Ethical Stocking Filler ideas for young children

Christmas is almost upon us, yes the the count-down  has well and truly  started! Here at Babi Pur Towers we’ve been busy sending toys and gifts to parents, grandparents and family friends all over the country and beyond! Kids love to hang out a stocking for Santa so we’ve put together a few ethical Christmas stocking fillers for kids.

The origins of hanging out a stocking at Christmas aren’t really known, but it is now so firmly associated with Christmas Eve and the magical legend of Santa Claus that there will be countless little (and large) stockings strewn across beds, fireplaces and arm chairs this year, eagerly awaiting their precious presents.

So, look no further for Christmas stocking filler gift ideas; here’s our wish list – a selection of ten of the best brilliant, and ethical stocking fillers from Babi Pur.

1. Fair Trade Skipping Ropes


Skipping ropes are fun for all ages and get kids active. With several lovely designs to choose from, these eco friendly Lanka Kade skipping ropes are perfect. Choose from flowers, fairies, frogs, pirates and many more!

2. Haba Tinned Play Foods

haba tinned food

Our play kitchens have been flying out the door this year so why not add some of these tasty tinned food to go with them? How about some tea and biscuits for tea time? Some pineapple to go on that pizza?

3. Namaste Fair Trade Purses

elephant purses t


We just love these purses at Babi Pur. The felt purses have a removable brooch on the front which can be worn separately and the elephant purses are of course going to be a favourite of ours. Perfect for children to hold their pocket money.

4. Snuggly hats and scarfs

hats and scarf b scarff a het


What better to keep away the winter chill than these Piccalilly stripy hats and sausage dog scarfs.

5. Fair Trade Wooden Jigsaws


Kids will never tire of these fun and colourful jigsaw puzzles. They’re great for problem solving too.

6. Fair Trade Rag Dolls



Kids will love these fair trade Imajo fair trade rag dolls, they’re sure to become friends for life.

7. Mini Wooden games


These Snake Charmer Top, Wooden Yoyo and Flying Bird Cup and Ball are sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours and we love playing with them here at Babi Pur towers too! All part of our Pocket Money and Party Bag section on our website where we have lots of other fun games to choose from.

8. Mini Musical Instruments

musical stocking fillers

All kids love to be musical and create some noise so these musical instruments are perfect stocking fillers – We have the Rainbow Pan Flute, Fish Castanets and Plan Toys Bird Clacker.

9. Mini Vehicles



Kids will love zooming around with these cute mini vehicles. Beautifully painted with non-toxic paint and glue and will make a great addition to Plan Toys Parking Garages.

10. Natural Pencils and Crayons



These are great for any budding artists. The Crayon Rocks are made from soy wax and and are coloured with mineral pigments and come in small bags of 8 or 16. The funky vibrant colouring pencils are crafter from the Tamarind tree and come in packs of 10.

And where is Santa to put all these wonderful toys come Christmas Eve? Well in the Frugi Christmas stocking of course!


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