The Moby Wrap is here!

You may have noticed that we now have a baby carriers & slings section on the Babi Pur website.  Well, we’re really excited about this section and we’ve spent the past few months researching and talking to customers about baby wearing!  You will see many more carriers and slings being added to our web site over the next few weeks as well as articles and reviews from our wonderful panel of testers and customers.

The Moby Wrap

This is a popular wrap that’s well priced, ethically manufactured and gets great customers reviews!  One of the greatest advantages of using a ‘wrap’ type carrier is that your baby’s weight will be spread more evenly across your body which means you will feel comfortable wearing your baby for longer periods.  The Moby is suitable for newborn babies and comfortably and safely holds your child up to 35lb!  The Moby really shines when your baby is over 12 months because of the incredible weight distribution.  The NHS are using the Moby Original Wrap as part of their active birth project, it’s that good!

Our very own Nicola has been testing out the Moby Wrap for the past few months and she’ll soon be letting you know how she got on with it!

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