The Mooncup Review

Ever since I read about re-usable sanitary products I’ve wanted to try out a Mooncup. For those who don’t know what a Mooncup is I will elaborate. The Mooncup is a flexible, silicone cup which is worn internally during a woman’s period.

If that’s too much for you to handle I’d recommend that you stop reading now! 😉

For the rest of you ladies this review intends to give clear account of my first encounters with a Mooncup. I’m not trying to be graphic, but I feel that if your interested in using a Mooncup you will appreciate my honesty in utilising this fab contraption!

Getting the Right Cup

Firstly the cup comes in two sizes, one that is designed for women under 30 who have not given Birth or had a C-Section (size B) or for Women over 30 whether or not they’ve given birth, or under 30’s who had a vaginal birth (size A). I use the size A cup. Which going by the guidelines must be the larger of the two cups.

First Impressions

When my Mooncup arrived, I have to say I was a little surprised at it’s size. To give you an idea of the size the cup including the stem is about as long as my index finger, and the widest part of the cup (rim) has the circumference roughly the size of the circle made by touching my thumb and index finger tips together.

Before using the Mooncup it needs to be sterilised I did this in my microwave steriliser but other methods include boiling in a pan of water for 5-6 mins or using a sterlising tablet in cold water.

The Stem may initially appear to be quiet long; but it is designed to be trimmed down once you’ve determined how short to trim it. You won’t know how short to do it until you’ve inserted the cup.

How to insert/remove the Mooncup

Obviously, silicone is flexible. It can take some practice to get it right but once you’ve mastered it; you won’t even feel it.

You take the cup, squeeze the cup so opposite sides touch, then fold down the middle. It looks similar to a smiley face! 🙂
I found the easiest way to insert the Mooncup was to put the outside edge of the fold towards my back and the creases of the fold towards my front. The cup should then slide inside without any fuss. Once you let go of the fold the Mooncup will open up and create a seal. You should check that the Mooncup feels inflated by gently pushing the edges.

To remove the cup, pinch the sides of the cup (you will hear the seal release) and gently remove. It can take a little practice. Expect your hands to get a little messy the first few times you remove the cup.

My First Cycle

I can honestly say, after my first day or so I’d mastered the folding. Each time I went to the toilet I emptied the cup into the loo, rinsed in warm water in the sink and re-inserted the cup. No dirty pads to carry round!!
I did end up in a public toilet on one occasion, for that time only I emptied and re-inserted the cup without washing. I also found it useful to have a small pack of baby wipes on me to wipe my hands afterwards; this isn’t an issue at work/home where you generally have easy access to a washbasin.

The first night I wasn’t brave enough to go without a cloth pad as a back up, but once I’d realised that the cup was working fine; I relaxed for the following nights. The Mooncup was very full in the morning and if you have particularly heavy periods I’d seriously consider using a pad as well.

Having now completed my first cycle using the Mooncup, It’s now sterilised and packaged in its own little bag for next time.

The Verdict

Once I’d got over the initial stages of inserting the Mooncup and dealing with the contents once the cup was removed, I can honestly say I’m converted!

Things that took a little getting used to:

  • Inserting the cup – it can be fiddly! but I can now do it all with one hand!
  • Accepting that there will be some mess involved!

Things I loved about the Mooncup:

  • You only need ONE! Which I consider to be very well priced compared to a lifetimes worth of disposable pads/tampons.
  • It will last many years (though you should replace it if it gets damaged)
  • I didn’t have to remember to pack extra pads/tampons etc into my bag
  • I didn’t have to worry about carrying dirty pads around
  • I love that I won’t need to buy anymore disposable sanitary pads or tampons – which means I won’t be paying VAT on them! (yes ladies they are VATable)
  • It was comfortable to wear despite being a little apprehensive about it’s size
  • I felt so free without a pad I kept forgetting I was on my period.

Other people who use them have said they get less cramps etc when using a Mooncup but until I’ve used if for a few cycles I won’t vouch for that claim; I also know a Mooncup user who has used the same cup for 10 years and only needed to change it because she had a child!

There you go, My first encounter with a Mooncup, I hope you’ve found it interesting reading and well done for getting this far! 😉

If your interested in trying the Mooncup as well it can be purchased here.

Please do share your experiences of using the Mooncup as well! I think it’s a fab product that is seriously under-used!!


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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4 Responses

  1. Asta says:

    I used a mooncup for about a year before having my daughter and I too found it a revelation! The only reason I haven’t used one since is because I haven’t got round to buying a new one!

    I trimmed the whole stem from mine to make it comfortable.

  2. Carrie-Anne Alexander says:

    I bought a Mooncup just before i got pregnant and my periods haven’t started again yet due to breastfeeding so still haven’t tried it but your review has given me confidence to use it when the time comes : )

  3. Sarah L N says:

    I really think these are brilliant! I had heard of them before I had my baby, but always thought they sounded a bit ‘yuck’. After I had given birth I couldn’t bear the thought of using tampons as I was still a bit sore 3 months down the line and tampons are so drying. I just used disposable pads the first time I needed to, which I hated, so I bit the bullet and went and bought a mooncup. I was a bit scared of the size, but then I looked at what had come out of there 3 or 4 months previously and felt a bit better! It took me around 3 cycles to really get the hang of it and to not accidentally put it in wonky and have the stem poking me (which I did have to trim a fair bit) etc, but now (baby is 9 and a half months) I absolutely love it. I also now use reusable pads, which are much nicer. My periods seem lighter than before and I’ve not once had to take painkillers, whereas I would for at least one day before. I don’t know whether this is down to the mooncup or if my periods have changed since having my baby, but I’m not going to complain!
    The only thing I would say is that you’ve given ‘ease of use’ 3/5 Keep using it for a few more cycles, it gets much easier the more you use it. Mine is so comfortable now that I forget I’m wearing it!

  4. Nickie says:

    I am a total convert and wish I’d bought one years ago! My periods have been really heavy and uncomfortable since I had my babe (7yrs ago). I have dreaded them in recent yrs and graduated to the useless super plus tampons!! With the mooncup I feel clean and fresh and frankly I forget all about it. Even if you’re squeamish, I’d say ‘try it!’ After you’ve used a mooncup, nothing will seem more gross and unhygienic than a tampon or towel!

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