Teeth… Coming through!

In the few weeks that have passed since the last post, its amazed me that we’re already at the stage where cheeks are pink, gums are sore, writhing and screams were plentiful and suddenly I’m on the next stage of this year-one rollercoaster; teething. No sooner have you jolted past the first hair pin bends of feeding & sleeping issues, that the next rickety layers of track lay before you, throwing you forward to fly off into a perilous drop. “What’s this now?” I ask myself on a weekly basis! I’d even go as far as saying that its like the Black Hole of Alton Towers, as you really have no idea whats coming on every turn. I guess in the old days, women would’ve turned to their mothers or the community network for advice, I turned to facebook, and got some fantastic comments.
Here’s a selection…
  • Ruth Evans: Ashton & Parsons Infants Powder, they come in a little white box, always seem to do the trick :o)
  • Fflur Dafydd: Calpol cyn gwely & Ashton & Parsons bendant! Nuby & Soffie’r jiraff…
  • Emma Laird: The nelsons teething granuals are great and we store all Archie’s teething toys in the fridge Sophie the giraffe is expensive but Archie loves it!!
  • Lisa Jarman: Massage her gums Beth,used to work for Heli!
  • Lisa Vonh: I agree with the teething powders and if you’re breast feeding you can drink lots of chamomile tea. Also if you find the teething is also affecting nappies and giving rashes which up some egg white with one drop of lavender oil – liberally paint over rash and allow to dry. Store in the fridge for extra cooling abilities xxx four babies here xxx
  • Matthew Sommers: Ashton’s, calpol, teething ring but something cold in the fridge like a price of cucumber or something for then to chomp on is as good as any.
  • Catrin Hughes Tudor: Nelsons teetha o ni’n defnyddio a ie calpol cyn gwely a moronen oer yn y dydd!
  • Nicola Davies: Nelson teething powders are the best. They areHerbal and teething ring cold in fridge to soothe the gums bless her. Have a look at Anbesol liquid as well… That soothes the gums buts ask pharmacists for age restriction… Used that with Nathan and that helped. Xx
  • Lisa Vonh: If you want to use medicine you may find an ibuprofen one works better than a paracetamol based one x we also had biccipegs if they still make them 🙂 x
  • Rachel Dwyer: Bonjela yn helpu peth x
  • Nia Morgan: Calprofen fel arfer yn well na calpol i ddannedd… Pob lwc x
  • David Owens: Agree with everyone mentioning Ashton and Parsons Beth. Worked wonders for my little girl. Teething gel also helped cool her gums. Good luck x
  • Catherine Christophedes: Ashtons are good – if you can get hold of them!! X
  • Rebecca Brownridge:  Have you got an amber teething necklace. I was really cynical about these, but having seen them work…. along with what everyone says above!!!!
  • Fionna Allan: i swore by the teething powders, Nelsons and also Nuby rings, as everyone’s said, in the fridge. I also used to brew up uber uber strong cammomile tea, freeze it, and put the ice block in a muslin for elin to suck on. calming & effective.
  • Catryn Ramasut: Amber necklace ma Mabli di bod yn gwisgo un hi ers iddi chael ei eni. Bendant ddim mor cwynllyd ag odd Mali Mai!http://www.amber-teething-necklaces.co.uk/
  • Bethan Read:  the teething powders are brilliant .. Felix already has 8 teeth at 8 months which is a bit of a shocker!…when i see that he is having a really hard time i give him ibuprofen too. Also he is a big fan of sucking on pieces of hard pineapple…! i don’t know if it is because he likes it or because it helps xxx
As you can see my little one has certainly taken to chewing on Sophie, and the discomfort seems to have gone for the time being, but I’ll be looking for some of the solutions above, as its going to be a long few months ahead otherwise.

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2 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    Hi Beth, You’ve got some great tips there! We also got on really well with Sophie, she’s so much easier than other teethers we tried and all my little ones loved her.. my tip is to get a spare! You may find that your baby get’s hot red cheeks and a red bottom , lots of nappy free time is good and luke warm baths.
    Good Luck! Emily

  2. susanne wedel says:

    great post. for the second we also used sophie but for the third boy (which was not suffering too much) we bought sophie’s little sister in vanilla. he loved it and it is so small that already early on he was able to chew on her.

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