Mama McCann’s diary of Cloth – Starting out

Fizz and Mamma McCann

Before my little Fizz was born I looked into the cloth nappy and for some reason went the Eco friendly disposable route. In the hospital Pampers disposables are left out for new mums. I am not sure who product places the nappies but once my little one was home and we discovered Eco friendly disposables leaked really badly as well as gave our daughter severe nappy rash we looked toward Pampers, mainly because of having no difficulty with them and little ones skin and probably the convenience too.

Six months on I won a competition which provided us with a Bum Genius starter kit. It encouraged me to take the plunge and have a cloth bum from that weekend. I contacted a couple of small companies, mainly run by mums, and came across Babi Pur. Jolene was super helpful, didn’t expect a sale, and spent a lot of time explaining the cloth nappy to me. It has gone a fair way since terry towelling and I was completely baffled. It was lovely for someone to take the time with me to explain how to use each item. I, of course, ordered a few different nappies to try from Babi Pur. The delivery was quick and the promise was on to be disposable free by that weekend. Unfortunate timing for my washing to pack in came over that weekend but by Monday we were clothed bummed. I can’t tell you the pride I felt at seeing them displayed on my washing line, Gav thought it was a bit weird. In 6 months I calculated we had sent over 1000 nappies to landfill and felt disappointment at this.

Fizz is now a clothed bum baby and it’s lovely to see. Thinking back now the start of the nappy should be taking up with the hospital! A cloth nappy should be in place as a choice for all newborns, especially as their skin is so delicate. How I go about pursuing this will be a challenge but I am determined to try!

I hope you’ll carry on reading our clothed bummed adventures as well as reviews from me on this site.

Chelle and Fizz – Mamma and Baby McCann

Chelle McCann

I am married to Gav and mummy of a gorgeous girl who arrived 11 days late in December 2009. I started blogging in 2009 when I was 17 weeks pregnant after becoming frustrated reading pregnancy books and wanting something a bit more open and honest. I started to write for a local newspaper and loved being able to share all things mummy, wife and life related, sometimes whingeing but positive also! I love music and reading but am currently immersed in anything baby related. I love my life!

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    Welcome aboard Chelle & Fizz! Glad your loving cloth as much as we do!

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