The Perfect Nappy – who chooses? (Mamma McCann’s diary of Cloth)

How do you choose the perfect nappy for your little one?
My first nappy choice was made for me when I won a starter kit with Bum Genius V3’s. I really liked them and was happy to start on my cloth adventure.
I am a bit of an indecisive shopper so Jolene and Pete from Babi Pur have played a major role in my decision making with cloth. I had nappies which I love and like. A flip stay dry was put aside after a day of use and I never thought about them until last week when I asked Jolene if I should give them a second chance and a phone conversation with Pete meant I plunged and ordered an organic liner rather than the stay dry.
Now Fizz has really suited this nappy, it’s been great for her nappy rash and seems to be a lot thinner and comfortable for her. It’s a snugger fit, she moves easily – well she can super crawl in them, her speed has picked up. Out of all the nappies we have tried this seems to suit her best.
For me I love the Pop In Original and have a soft spot for them. They absorb a lot of water, I fit them together as they come off the line ready for wearing.
So how do I decide who should be choosing the nappies? It seems that just maybe Fizz should have the final say!

Also this week – Mamma McCann reviews the Plan Toys drum set & The Flip organic Day pack!


  1. I’ve found I have different nappies for different situations. I couldn’t just have one sort in Q’s stash! I think we’d both get bored.

    Our stable childcare nappy is the bumGenius Organic All-in-one, then we have Flip stay dry for visits out as they’re a fab, slim changing bag nappy.

    For night-time we use a flip organic insert, with a booster loaded in the middle, or an Ecobub.

    General at home nappies are our pop-ins and bumGenius v3/v4’s as Q has now sussed out the aplix fastenings.

    The show off nappies we have are blueberry, ecobub and weehugger covers (for over out flip inserts) But we’re trying out a Bitti Tutto at the mo and I must say I’m feeling the love!!

  2. I am like Nicola – different nappies for different situations, the bulk of my nappies are BG v3 though, and I couldn’t live with out them.

    I am another flip fan too, just ordered so more off Babipur as I love the new colours too. I find these great for night times and going away, with the disposable insert.

    I also have some show off nappies, itti’s, real easy’s, and a lovely ecobubs that Babipur kindly let me review 🙂

    I have one BG AIO organic and I am starting to like these a lot too, so may have to try them, but my fave at the mo is the flip and I am just trying out a weehugger 🙂

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