Totsbots Bamboozle Stretch & Flexiwrap Real Mum Review!


I started using cloth nappies for the first time just over 8 months ago. (I’d failed with my first child as we moved to a small flat without a washing machine, so gave away all my initial stash)

When my little boy was born in 2012 I decided I’d attempt it again. I got my real nappy voucher and set off to the local baby shop. They were very helpful and after lots of advice (though admittedly they had a limited selection compared to somewhere like Babi Pur) I came away with a taster of nappies. I tried hard for the first few months. Oh my! Leaks lots of leaks! Lots of washing, constantly wet baby and not a happy mummy. I decided I was just not cut out for cloth nappies and that those mums who used them were ultimately hard core eco-superheroes! I sheepishly went back to disposables.

After skimming the Babi Pur Facebook page I noticed some nappy offers and decided to make a last vain attempt at doing my bit for cloth. I didn’t hit gold straight away and tried a couple of different nappies. They were ultimately better than what I was previously using but not as good as a disposable. On posing the question to the good mums and Dads of the Babi Pur Facebook community, I was overwhelmed with the amazing response and had some clear repeated recommendations. These were close parent pop-ins and Tots Bots Bamboozle.

I started with the Bamboozle as I hadn’t tried a two part system in a while. So i got a few Bamboozle size 2 to start with and a Tots bots flexible wrap from Babi Pur. When they arrived I thought it looked a bit too good to be true. The nappies felt so soft and flexible. The colours were lovely and the detail was minimal with a clean design. The wraps looked really funky, the colours bold and the overall shape and design very simple.  You’re thinking… ‘Sounds great!’ Well it does but I tend to be a bit of a sceptical person. My first feeling  about these were that they looked too fun and colourful and dare I say it, a bit gimmicky, to be truly good. Not that functional equals boring but you can feel a bit overwhelmed by all the lovely patterns and colours and feel that it’s all a bit of frivolous fun and not necessarily entirely functional.

The fit:

On first using this nappy I noticed that the elastic was gentle yet an effective fit on my 8 month and the aplix tabs felt smooth and entirely different to that of other nappies, namely Bumgenius’ (which seem to send a shiver down my spine after a couple of months wash wear!) I’d already experienced this aplix on the Easifits so was delighted to see the quality was the same on the Bamboozle. The bulk of fabric between the legs was not nearly as much as other nappies and it also compacted when squashed, enabling much more movement, with almost no restriction. Akin to a slim disposable.  A very simple detail that I really like,  is the fold back aplix tabs (for washing). I’ve only previously seen the style where the tabs attach to the inside back of the nappy, as in Bumgenius and I never really liked having to put the aplix against my son’s skin, even if it was the softer side.  My 8 month boy is on the medium rise setting and I’d say there is still plenty of room to grow. This means it still comes up his back a nice height. You’ve probably noticed this in disposables, a kind of waist cuff. Other nappies I’ve tried sit so close to the top of his bum that if he wees a lot, it all escapes. The aplix is easy and quick to get a good fit and the central placement of the tots bots brand label enable you to quickly secure the nappy evenly, even on a wriggly baby!

The Bamboozle comes with its own pop-in insert, for extra absorption and speedier drying. I suppose you could remove this for smaller babies or if you wanted a really slim fit. I’d personally keep it in place for extra absorption.

With these nappies it’s clear to see that absolutely every inch of it is fully absorbent, hence the need for a waterproof wrap. I’d previously thought wraps were hard, uncomfortable and got a bit ‘crispy’ with repeated use. Then I tried the Tots bots flexi wrap and I’ve totally changed my mind. It’s really lightweight and soft, there’s almost nothing of it but the performance is outstanding. Miracle wraps really!


So, the fit and feel is great but what about the performance?

I was very impressed with this nappy from first use. No leaks and I hadn’t changed him for about 4 hours. The nappy was quite wet (as my son still breastfeeds a lot) but the cover kept it all in with not even the slightest hint of a leak. I have repeatedly tested these all day and night, home as well as out and about, using a Pushchair as well as a baby carrier. And I can truly say that I am continually astonished by the performance of these nappies and that they have completely changed my opinion of cloth. They have made something that seemed like a huge effort, just a simple walk in the park! How can they be so good, feel so soft and look so lovely?!  Well I guess that comes down to some great design and testing. Well done Tots bots, you got a winner!

How long can I leave my baby between changes?

During the daytime I have easily left it four or five hours. Not saying the Bamboozle couldn’t last longer, I just like to keep my baby fresh! Through the night we have seen 11 hours and not a single leak and I’ve even heard people saying 12 hours is quite normal for them. I will say that I use a fleece washable liner. Firstly to reduce waste but with a nappy such as the Bamboozle that can get very wet, it keeps your baby dry as the liquid passes straight through and keeps it off the skin. It has a stay dry function. This is great for smaller babies but you would probably not use these when you are trying to begin potty training as a child’s sense of wetness is needed to help them learn.

How do they wash?

So far, so good. My stash is not all that old but they come out of the wash remaining soft and even seem fine without a tumble. I dry pail, having flipped any poo off the liner  first. I do one rinse cycle to start, then I wash at 30, because I wash everything at 30! I’ve never had nappies stick together in the wash with this style of fold back tab. Each nappy comes out clean and fresh and using a liner will probably keep them looking newer for longer.

What about drying?

Drying bamboo is often an issue for people as it takes a lot more time than minkie/microfibre. If you were to use these full-time, I’d say you would need up to 20. Maybe 15 if you had a dryer and washed everyday. I have no dryer but do have a line inside as well as out and also have a dehumidifier, with a laundry setting. Where my TB Easyfits take 3 hours on an inside line to dry, these can take up to 24 hours depending on your conditions. Therefore full time use with no dryer would require a good 20 in your stash, possibly more if you wash less than every other day. Don’t let that be a deal breaker though. Their performance is outstanding so you will most likely use a few less nappies a day, compared to other brands.

Would I recommend these nappies?

Of course, without hesitation, to everyone and anyone! I’m a convert, a believer, a follower, whatever you want to call it, even a Bamboozle preacher! I just don’t want to use anything else anymore! These nappies are what dreams are made of… (well, nappy dreams!!) So I’m clearing my stash and just going with these. If you don’t feel you have found a fully reliable nappy yet, then I’d recommend you try these. Get a Tots bots flexi wrap and some of their fleece liners too and I’m telling you, your life will be dramatically improved. YOU will be that eco superhero the other mums admire! Just don’t keep it to yourself, pass on the wisdom and see how many people you can also convert to cloth and how many people’s lives you can make just that little bit easier.

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