tots bots collection

  56. Emma Briggs says:

    I’d love a chance to review the EF4 for you. The V2 and V3 have been superb for my little boy but this nappy combines the features we love from both into one nappy. We love the Easyfit design and this nappy will hopefully offer performance without compromise! 🙂

  57. Hayley says:

    Very excited about this. We love Easyfits and they are the main cloth nappy we use, my only gripe would be that sometimes they need an extra boost, so very excited about this latest version. We would love to test it out.

  58. Carol says:

    So excited about the v4! Have just had to start boosting my v3’s for my nearly 6 month old & the new version sounds as though it will definitely stand up to an Olympic pee-er! No doubt there will be some fabulous prints too!

  59. Victoria Cullen says:

    I am so excited about this new version. We loved v2 but v3s just Didnt work for us even though I really wanted them to because they were so soft and trim. I am really hoping that these will be the perfect combination for my 18 week old and 2 year old. Would really love to try them out on both of mine to see how they fair!

  60. Samantha Forster says:

    I’m interested to see the V4 in action. I used V2 with my daughter who is now potty trained. I use V3 on my son and love the Minky! The V2 do t seem to work very well on him, so I’d love to be your V4 tester to see how they fare!

  61. shelly says:

    My two year old and 6 week old girls would love to try these out! We are big tots bots easy fit fans here.

  62. Claire bowman-white says:

    have tried all versions of your easy fits so far as love the fit and prints. All failed to be absorbing enough. We felt that having to boost them seemed silly when they were sold as a compleat nappy.
    This was with my little girls who’s now potty trained and use a boosted frugi Dino print with my little boy who’s 4 months.
    we would love to test your new easy fit and see if they have improved. Please….

  63. Louisa Knights says:

    Would love to test and review this nappy for you – I have used cloth on my first son (now potty trained) but my second baby has very skinny legs so we’re still looking for a nappy that gives a good fit!

  64. Karen Ward says:

    Hi, we are really excited about these! Have been using the v3 but as baby gets bigger have found the absorbancy to be a problem, We’ll be trying these out hoping they work for us! Would be very happy to do a real world trial for you x

  65. Sarah says:

    I was so pleased to hear that TB are bringing back bamboo! I found the V2’s so much more absorbent and am having to boost V3’s which kinda defeats the object! I’m happy to compromise on a few more hours’ drying time for a nappy that doesn’t leak after 1.5 hours. My 18 month old and I (and bump!) would love to give them a test for you.

  66. Emily says:

    I have an 8 week old champion wee leaker, we’d love to see if the new v4 is a match for him! We use mainly v3s with a couple of v2s thrown in there but have had to bamboo boost from the start! Fingers and toes crossed!

  67. claire says:

    Ooooh I sooo need to try these on my 9mth old superwetting chunky monkey. Love the tots bots colours and prints. Exciting 🙂

  68. Annie Jackson says:

    Excited to try these out. Currently use v2s and boosted v3s so hope the v4s would save the extra cost and hassle of boosting and be quicker drying and more stain resistant than v2s. I’m surprised the minky will be underneath the bamboo/cotton. I’d have thought the other way round would have been the best option for stain resistance and softness against baby’s bum. But we’ll see!

  69. Karen Griffith says:

    I am SO happy Bamboo is back as I’ve been boosting my V3s with bamboo! I would love to test and tell you how it does! I’m a busy working mum of two – one in cloth.

  70. Sarah Cotton says:

    Really interested in this as had leaky problems with v3 with my now 2.5 year old and have a newborn due this month.

  71. We would love to give the V4 a good old testing here. My boys aged 2 and 4 mths have worn the V2 and V3 and have found the V3 a big let down and we’ve missed out on some lovely prints from tots bots as they simply can’t wear them. I’m eager to see just how well the bamboo and minky combo copes with a heavy wetter in different size ranges. I like that theres a booster too as this would help emensely with my boys. We love testing nappies here and my boys know how to push a nappy to its leaky limits I wonder if the V4 can defeat their mega wee?!

  72. Laura says:

    I would love to trial these nappies. We used the bamboo teeny fits when our daughter was born and then moved up to the v3 easyfits without realising there was a difference in the fabric (rookie error!). I can never get more than an hour an a half from a v3 (even when boosted) but love the patterns and fit so would like to see if these have better absorbency.

  73. Jessica says:

    We would love to be a tester for you! I have V3’s for my 9-mo and love the fit (and the cute prints!), but I always have to boost them to make them last for my super-wee-er. I love the idea of an extra soaker.

  74. Ashley Oates says:

    I’d love to give these a try. We have a couple of v3’s because I love the prints but they just aren’t absorbent enough so are generally the last nappies I reach for.
    Hopefully these will last a little longer between changes so we could use them more and show them off!!

  75. Carly wise says:

    We would like to test !!!!!!!!

  76. Sarah Sheekey says:

    I love the totsBots v3’s and can’t wait to get my hands in some of the 4’s especially in some of the lovely designs xx

  77. Becky purcell says:

    I love my easyfits but am finding the version 3s bulky cos of the extra boosting I’m having to do for my 6mo heavy wetting lil boy. The improvements to the V4 sound great and I can’t wait to try one, would definitely be up for doing a real world test for you!

  78. Eirian Alford says:

    Would love to try these out on my daughter?? The removable booster sounds great!

  79. Unna says:

    I love Tots Bots V2 and I would like to try this one!

  80. Mrs rhian Verhagen says:

    This nappy sounds fantastic, I’m particularly interested in seeing how well the binky material works as I’ve been desperately attempting to find my 6 month old daughter miharu a bedtime nappy as she is an extremely heavy wetter. Today my order from babipur arrived with the pop in nappies I ordered to test out for bedtime so sadly I cannot afford to buy more nappies anytime soon. So the opportunity to test this would be amazing

  81. sarah v says:

    I was just talking about totsbots this morning with someone at swimming. Sadly my v3’s have started to leak and I had stopped using them. I would love the opportunity to try out v4’s and see if I have the same problems- they look great 🙂

  82. Louise Hulme says:

    I would love to try one!

  83. Emma Jackson says:

    Oh I would love to test one of these!We love our Totsbots but my little boy has become a monster wetter and I need something better to hold his pee! This sounds like the perfect combination for him! X

  84. Katie says:

    My son is 2yrs 3m and is my third child. I have used all sorts of nappies in the last 8 years and have often fallen for cute over practical. I’d be happy to test the newest tots (I’ve tried a lot of tots out).

  85. Rachael says:

    I would love to test this on my almost 8 month old heavy wetter. Totsbots stretch are our favorite nappy and although I love how trim the easyfits are they are not absorbent enough for my son. I would be really interested to see if the new improvements really do work!

  86. Debbie Platt says:

    Hi, I’m Debbie, mum to 22 month old Isaac who weights 11.8kg. Our ‘go to nappy’ is a bamboozle stretch with a size 2 flexi wrap. We find it a slim fitting bomb proof combination. I was and still am gutted that tots bots discontinued their printed flexi wraps last year as we love the prints but have never got on with either v2 or v3 easyfits. Bumgenius 4.0 are currently our ‘quick change’ nappies and work fantastically for us but we just find them a bit boring. We would love the opportunity to test and review the new easyfit ‘binky’ v4 in the hope of being able to wear gorgeous tots bots prints again.

  87. Gwenno says:

    I would love to test these!
    I have fallen in love with tots bots after being given a really old one in a stash on freecycle. Have now bought a few V3s but the pop in booster would give me confidence to put my 14 week old in a tots bots all night – He’s in Flips at night now (they work but are huge! and change him before the night feed. Life would be so much better if it was just a feed at night!

  88. Ruth thomas says:

    I would love to test this new version. Like tots bots for their lovely designs and soft minkee inners but always been a bit undecided about their efficiency compared with the bumgenius. The new changes give me hope that there may be a new rival on the nappy market. The extra booster idea has also been something I’ve wished our current tots bots had so great news there is one now.

  89. Josie says:

    Am loving the look of these, always much preferred v2s for the better absorbency, I find unless I have a couple of boosters in the v3s leak after the first wee. Would love to give them a trial run, I have a 5 month old and 26 months old, both heavy wetting boys!

  90. Matilda Fox says:

    Love the designs. We would be happy to do testing for you. We have two in nappies, one soon to be 3 year old and one 15 month old, both Olympic wee machines!

  91. Rebecca Leighton-Maudsley says:

    These look fab, we love tbs but found minky by itself just not enough, but these look like a great improvement! Would love to test out my theory 🙂

  92. Diana says:

    My 18 month old super wetter would love to test this new Tots Bots Binky nappy! We have many bamboo nappies as they are so absorbent, but they indeed take ages to dry. I like the combination of bamboo, natural cotton and minky in the Binky, as well as the additional booster, fold out core and its name ;-). I am curious how much more absorbent this nappy is compared to the previous Easyfit, Flexitot and Bamboozle, and how quickly it will dry. We have been using many different types of cloth nappies from birth on that we can compare its performance with. I would be thrilled if you could send one out to us to try and review!

  93. Wunmi says:

    I would like to try this out with my 8 month old heavy wetter. We currently use totsbots bamboozle with a wrap and a couple of boosters (hemp,bamboo or both) for night time. Would love to see how this compares.

  94. Helen thornton says:

    Hi I would love to try bamboo please

  95. sarah says:

    we would love to try these & be a real world tester! love tots bots nappies!

  96. Inga says:

    I’d love to try one of these on my 6 month old! We’ve tried lots of different nappies and we like our V3 easyfit’s (again, after a period of them not suiting her shape) so would love to see if these perform better.

  97. Steph shaddick says:

    We would love to be a tester 🙂

  98. Jacqui says:

    Would love to try out a V4! Love my V2 and my 3 month old loves how quick they are to put on! 🙂 Also, she’s beautiful and we have a good camera so you’d have some super photos to go with the review.

  99. Laura Pritchard says:

    I’d love to review the v4. I currently use v2 and v3 on my 10 month old LG, with the v2’s going around for the second time as I used them on my eldest as well. Love to see if they are more absorbant than the v3 with the durability of the v2 🙂

  100. Jarrod says:

    I’m always telling my wife we should try totsbots. We’d love to test one for you.

  101. Fiona Waller says:

    Hi, would love to be a tester for these. I love totsbots but the v3s really don’t work on my boys (7month old twins). We would be thrilled to find an AIO that does work as they can out pee anything other than a bamboozle in under an hour!

  102. Kaisa says:

    We would love to test these! V3 just isn’t absorbent enough for us and we love bamboo nappies

  103. Hayley Tucker says:

    I would love to test run these! My 4mth old son is a very heavy wetter (and still feeding every 3hrs or more suing the night) I have been considering putting him onto disposables so he stops wetting through his clothes/gro bag etc (as I have tried these when visiting my Mum and he didn’t wet through…I try to change him only once during the night as otherwise it disturbs him too much. If these could do the job I will be singing their praises to all the hill tops! I currently use BG Freetime during the night. You’re help with this would be fab as I really don’t want to go down the disposable route!! 🙁 xox

  104. lavinia says:

    Wow! Sound amazing. We would love to review these. Kelvin and I tried easy fit but didn’t get on with them. Daddy loved them, but we preferred the bamboozles and wraps so put the easy fits away… daddy is lazy and keeps cheating with disposables… Thanks

  105. Barbara Gillespie says:

    We’d love to try and review this v4 version of totsbots, as we desperately tried and tried to get on with v2 and v3, but we’ve always had leaks.
    I absolutely love the TotsBots prints, colours and fit, so it would be fab if we could find a new favourite nappy for our mega wetter, that would also make me smile every time I change my boys nappy.
    Thank you!

  106. Lucy Brooker says:

    Would love to test these on my 7m baby girl!

  107. Sylvia Hampel says:

    What a fantastic improvement to include the booster too so no longer hunting round for one. We would so love to try this on our little girl. X

  108. suzanne Humphreys says:

    Hi, me and my 5mth old would love to be testers x

  109. marmotp says:

    We went off easyfits when they changed to minky with V3 but this looks fab and would love to test on my nearly 2 year old and my impending arrival!

  110. Sarah says:

    Hi, I would love to be a tester for the new v4. I have mainly v3’s, am too impatient for the v2’s to dry tho am persevering. I’ve dabbled in other brands such as bluberry but always return to EasyFits for daytime use. I’ve got a 16 month old and hopefully only have a 2 week wait for her little sister to join us!

  111. michelle says:

    I love totsbots, british made, simple to use, slim and the designs are to die for. Ive been a fan since my first easy fit starburst design and especially like the frugi prints. However as much as i love easy fits, easy fits don’t like us, we have big leakage problems, thats why i use bamboozles at the moment. Now though, we have v4s to look forward to , that extra bamboo- woohoo, we live in hope that at last my wee ones bum can be wrapped in tots bots scruminess once more! Cant wait to try one for size!

  112. Emllyn says:

    These look amazing! I would love to try these on my newborn boy and almost two year old girl. I love tots bots easy fits v3 for their ease of use it but find they need heavily boosting for my girl. Very excited about the inclusion of a pop in booster. It sound the perfect solution and would love to try it out!

  113. Jarmila Lamplotova says:

    We’d love to try these!We’ve been using various types of cloth nappies but Tots Bots are definitely our favourite.

  114. Sarah Crack says:

    These sound great. Would love to test on my 4 month old boy who wears your v3s (a great fit), but wets through them v quickly, even boosted.

  115. Kerry pearson says:

    I would love to test this for you! I am 16 months 24lb. I love all my nappies especially tots bots but mummy says the v3 aren’t absorbent enough for me. Also I am going to have a baby brother or sister in 10 weeks who could test it too!

  116. Sarah says:

    Toby and I would love to test the new Easyfit. We have to add a bamboo booster to our Easyfits at the moment – I’d love to see if the new one can cope without boosting, or with the pop in booster that’s included. It all sounds like a great new nappy!

  117. Jess says:

    Brilliant looking new version. Was just about to give up on V3’s and move fully to bamboozles and wraps, but these could be the answer to my problems with Olympic peeing 22 month old! Would love to test them out!

  118. Corrine kan says:

    Hi i would love to try out the new tots bots nappy. I have a 8 week old baby boy in cloth nappies and my nearly 3 year old daughter still wears cloth nappies too. : )

  119. Lizzie Gill says:

    Hello 🙂 I’d love to do a product review of the new Easyfit v4. I’ve just started using cloth on my five month old and I’m busy trying out lots of different nappies before I decide how to spend my cash. Would love to give an honest opinion!

  120. Emma Etherington says:

    I’d really love to test these with my 18month old boy. After 3 years of hard use with my two children, a lot of my nappies are beginning to fall apart and I need to get some more. Trying to decide between the new tots bots or more pop-in bamboos!

  121. rosa neville says:

    Would love to test these. Have v2 and v3 easyfits which are used daily on my 2 year old boy and 5 month old girl 🙂

  122. Krissy says:

    These look amazing!!! I would love love love to test one x

  123. Sarah Morgan says:

    Love my easyfits and LL Bamboo so would be very pleased to try out one of these!

  124. Verity says:

    We’d love to test the new Tots Bots on our very chunky thighed 8 month old who pees like a racehorse!

  125. Ailsa says:

    I would love to test this nappy on my girls, one who is 23 months before she potty trains,and my 10 month girl, wouldlove to see if this nappy can cope with my heavy wetting girls.

  126. Kim Palmer says:

    We would love love love to test this. Being a sole user of the easyfit during the day, but never made the leap to nightime use (still in disposables for night-time) this sounds like the perfect solution with the option to add the booster! 15 month, 23lbs.

  127. Geraldine smith says:

    I use tots bots EF exclusively on my just started to walk 14 month old boy and would love to test the new v4.

  128. Cécilia B says:

    I would love to test this new nappy for you!

  129. Emma G says:

    I’d love to test out Easyfit V4 – we use the V3s for our ten month old but are still building up our stash so would love to try the new ones out to see how they compare!

  130. Fiona Thompson says:

    I would love to try out the new v4. I currently use the v3 on my 5 month old baby and I really like them for there ease of use and speedy drying but they do need to be changed every few hours to prevent wet rings or I need to boost them for longer use, so I would be very excited to compare the new v4!

  131. Lauren says:

    Would love to test the new easyfit with my 15 month old boy. We had mixed experiences with the v3s with him wetting through them super quick but hoping the bamboo and pop in booster will be the perfect solution 🙂

  132. Sharon says:

    It would be not spend time stuffing extra boosters into v3s. I found that v2s stain quite easily compared to v3s so it would be good to see whether the new binky is better on that side too

  133. Sara-Jan Butler says:

    I would love to review the latest tots bots, I have tried all the versions to date and would love the opportunity to try the new binky and see how it stands compared to the others , especially the V2 which was our favourite! Love the sounds of the new changes! I have. 10month old and a 2 year old!

  134. Emma Bradley says:

    I would love to try these out to see of they are more absorbant as my nearly 17 month old is constantly out wetting his current v3 easyfits not as bad with the v2 so would love to see how these compare

  135. Harriet Davies says:

    Hi, I would love to test out the new ‘binky’ nappy

  136. Laura Conder says:

    I would love to give the v4s a try. Be really interested to see how the new combo works compared to v3s and v2s.

  137. Danielle Fernandes says:

    I love the look of the easy fit 4, and would love to help test them on my 21 month old boy! Unfortunately we don’t get on very well with the minky easy fits, as they get out-peed in no time and often lead to leakages on my little boy, which is a shame as I love all of the funky designs! Our go to nappy for daytime is the easy fit v2, which we love, but we still need to boost them to prevent leaks. I would love to see how the new v4 compares, as it would be brilliant to be able to buy the lovely prints, and have more absorbency! 🙂 x

  138. claire warren says:

    Can’t wait to try these new tots bots, and I love the prints. Its always exciting to receive a new nappy its like Christmas and birthday all wrapped in fluff!

  139. Kate strickland says:

    I’d love the opportunity to test out on my toddler (22 months). We’ve used v2 and v3s in the past, although my son started out-peeing v3s after a few months so we packed them away. I’m interested to see how the v4s compare..

  140. Kat Daley says:

    I am a cloth bum mum who has a busy work schedule. I would love to try these nappies and see how functional they are in such a busy household
    I’d give them a robust an honest run

  141. Emma says:

    Yes please I would love to review . We love our v3′ but love bamboo

  142. Emma Beasley says:

    I would absolutely love to test the V4 nappy. Have v2 and v3 and looking forward to a best of both composition.

  143. Steph says:

    Would love to try these out. We recently were using tots bots v3’s untill we had to give up as my daughter was just out wetting them constantly, so would love to give tots bots another chance!

  144. Claire Carr says:

    Would love to review it for you with both little one and my about to potty train mega pee’er . would also love to talk about it on a website I write for as well as show it off at eco mums group and sling meet please

  145. kim croucher says:

    Would love to test this out on a heavy wetting 10mth old!

  146. Cally says:

    I would love to test these out for you!

  147. sar says:

    We would love to be testers. We currently have v2 and v3 and think the v4 sounds better.

  148. Natalie Webster says:

    we would love to try out the new totsbots V4s! We have a *ahem* reasonable stash but love to try new nappies. Would love to see how it compares to the v3 as we liked the v3 but found we had a few issues which stopped it being one of our favs! x

  149. Natalie Plant says:

    I’d love to review the new Tots Bots please!

  150. Jocelyn says:

    I would love to try these out on my 14 month old daughter. We love the V3s but I have always had to boost them and I have thought that it would make sense if the V3s were made with bamboo and came with a booster. The V4s definitely sounds like a great improvement.

  151. Victoria says:

    Loving the bamboozle stretchies at the moment – completely bombproof. Haven’t got on with other brands of all-in-ones in the past but would love to try these ones out as they will be easier for the grandparents to cope with. Also, we’re such a big fan of bamboo for environmental as well as absorbency reasons. My daughter is a big, exclusively breast-fed 3 month old and we’d love to test these to see if they can withstand her poo-plosions!

  152. Jo Jones says:

    I would love to give these a try on my 4 month girl, Ava. We love our tots bots easyfits V3’s but they do start to leak round the leg after 2-3 hours. Wonder if the V4’s would be more absorbent for her. Would love to test them out!

  153. Azelle Martell says:

    My 14 month old heavy wetter would love to try out these new prints for you. She loves her v3 story print ones and always gives them cuddles when she helps mummy choose her nappy or put them away after washing. Unfortunately the V3 just can’t cope with her wees 🙁 so when she does wear them we have to add several bamboo boosters which make them a tad bulky. Hopefully the V4 will mean less boosting. x

  154. Sarah gill says:

    I would love to review the new tots bots nappy

  155. Mark says:

    I would love to test & review the new Easyfit V4! I love bamboo for its absorbancy, and have your Bamboozle, Flexitot and and Easyfit V2. Generally you can’t get both absorbency and quick drying in one nappy, so I am very curious on how the new V4 will perform! We love the fold out flaps, multi-layered fabric & pop in booster that decrease drying time as other bamboo nappies take ages to dry, and the new nursery rhyme prints are just awesome!

  156. Hi I would love to review the easy fit 4. My little one is 4 months old. We have been dedicated cloth and tots bots fans almost from the start. I blog over at . I would happily review them on my blog too! X

  157. Lynsey Roger says:

    I am new to cloth and would love to try this out my daughter is 4 months old and we are only just switching, would love to give a review as a new to cloth parent x

  158. Lindsey says:

    Would love to trial the new V4 on my 18 month old. Have both the V2 and V3 and would be great to see how it compares. My daughter doesn’t last to long in a V3 but lovr the feel and fit, so be great to see if this lasts longer.

  159. Rebecca s says:

    Baby jago and I would love to try the new v4s. We use a range of nappies at the moment (motherease onesize, bumgenius 4.0, little lamb osfa, pop ins and tots bots v2). My very wiggly boy would give them a thorough test and would look flipping gorgeous in one of those prints!!

  160. Ashley says:

    Dd2 was born on Tuesday Dd1 is 22months and is still in cloth so I have two little testers for you.

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