Tots Bots Easyfit & Tesco

Tesco & Easyfit Nappies

So Tots Bots Easyfit Nappies are now available in retail goliath Tesco!   Babi Pur have made the decision to match Tesco’s price of £14.99 with immediate effect.  So you can still get low prices and great service and a range of other helpful products, nappy brands all in the same place.  We know we can’t beat Tesco for convenience but we can offer other things 🙂

What do we think of the whole Tesco thing?  Well the simple fact is this can only be good for re-usable nappies and the industry as a whole.  The more accessible and readily available cloth nappies are the more people will find out about them and use them.  There is still a place for small high street and online retailers who can offer a wider choice and give quality advice and service.

We have to say it is a shame that Tesco have predictably used their buying power to employ their usual tactic of pile ’em high sell ’em cheap and dropped the price to £14.99.   There is no doubt that this will effect small retailers and nappy advisors who can’t do the same but offer such a good service that comes from months of experience.

Tots Bots Easyfit and Teenyfit are great nappies especially for cloth novices, no poppering, it’s an all in one and  it does the job well.   But would someone pleeeeeeeeease tell Tesco not to put security tags through the waterproof outer fabric ! ! !   * rolls eyes*

Re-usable nappies are now officially mainstream, as we always knew they would be 😉


I'm Pete. Co-founder of Babipur, the ethical retailer of goods for all the family established 2007. When I'm not talking about wooden toys, inequality in supply chains and reusable lifestyle products you'll find me riding my bike, paddling my board or lost in the mountains of Snowdonia.

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2 Responses

  1. Jax Blunt says:

    they aren’t putting security tags through are they? lol!

  2. Catrin Wager says:

    Hmm, difficlult to know how to feel about this. One the one hand, great that a retail giant such as tesco are bringing cloth into the mainstream. On the other hand, how depressing that this is yet another market that the big corporate monster are delving into, threatening small, independent specialists. I do have faith though that the cloth nappy market is one which is supported by plenty of people who wouldn’t shop in tesco anyway.

    I do worry about how many people are going to come away with negative experiences of cloth if they’re punching holes in all the waterproof liners though!xxx

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