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Wooden Building Blocks are great for children!

In this fast-paced technological age, wooden building blocks can seem old fashioned and clumsy; but with the continuing trend for honest and uncomplicated vintage toys for children, more and more parents are recognising the virtues of simple, coloured wooden toys and building blocks.

Wooden blocks are often associated with younger children, but here at Babi Pur, we’ve found that kids of all ages love them; at the age of six our oldest still has hours of fun with her blocks.

Kids love to play with wooden blocks for loads of reasons, not least because they’re drawn to their bright colours and simple symmetry. Experts agree that simple wooden toys and building blocks are brilliant toys for kids because they can help to:

  • Teach language skills – In their simplest form, wooden blocks can help with numeracy, literacy, shapes and colours. They can also help children with self expression if they’re encouraged to share what they’re doing and creating.
  • Build self-esteemwooden blocks are great for teaching children about self confidence because they are in total control of what, how and where they build and play. Blocks are simple so children don’t need their parents’ help, which can be a great confidence boost.
  • Develop dexterity – by playing with blocks, children can master dexterity, patience, gentle playing and balance. When children play with wooden blocks they use the same muscles in their hands as they do when they write or eat.
  • Encourage creativity – there is an almost infinite number of things that children can build, create and make with a simple set of wooden blocks and this really helps them to expand their imagination.
  • Family funwooden blocks are great for kids of all ages, and all the family can get involved.
Haba Ball Track Construction Set Haba Ball Domino Rally
HABA Ball track construction set

HABA domino rally

And for older children, why not combine wooden building blocks with a brilliant wooden marble run? Kids love constructing marble runs and they can help teach them about logic, maths and science not to mention patience and perseverance. Using wooden blocks to extend the run will add another dimension and encourage kids to think outside the box.

A lovely wooden marble run can keep kids entertained for hours as they figure out new ways to see their marbles flying across the room, which means you can keep hold of yours!

Find Babi Pur’s range of beautifully made Haba wooden marble runs and marble toys here.

Here at Babi Pur we have a fantastic range of colourful wooden blocks and wooden toys, ranging from simple building blocks to more elaborate shapes and themes, that are great to mix and match.

Find our whole range of toys here and don’t forget to check back often because we’re always adding lovely new items. As well as wooden blocks and toys we also stock a variety of ride on toys, jigsaws, dolls houses, train sets and much much more!  We even have a pocket money selection of toys that are ideal for Christmas stocking fillers!

Happy building!



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4 Responses

  1. Moobug says:

    I can’t believe how taken I am with wooden toys at the moment. The hollow blocks look VERY good for development, and I’d love to see a video of the activity blocks. I need to check your channel.

    Expect orders from me on birthdays 😉

  2. My youngest would love the Plan Toys Blocks, he loves to bang things together, build towers and giggle when they fall down

  3. Rid says:

    The kid with the dominos looks like he’s having loads of fun. I sort of want some…

  4. Ceri Kruger says:

    My 12 year old still joins in/tries to take over with the younger children building with blocks. We have a lot of irregular shaped/curved blocks in lovely colours, and some of the branch-type ones, and it is so much fun to see how imaginative they all can be with them. Those blocks are anything and everything – I wouldn’t be without some around or some kind or other.

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